Wednesday, December 31, 2003

my new years resolution
disclaimer: please keep your arms and legs inside the webpage as this could be a bumpy ride! The names have been changed to protect the innocent. (I don't really know any innocents).
seriously, i think i will keep it simple this year. as I have taken up the mantra of
"life is short"
this year i think i will let everyone I know and like how much they mean to me. how dangerous could that be?
don't answer that!
listening to the silence on new years eve before i go to my friends house.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Marti's Top 10 List for 2003
in no particular order.

photography - I love the art of trying to capture something in it's moment.
Dark Chocolate - natural Endorphin producer. Your girl / guy a bit moody? Give em some chocolate!
Sex - always in style! (with the right person of course as i am not a fan of random acts of kindness, but if you are, good for you!)
Florida Coast - always beautiful and the sunrises and sunset are sure to put you in a good mood. I will return for visits.
Meeting S - it was great!
Sexy underthings - something about just knowing it is under there makes you feel good even if no one else knows and even better if they do!
Filet - Medium Rare - I love an occasional good thick red piece of meat.
Sundays - I allow myself many luxuries on Sundays. Sleeping in, coffee and the paper, Charles Osgoode in the AM on the TV, and more..
Will and Grace - May it live on in TV Infamy!
Music - If it is good, has a beat, and/or singable I am there!

Listening to Anastasia Beverhousen on TV...

Monday, December 29, 2003

Batteries as gifts
and not the good kind either!
story: i had to buy myself a Christmas gift.... a car battery! what fun!
mine died. I knew it needed replaced a while back but i let a man tell me it was just the battery cable. i knew better, but men are supposed to know these things, so i let him think he was right. ha ha ha.. if i coulda talked to him yesterday i would have had to done the "i told you i needed a battery thing!" and since I didn't listen to myself, it costed me even more in other parts. So off i go yesterday to purchase one. i pull into the shop under the sign battery installs here. Another guy is standing around i guess waiting on his car to be fixed. I open the hood, they service guy walks up and i just get out of my mouth "i need.." he looks at the battery buts his had up and goes, "say no more, i can see what you need." i am embarrased. I sense my dad is rolling in grave at my stupidity. the stand around guy wanders over. omg. the service man starts giving his spill and starts looking at the man, and not me.. i lean over to catch his gaze and get him to talk to me again. the stand around guy walks up to the truck. Service man starts talking to him again. I am like..what the.....! why does service guy not want to talk to me??? I lean over again to catch his gaze again. I tell him this is my truck and i want a battery that blah blah blah...he continues to look at stand around guy. needless to say i did a lot of leaning to catch his gaze, and my wallet is lighter but i needed to get it done. especially before the move. when all was said and done, the acid had eaten thru the positive terminal end and part of the wires. service man fixed it for now but guess what i am buying next!!
listening to bad radio.............

Saturday, December 27, 2003

mi familia has left the building. I forget how much I miss them till they are gone. The house is quiet and although I don't feel so hot I am not so sure I can take all this quiet. I miss my son, I miss my sister. These are the times I hate this time of year.
Last night we went for a rousing game of Putt Putt. It was great weather for it. Eric has always wanted to go to the one we have here that has "live alligators"! They were live but not very lively. And the "water" looked toilet bowl blue. That can't be healthy. I forget what my score was but I will not be making the hall of putt putt fame anytime soon. Maybe some other hall of fame, but not that.
I took my son to breakfast before he left and we had a little visit time. good food also!
New Years is coming up and I want to do something. Not sure what.
leap tall buildings in a single bound.....nope.
go faster than a speeding bullet......nope.
damn, time is getting close got to figure out something!
I am trying to "get in the groove" of preparing for the move mode.
I think I want to make my own top 10 list for 2003. Yeah, that should be fun!
be back with that later!

Friday, December 26, 2003

i woke up feeling like shit today. my eyes hurt, my head hurts, my back hurts, i have a fever and a cough. damn i didn't want to go to work, but being the workaholic i am, i have employees to pay, invoices to create and reports to get out to the fields. so here i am. but as soon as i am done with that back home i go. as i drove to work today, i saw one of the prettiest sunrises i have seen yet. high clouds reflecting reds, oranges and golds, a few low clouds in front to be a dark gray blue contrast. as the sunrise spread out the clouds became a lovely shade of purple and lavender. life is good!

time to think about new years resolutions. i didn't make on last year due to the problem i had the year before. now it is funny, then it was ...well read on. i had just moved to florida, knew very few people, and decided that i would make an attempt to smile and greet people i passed with a hello. i am generally friendly if i know you or work with you but total strangers, well...... about 3 days after my resolution i was taking my trash out and noticed someone new moving in. there was a van with a chest of drawers in it that someone had already taken the drawers out of and carried in. i thought this would be a good oppotunity to make a newcomer to the neighborhood feel welcome and a chance for me to use my resolution. i kind of hung around and in a second an older man came out and i asked if he needed help. "sure" he replied. so i help him carry it upstairs to his apartment. we visited a minute, he seemed nice enough. the next saturday he was going to hit a few of the resale shops in the area and asked if I wanted to go. I thought, why not. first thing that got my gaurd up was.. we went to a shop, there was a big overstuffed chair with outtoman he wanted and he proceeds to tell the clerk he wants to get me in it. i am a little freaked.. on the way back to the apartment complex, he starts in on me taking a bubble bath with him.. now i am really the next couple of days when i got home after work i would hear "hello marti". his bathroom window faced my parking space and his bedroom window faced my front room. he would be in the window, looking down at me. somehow he got my phone number. this is when it started getting even weirder. i would get home and no sooner than i let myself in, my phone would ring. it was him. "want to go out and grab a sandwich or come up?", "want me to draw you a bubble bath?" he was watching me. i was way creeped out. i quit answering my phone and parking away from my apartment. he eventually met someone else. maybe she took a bath with him, i didn't care, he quit bugging me. but he did lead to many fun conversations at beer thirty. as i tend to name some people, i named him porno man. (my last ex is the bastard) so for safety sake, last year i bowed out of resolutions. this year i will stick with something safe...not sure what yet...
listening to the AM sounds of people in the office that don't want to be here the day after christmas.
what resolution will you make?

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

all of a sudden i am feeling somewhat better! could it be the rum balls ivette sent us? just open the lid and smell! they are the equivalent of a shot! I feel better and between the medicine i took and the rum balls it's getting hot in here!
thanks ivette!
Merry/Happy Christmas eve to all! happy Kwanza, good ramadon, shalom, blah blah....
Mi Familia is here and that is my gift! great gift!
The belle de jour blog I have been reading won an award in Britian...So can i pick em or what!!!!
We have to work today...yuk
and work Friday.......yuk
I feel like crap today...yuk
We are opening gifts at work. I am wearing my bow. maybe someone will open me! what a fine present that would be! lmao..I got an elephant wine holder from K, a beach sandal necklace from P, and assorted goodies and chocolates from all. and my step dad an step mom sent me a gift certificate to B&H Photo Video! And I have flowers at my desk that are still pretty after a week! Life is good!
I am going to go dope myself up now!
Listening to the sounds of unwrapping gifts and happy conversation in the office!
How is your Holiday?

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Some things about christmas piss me off. like...
people and last minute shopping......
bitchy people.......
some things related to work and end of year......
i can see why people off themselves this time of year.(not that i would, i love life, but i totally understand)
ok i admit i am going shopping tonight, but did everyone either forget or put it off also? what gives? I think that calls for a gift for self! I know where I am going after work...
i was a target last night and i heard everything from the bitchy husband, the bitchy wife, the bitchy bitch. this should be a season of joy and celebrating! be glad you have a husband, wife, you can go shopping, be glad you can talk to bitch, just don't expose me to you pissed-off-ness.
here is my kicker for the day and feel bad for enjoying it. One of the subs on Karens job bought lunch for the office today. it was great, i enjoyed it!! here is the sucky part, we have a hold on every sub check till the first of the year. no sub is getting paid. the sub that bought lunch is one of them. merry christmas to you! hope he didn't put off his shopping....
highlight of the day, one of Karens DM's sent her a large bottle of Bailey's ..say are we seeing a trend here? just what is she doing? ha ha..anyway need to get her to crack it open!
M (she doesn't like me putting her on the web for all to see) and I are going to get our tattoo after the first of the year, donations welcome!
Listening to people on my side of the office singing christmas carols
what up with you?

Monday, December 22, 2003

k i survived assboro. i need a shirt! hahahaha
trip home was long and tiring. Sue and i toured high point and greensboro Sunday pre flight. high point is the furniture capitol of the USA. If you didn't already know that consider yourself edjucated! greensboro is kind of cool. not near as good new york though!
well the fam is coming in today, my sister and my son. good times to be had by all! we are taking advantage of the last gathering in Florida for Christmas, going to go to sanibel. i haven't even completed my shopping and that is a first for me. I am usually done in September. oh and little do they know yet they are going to get stuck cooking! i like to cook but this year i am a little out of my norm. k enough of the family crap...
gotta get out of here and home to pack!!!!
listening to melissa etheridge singing "merry christmas"
ready for the holidays?

Saturday, December 20, 2003

ok, today's funny is.... they have a sara lee factory here. i know you are saying why is that funny, well, it is an underwear factory. sara lee underwear. add that to the list of things that make you go hummmmm. makes me want to sing the old song "no body does it like sara lee!" oh i think that is " no body doesn't like sara lee" either will work. i prefer the first one. i lmao about that most of the day!
we toured around and went to Seagrove, it is first not near the sea and second a potters town. that was kind of cool. but that stuff is expensive!
I have a home here. signed a lease. ready to move in....end of next month. getting excited, also a little scared. reality hit when i signed the lease i think. i am here, moving from florida. but i think it is a good thing.
oh and i have to mention the churches. they are every freakin where. every time today sue saw one she said halaluya, and i said amen. needless to say we said that quite often!.
listening to some one check in....
what's up with you?

Friday, December 19, 2003

the hotel has a computer, thank god!
ok I am moving from old people ville to redneck ville. don't get me wrong, it seems a nice enough town and all..and it is pretty. i find myself listening to the people here talk. am i going to pick up this twang? for all those who know me, that could be scary! i talk a mile a minute, then add a NC twang....damn you guys are in for it!
Good things I have noticed here. Trees, i like trees, hills, i like hills. it is a clean town. and best of all i got to wear my favorite coat! it is soft a furry on the inside and suede on the outside. I want to wear it naked underneath it feels so good! Sue and I went to eat and the hostess kept rubbing me.. hummmm.
thing I have found humorous. an exit sign coming in to Assboro from Greensboro for high point and climax. i want to live there! high point of my trip!
The office is nice. i have an office and a window! The people are nice but i am not sure what they would think of the "out of office" self. keeping that low for now.
more later!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

well i am flying to assboro today to check out the area. but i forgot my laptop. damn it! i am going to have withdrawals if I can't blog! Or check my e mail. Maybe I can find a "java cafe".......yeah right! So to all my friends and family, call me on my work phone if you miss me! OMG what if I don't have service?
A few of us went out last night. ended up at a bar with a great 2 man band. good times where had by all. up entirely to late but I don't care. i lmao. it is amazing who thinks they can sing when they are drunk! some of them are even fun to watch. one girl thought she could sing while rubbing herself all over. another guy I think had the hots for the band guys, i am still amazed that people can act like the weebles.. remember that toy? weebles wooble but they don't fall down..
Needless to say i am sleeping on the plane!
and to you, i have had a fun filled last 3 days. i hope it happens again in the future, the not to far future...
listening to morning chit chat and the radio...

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

OK I get off track a few days and I get this!!

PeachyTXJo: It's Wednesday and you haven't blogged since Friday. You are going to cause the Earth to cease to spin! ;-)

This has been a hectic week and weekend past! The weekend sucked. It was the last weekend of vacation, that sucked, and it just sucked anyway! Sucking can be a good thing but.... This week has been hectic since Monday. Going to be a short week as I am flying to Assboro on Thursday. We have people in the office this week from out of town. We do the usual gathering after work to drink and that is always a good time.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Oh, check out a new blog I am reading. link on left, titled Belle de jour. interesting..
OK i am not to witty today. thirsty thursday as b2k calls it, got to me last night. I just now have gotten rid of the headache, and I didn't have that much to drink! what gives with that! i had one of my usuals re: vodka and cranberry...i think they put something in the drinks. yeah that's it. I am going on the wagon. well at least until tomorrow! it'll be a short trip! ha ha! We had a blast though, we loao!
listening to nothing and damn glad!
what up in your world?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

i have been cleaning out my office and closets in preparation of the move. yes, there where some skeletons in there, I kind of shoved them to the side. So far I have drug out my old band jacket (made out of 100% vinyl and boy was I proud to get that!), an outfit I can no longer wear, is reminsent of Stevie Nicks era and for some reason i refuse to get rid of, my black angel wings from Halloween 2002(for all those days i strut around the house and pretend that I am a VS model, yeah right, that happens..), and way to much computer gear. jesus i need to have a sale, or maybe just dump some stuff!
I have six boxes containing 2 lionel trains and a HO train. ( that's HO scale not HO as in pimpin') I will not part with those. They get drug out once a year for the holidays, but here is the scary part. If I had the room I would leave them up all the time. Model trains and classic cars are hobbies/likes I got from my dad. one of the Lionel trains is his from when he was a kid. The other he purchased for me a few years back and it is an antique. The HO train I got new when I was about 18. My dad loved cars, he had a 48 chevy, 30 roadster, 64 riviera, among others. I used to work on cars with my dad in the garage. My little sister would be out with us in her play pen. Her first words were "God Damn it", (not joking), that was dad's standard phrase when he smashed his finger or whatever. My step mom was real proud of that, not, she used to be over the top religious.
Listening to No Doubt - It's my life
Think I'll go take a ride on the Ho train..lmao......

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

OK I go rid of my home phone for 3 reasons. 1) 55 a month for basic service is just to darn high! 2) I have cable access online 3) I hate crap calls! Now I am getting them on my cell. I do not give that number out freely. how do they get my number? and to top it off I get an occasional text message that is a "crap" message. that costs me 10 cents each time! what gives?
and junk e mail... omg, i could refinance my home, work online at home in my spare time, or get religion.
i don't own my home so i ought to answer that one huh!
the work at home ones are either scams or wanting you to work for a 900 number. i get enough scams in my life with out that. and with my voice, i don't think that would turn anyone on unless you had a disney fetish. to me it sounds to me like i could be a cousin to minnie mouse. I tried making an obscene phone call one time in my teen years. I lowered my voice, husky and sexy ( or I thought) "hey baby, wanna run around naked and play doctor?" they hung up. The next day I saw them, they looked at me and said "very funny Marti". So needless to say that one is out.
and Jehovah witness keep disguising the watchtower via e mail. or like we don't all know that handout from those knocks at the door. always at the wrong time, always 2 young men in white shirts, black pants and tie, walking or riding bikes and that don't know the meaning of no. I think they should get hooked up with the 900 number! I think I will print one of those ads and the next time they come to my house and don't leave, I will tell them you can leave the watchtower if you take my handout. I am gonna hand them the e-mail then shut the door.
Listening to the rain outside
what e mails do you get?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

damn, i was reading yesterdays post and i was windy! and i didn't even get to tell you about all the men on the trip comparing lenses. "hey, mine is bigger than yours", and "well mine is more powerful than yours" type conversation. it was funny and we all know what marti was thinking. I was especially worried when one of the ladies wandered into the conversation, pulled out her small bag, (omg), and whipped hers out. "well check out my 2x converter" she says. I am lmao, and they just look at me. wouldn't a 2X converter be handy in life sometimes?
I think so!
I hung lights on the house yesterday evening, always an adventure. why is it you get a project going and you never have enough stuff? Last night i was 1 extension cord and 1 set of net lights short. I will take a pic tonight and post it for all to see.
listening to Seal "waiting for you" on the radio..

Monday, December 08, 2003

i think i have found a place in asheboro. going to look at it end of next week. it looks nice, is brand new and sue will be my neighbor. (why did i hear mr. rogers when i typed that? won't you be my neighbor?) anyway, sue is the only other person at my office that choose to transfer. i feel good about this move. I think i will miss florida, but i need a change. i am looking forward to all the new photo ops, both in the asheboro area and in a decent driving distance. And new friends etc..
Had a pretty good Saturday, concidering it was an "anniversary" day for me. I went on the camera club trip to Caya Costa. WOW... It is so very remote. if you miss the last boat at 3, better find a bed buddy cause you ain't going anywhere...I would like to rent one of the little huts for a nite or 2 before i leave here. (and i mean hut, about 8 ft by 8 ft and sleeps 6 on hard cots). The boat ride over was sooo cold. and rough. there where some young couples on board that where going to camp overnight. they where all huddle up so cute. I was a little freaked out by the dude wearing a toe ring though. that is just weird, and i am pretty liberal.
When we arrived at the far side of the island, we spotted an osprey building his/her nest. (the bird for my piece of mind will be a he thoughout this blog) he didn't like humans, and was scared off by us and 2 more photographers. some bright fellow had his red jacket hanging on his tripod and had the nerve to wonder what scared the bird. Photography is like hunting, there are things you just don't do, like talk loud, wear red, etc.. anyway...
we walked the beach for about 5 feet, to damn windy and cold, It was 50 and a north wind at 25. we walked up the island and saw nothing, soooo, back to the osprey we go! Karen made an excellent picnic lunch and so we camped out at the nest for the day. I figure one good shot was worth 5 hours. Finally he came back to the nest with a branch, omg, i was taking pics right and left. he was to scared to leave the branch, and i was like, what the F@%*?? (remember that i am the youngest person in camera club), an old fart was wandering around below taking macro shots. oblivious to the osprey, and us. I hope I got the shot though. he walked over later and said, did i scare your bird away? i wanted to say :no duh dumb ass".. but out of respect for the elderly i just smiled and said well something scared it, not sure what. on the boat ride back to the mainland...(sounded good anyway didn't it) we say collier mansion and dolphins swimming with the boat. that was cool. Only could have been a better day if i had a run in with some hot cabana boy...hahahaha!
listening to some guy gag on dragonflies - fear factor is on in the other room.
whats up in your world?
someone related to me gave me this tip. you should try it too! go to, type in miserable failure, then hit the I feel lucky button.....those some humorous folks...
wonder what they would have if you typed in, i live in florida, then the i feel lucky button?

Friday, December 05, 2003

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the legal independance of Marti from the ass, even though our seperation was longer than that. legal is always good! Time for celebration by all! I myself think it should be but on the register of national days off! Why I spent so long with him and exposed my son for so long to him is beyond me, but I know everything in life happens for a reason. I must have been a really bad kid! ha ha ha! I plan to celebrate with first starting my vacation, second going on a "camera safari" tomorrow at Cayo Costa, then ending up with dinner and a good bottle of wine. and who know what else!
listening to matchbox 20
Another thing that makes you go
what the F#*@

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I have lens envy. (as opposed to penis envy.) I got my slides back from the great trip karen and i took to ding darling. it is probably the worst set of pictures i have taken. 6 rolls 36 slides a roll. i threw away over half. so why do i have lens envy? karen recently purchased a 100 to 500 lens. I only have a 75 to 300 lens and boy did it show. and it didn't help any either that i lost my polarizer filter either. damn.
and now i thought i had things all planned out, the next thing i really wanted was another tattoo. gonna cost around 200. but thenkaren goes and buys herself a new camera (Nikon D100), and tells me she is going to sell two of her other ones. omgone is a nikon n90s and the other one is a nikon f5. now i am soooooo own a nikon!!! to get my other tattoo!!! i know that would be an easy decision for most, but......
listening to, well actually I am talking to jerime about how we are sooooo over kids!
what are your decisions today?

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

well I am a bit off this week. monday was world aids awareness day. i had this whole politically correct blog ready in my mind to post on monday. well that didn't happen. so here is my long story short. no glove, no love. in fact wear 2!!!
watching that show where paris hilton and her friend go to the country. they are weird. makes me glad i haven't had money. they have never worked and didn't know what walmart was. whatever.
i have vacation next week. i am looking forward to that. no big plans. gonna pack and chill. oh! that sounds like a good name for a bar! "Hey hon, i am gonna run down to the pack and chill and grab a beer!"
one of the girls in the office i am moving to sent me some pics of a place she found for me to rent up there. looks nice..I just have an issue committing until I see it in person. (no comment sister) the rentor wants me to send a deposit if I like it. If I go down and don't like it, I don't get that back. Ahhh headaches. calgon take me away!
listening to the TV in the other room and my cats running around...

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Recently a man of great vision passed. Joseph P. williams. haven't heard of him? well we pay homage to him every day almost. used your credit card lately? he was a bank executive in California working for Bank of America that "invented" the credit card. First called Bank Americard, then changed to visa. interesting. First he is from the bank i can't stand the most, and then thanks to his efforts, we the people now support lending institutions. americans charge over a trillion a year via credit card. the majority of those americans do it with the intention of paying out that high dollar item they just have to have but can not really afford. then they get into debt, have to go to debt counseling or file bankruptcy. which is worse, i don't know as they both screw with your credit. and for the next kicker, try doing just about anything with out a credit card. can you rent a car? no. can you book a flight via online or phone? no. can you stay in a hotel? no. and if you can find a place that takes a check, they want to see your drivers license and 2 forms of other id. other id being a credit card! so next time you charge on your card, and really can't afford it, thank mr. willliams. raise your glasses, here is a toast, to mr. williams. may your beer not sour.
oh, and did i say he died in florida? go figure!
listening to Rolling stones 40 licks.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Thanksgiving is over. good for some bad for others. As i walk this friday evening i see some of my neighbors have put up their trees and other decorations for Christmas. I am not quite over thanksgiving yet. I can't help but wonder what was the first thanksgiving like. the indians, the pilgrims, some food cooked by pilgrim wives. (cause you can bet the men didn't cook in those days.) Englanders landing in northern USA in November, that would have to be "refeshing" enough this time of year. but hey, let's add to this adventure, let's invite a few natives over and feed them before we shoot them and take their land!
wow! excitement! Shouldn't we all be worried that now we can get any kind of food here readily and available? Are they feeding us before the slaughter?
I myself prefer to hope we are all learning to live together and big one big melting pot of diversity, enjoying the fruits of many nations chef skills. except for india. sorry to the natives there but that is some nasty cooking. i think they are trying to poison us! well me anyway.
Happy day after turkey day
listening to andrea bocelli

Thursday, November 27, 2003

today is turkey day! happy turkey day to all. i am thankful that i am somewhat healthy, have a few close friends, good family, met an interesting person thru blogging (b2k), have a job and i am free! we could live in oh say Iran or Iraq you know! things could be worse so i am thankful they aren't.
i planned on using today as a packing day. ever looked at something as was overwhelmed? omg i am. today, borrowing a line or 2 from george carlin, i could use all the forms of the word "shit" damn i have some shit. this is the shits. i am gonna be in some shit if i don't get this shit packed. whew enough of that shit.
i don't know where to start, but have to start somewhere as i have to get this done. everyone who comes to my house make comments on all the neat things I have around and right now i am not likeing those things! i have plans coming up in a week or two (should be fun) and moving in a month to 6 weeks so i need to be ahead of the game. wonder what it would cost to have the movers do it...isn't that a lazy thought! or how about i sell it all and start over...not!
oh and a few key words to...well you know who you, desk, car
what are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

two of my favorite shows where on last night.
my herione karen walker aka anastasia beaverhousen (will and grace) and queer eye for the straight guy. i laughed my ass off. ok well not really cause i checked and it was still there...damn it. w&g was the very first show where they all meet, tooooo funny. again i love karens smart remarks. and qesg was the best yet. they talk a guy into taking off his toupee. omg too funny. if you missed it you gotta see it. if i was a guy i would love to be on there....think they would do a queer eye for the straight woman? hummmm
listening to Pink - missunsderstood
what are you watching?
oh and happy turkey day all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

well the preverbial shit has hit the fan
today and or tomorrow should be interesting. things aren't to good here for a friend. yesterday she was caught bitching about a boss. and he heard. things are not looking to good for her.
needless to day I didn't sleep to well last night.
listening to Sheryl Crow sing Rod Stewarts, "the first cut is the deepest"

Saturday, November 22, 2003

omg i am so excited! last night is the first time I have gotten to sleep on my stomach since I got my piercing! I have always been a big stomach sleeper and this is just way to cool! OK I know, simple things for simple people but ...
today karen and i went to ding darling reserve. one if a list of natural places that i will miss when i move. have you ever taken 3 hours to go 5 miles? we don't talk much, but both being photographers, the sighting of the birds, and enjoying each other getting a great shot is phenominal. people don't always understand what it takes to get that great shot. it was a wonderful trip, relaxing, and i got 6 rolls of birds. we saw: rosate spoonbills, osprey, brown pelicans, ibis, blue heron, tri colors, cormorants, egrets, yellow crown night heron, anhingas, plovers, sea gulls, red shouldered hawk, 2 rare birds, the wood stork, and a morph, and a bird named after my second husband, the basard bird! whew! i also saw a gator, not a rarety for here but the first one i have seen in there. i will go back there before i leave. we topped off the day with a light lunch on sanibel island, and a short round of shopping. i purchased a sago palm at lowes, that i want to take with me when i move. a little bit o florida.
listening to my tv in the other room on HBO.
what's up in your world?

Friday, November 21, 2003

last nite we went a drinkin'
my friend nicole recently turned of age and had been trying to get all of us together for the express purpose of her being carded. good times where had by all, to bad it was a work nite. we had great conversation and talked about a lot of enlightening subjects. and i guess i shouldn't have left as i understand the conversation got even better! something about oral sex......hate that i missed that one. i know i had a good time and ended up kissing all the girls before i left. friendly kisses, no tongue. the man at the next table seem to like it. today i struggle thru the day with the ever so slight bit of hangover, hoping for more good times like that!
listening to all of us at work after 5 on a friday sing with the radio to "kiss me" isn't that ironic?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Today I wore my glasses to work, (not to be compared with wearing your sunglasses at night!) and a co worker told me I look smart in them... interesting, I must look stupid the rest of the time. another person told me I don't take compliments well, well I think that is right.
I don't do the following:
take compliments well
get it most of the time when some one is interested and are not direct about it
have sex with strangers
that is just about all I won't do, we won't even go into what i will do.
One of my sisters friends says he is "getting to know me" by my names mentioned....jef... so just what would some one think I am like by reading this?
I read over this and think..
well you tell me what you think!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Monday nite I had camera club. one of many activities I do enjoy outside of work. even though most of them are retired, it is a good group of people. I did well, I scored 2 awards, and 5 honorable mentions. The best score I got was a black and white of the St. Louis Arch! i got a 25 out of a possible 27. i feel like crap today so i am not my usual smart ass self...sorry
Hi NICOLE!!! I haven't forgot you!
listening to pop rock (not the candy, although I have heard the candy is good for other things! hummmm)
how are you scoring?

Monday, November 17, 2003

OK here is one thing I won't miss...
Freaking snow birds. when i retire i am going to move up north and drive slow in the fast lane! this morning i had one pull out in front of me, go 60 on I-75 in the fast lane, when the speed limit is 70.
and did i see redneck city saturday nite! what an adventure! this one girl was after this guy that was old enough to be her daddy. there was the pre-requisite girl fight. the white guy who can't dance. omg was he a spaz!! the guy who hasn't quite made it out of the 70's. i had a lot of fun being bad and talking about the crowd! i wouldn't touch any of them with a 10 foot pole though.
eeeewwww!! but is was good for laughs and the music didn't suck!
how was your weekend?

Sunday, November 16, 2003

i will be moving
this morning sitting on my back porch, having a cup o' java, reality hit.
this is drastic.
have I made the right decision? asheboro is a tiny town. how will i handle that? one of the issues i have with fort myers is the lack of people my age. is a tiny town going to be any better?
as i sit on the porch pondering life for me at this moment a flock if ibis walk around my house. i won't see that in north carolina. they wander past me, some of them looking up from their grazing, some of them oblivious that i am there. i wonder what the significance of seeing them means. maybe that everything, moves and changes, as these birds are moving in for the winter. maybe nothing except they are looking for something to eat and i am an idiot! well what is new there? haha.
for myself i hope it brings good things for my personal life. there, i am a loser and said so for all to see!
don't judge me for being a loser! join the club!
listening to the american music awards on tv, while the microwave beeps that my dinner is done!
changes in your life?

Saturday, November 15, 2003

my bed,
cool crisp morning,
warm and toasty under the covers.
hearing in my head the sound of barry white singing "can't get enough of your love, babe".
snuggling with...
(see reality hitting me here......)
my body pillow.
damn it, it is morning and my alarm is singing to me, and i have to get up. I hate mornings! it is perfect florida weather today. guess i should enjoy it while I can. sooooo why am I working? but good thing is it won't be for long!
Going to a blues fest tonight. plan on getting a little toasted. Not to much, but just enough.Friends from work are going and good times to be had by all!
Spent last night paying bills online, shopping the asheboro area, and drinking wine...NOT gonna do that again tonight!
Listening to Kelly Clarkson (yup)
So how goes your weekend?

Friday, November 14, 2003

ever wanted to say something to someone and just couldn't? either because you will make them mad, hurt their feelings, be rejected? come on you know you have! we all know i am very verbal, but i have a couple of these i am struggling with now. i hate that shit.
well it looks like I could be North Carolina bound by the end of the year. this is cool. (more ways than one that time of the year huh??)
things i find curiously interesting...
Altoids, the "presidential" mints...
edible underwear...
listening to Josh Groban
what are you finding curious?

Thursday, November 13, 2003

OMG I didn't blog Wednesday! a day without blogging is a day without sunshine! hahaha.
the president is coming to town today. oh boy. he is going to a fund raising dinner at Al hoffman's (CEO if WCI) house. $2000 a plate. hummm just how big is al's house? of course all the news is covering it. they won't say how he is getting to al's house via helicopter or motorcade, but let's see if we can figure this out. he is landing at 3:55 and is due at al's house at 4pm. hummm. go national security! I feel safe.
today we have a bonus. the boss is off again, for today and tomorrow. score!
today i am listening to Christina Aguilera. and with the mood in the office a particular song "Fighter".
how secure are you today?

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Advertising sayings you don't want to hear in the heat of passion...
just do it
extra !- extra!
size matters (jewlery ad)

A friend of mine tried to download the Paris Hilton sex video off the net. Instead, that person got a video of two guys having sex with a goat.

That's what happens when you try to download sex stuff off the Internet. From now on, that friend should go back to peeking through bedroom windows. That way at least then they know what they are getting.
found these great horoscopes on the web last night. lmao.
Currently listening to the smooth, crisp sound of Josh Groban.

Monday, November 10, 2003

overwhelming odds by everyone is take a vacation. and one added in to look for a job while i am there and use it as a write off! so
a vacationing we will go!
i asked rhonda to go to ny with me but she can't and you know what? I love ny so much i may go by myself! gonna look into that today.
why is it cheaper to go to NY that to see my sister in atlanta? weird.
currently listening to the tired sounds of my co-workers on a Monday morning.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

I had a rather pleasant (and always short) weekend. I worked on refinishing my patio furniture, cleaned my humble abode and watched movies out the arse. Oh and the prerequisite trip to Barnes and nobles. May I recommend both "what a girls wants" and "Harry Potter - chamber of secrets". Both considered "teen" movies, but both where excellent! I plan on spending what is left of today eating a good meal and watching bandits. Love that cate blanchett!

One more award hall of idiocracy of Florida..and one more theing that makes me go "what the f%#!"
Terri Sciavo all I have to say about this whole mess is get one of these .
let it be known now and all over the net. If hope is lost and I can not stay alive with out assistance, i do not what to be kept alive on life support.
currently listening to the soulful cool stylings of Joss Stone.
currently drinking white merlot.
How was your weekend?

Saturday, November 08, 2003

who is anonymous? and just what is behind door #3? a mystery person..hummm interesting. very interesting... (hear evil laugh) wa ha ha ha!

Friday, November 07, 2003

My third blog for today...
i love java script! i want to marry it! just joking on that part!
OK I need opinions here.
i have 5 days left to take off before the end of the year. i need a new job, but i also need a break. i would love to go to NY and see all the Christmas stuff, the tree, the lights, macy's. oh what pictures i could get for camera club! I can get a cheap flight if I go mid week.
i have even been looking at cruises. as i live close to Miami, they are pretty cheap for a 3 day cruise.
and i want a job in atlanta. my sister lives there so i could stay with her.
OMG what to do!
and most of all i need to take the days as my company is not doing so wel right now and i don't want to loose them.
what would you do?
ok this was just to good I could't resist.
A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against the headboard smoking a cigarette with a satisfied smile on it's face. The egg, looking a bit pissed off, grabs the sheet, rolls over and says, "Well I guess we finally answered THAT question!"
now hasn't that joke been right there in front of us for years?
what's your question?
Currently digging the cool, quiet sounds of my office as the boss is off!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

the profile of my birth sign - Cancer - with comments..
It's easy to spot a Cancer by their round faces. (yup) That physical characteristic reflects the soft, affectionate nature of this sign. (Hugs and Kisses everyone) Cancers are very much about home and security and nurture. The crab can be a bit of a packrat, because he or she may attach emotional value to things others may consider junk. (OMG have they been to my house?) They can be overly emotional, and they tend to fantasize about the past and what it meant for them. (What if I had done things different? Would I be where I am today? Damn the man and don't trust whitey!) Cancers are incredibly loyal as mates, but don't ever tell them what to do. (Damn Straight!) Sometimes Cancer is very sociable, but sometimes they need their alone time. (OK where is the camera?) This sign is very giving, but has a tough time receiving the generosity of others. Because of their nurturing qualities, they are great at jobs in which they take care of others, such as nursing. (OK I disagree with this one as I can 't stand the sight of blood.) Cancers are prone to all sorts of illness, but female crabs should pay special attention to their reproductive systems. Famous Cancers include Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela and Mike Tyson.
So do you think it is right?
Wanting to listen to eros ramazzotti.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

things i have decided
i should be jewish. that way i could be successful with my art. ouy vey.
i will never run out of batteries.
chocolate (especially dark) is the root of all evil. and i love evil!
Carter Oosterhouse and Ty Pennington are hotties.
Life is a banquet and most poor sons a bitches are starving to death.
and best of all the road to happiness is paved with assholes.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

this is my fantasy, but thanks for playing

my new phrase of the day! to some people i would like to say, this is my fantasy, want to play? i just am not forward enough for that. others would get, this is my fantasy, you can't play. and if you know me, you know that one day i will say that one. what would be my fantasy? wouldn't you like to know!
what is yours?

Monday, November 03, 2003

sometimes i am embarrassed how stupid i can really be. we where told a couple of fridays back that 2/3rds of our office will be with out jobs by year end. they will consider transfers though. i let the transferring office know of my interest after talking to my supervisor and him telling me to send an e mail to the new pres of our division. This being the 2nd conversation we had. the first one being his "concern" about me. i expressed an interest then but he "didn't recall" me saying that when we had conversation #2. and after conversation #2, he walks by my desk the next friday and goes "we need to get your duties transferred out so you can move on to other things". i reminded him that i had sent the prez an e mail. he screwed up his face and goes what e mail? what the f#$%? i remind him and he goes what did he tell you? i said to talk to another person. he goes oh, ok.
so today he talks to me again and says "i heard from a little birdy that you where thinking of transferring" i wanted to slap myself. i said we talked about this and you suggested i send an e mail to the prez. he said he didn't think that meant i wanted to transfer. what the f%$#? he asked me if i decided to stay and i said i can not afford to transfer as Risk. i never said i wasn't going to try to transfer.
OMG i need outta here!
and how is your boss today?

Saturday, November 01, 2003

soul mates
is there really such a thing? how do you really know if you met them? Have I let mine pass by? did i smile and wave as they passed thinking get the hell out of my way?
does a soul mate bug you if they smack when they eat?
questions all running thru my mind. i don't even think I believe in soul mates. i obviously suck at picking men as i have tried marriage 2 times and both were a loss. no one is perfect either. have i set myself up for failure or disappointment? why is it some seem perfect till you really get to know them?
and what really is marriage? a piece of paper? is that going to make me want someone more? i don't think so.
i do know this. i do want a long term relationship. i do want to grow old with someone. but i think i will not find everything i am looking for. (and that isn't much) so where do i settle?
where are you settling?

Friday, October 31, 2003

Today is holloween and I am dressed most appropriately.
i am a witch. a spider witch. all i need is a scarlet b on my chest and i would be a bitch!
oh wait. i already am that.
i will post a pic of me later today.
one of us came as a disgruntled employee. i am keeping a wary eye out for the gun.
i know her. she has one. be afraid. be very afraid.
we have a nurse, a security officer (with handcuffs), a mousekateer, a kitty, another witch, a hippie(she is free with the love today), some vampires, a harley chick.
i am sure the kitty will get a lot of comments from the men in the office today. nuff said on that.
i am going to abscond with the handcuffs sometime today and deny it
today i ponder on life and all its glory.
life is short. have fun.
F*@# the rest of em.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Flying thru my head

mini pads for thongs. what the f%$&?
now i can have a wad of cotton up my ass along with the thong string?
thats got to be comfortable. yeah right.
I think i will buy a box and make art with them.
i will keep you posted on my creations.
how about a "pearl" thong.
I only want one if i have to take the stairs.
then we wouldn't need men.
that is a whole different subject.

are you feeling artsy fartsy (oops!!!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

gotta love it
i am here on work related things with 2 other co workers. last night after dinner with them two of us decided there where some things we needed to pick up and wanted to go in search of the local target. I have been there before, but it has been over a year. and let me say that i know just enough about Miami to be dangerous. to myself.
Well the waiter, who had just a smidgen of 'tude, says go down to the dolphin expressway and take bird road. that rang recollection bells in my head! so off we go. we get on the dolphin expwy and go right. we don't see is, we any sign of bird road, a bird, or even bird poop. damn bells. we hit the turnpike. ok, we are not in any hurry so we go south. we see nothing, no shopping, no strip malls, nothing. so we exit, pay our toll of 25 cents, bang a u-ee, pay a toll to get back on. I laugh, i should ask the toll person where target is, we laugh, we approach the booth, and it is a grumpy old man. I didn't ask. and right now i would like to shove those bells that went off in my head up that waiters ass. we go back up the turnpike, exit back onto the dolphin. things are really getting fishy now, no pun intended. so we think maybe if we go the other way on dolphin. nope. fuckin bells. i have now decided that the waiter was having a good laugh about now. damn that tip i left! so we get off bang a u-ee and go back. we decide to hit the mall, we had seen a sign a ways back, and surely there is a target or somesuch at that mall. we exit 27. guess what another toll! but we did find the mall. alas, no target, and the mall is closing in 45 minutes. and it is a huge neat mall. damn it all! well while my co worker goes shopping i go in search of the bathroom. shut up everyone. anyway, it is a friggin hike, i see the hall, i am like cool! i round the corner and damn. ever seen that trick where the hall keeps getting longer? well i met that hall last night. damn it all! on my way back to meet my co worker, i was sidetracked, by this really great gold shirt! It was yelling my name, "moron! moron!"
seriously, i had to have it. it was 35 dollars, but i really liked it. so i go to check out and miracle of miracles! it was on sale. even better! that helped pay for all the tolls! i have justified!
so to end up the fab evening we are having we decide to get a bottle of wine and go back to the room and drink., and read the newspaper. i will tell you why we did that in another blog. but it was sad sad sad. one and a half glasses and we were out. waa-laa it is today!
so what's going on in your world today?

Monday, October 27, 2003

I love blogging. Although I did not blog over the weekend. I was way tired. Hummmm think it is the stress from work?
i was hoping to transfer with this "rightsizing" we are currently under. looks like that isn't going to happen. i know everything happens for a reason but damn. guess i will have to continue looking for a new job. i need new surroundings.
i saw runaway jury this weekend. great movie go see it. i give if 2 thumbs up!
what is going on in your world? are you hiring? let me know and i will send you my resume!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Flying thru my head.

Why do they call it a blow job? you don't blow.
what about a "hummer"? you don't hum.

what is in your head?

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Today's fun for all is Name the pic

Here is the story I see going along with this pic

Britney reduced to Gang Life
ap 2003

Much to the surprise of the upper east side Britney was caught accosting her most staunch supporter. She was overheard saying "Give me yo money bitch before I pop a cap in yo ass!"
Madonna simply pulled the "M" off her jeans and held it up to britney crying out "Die mofo die!" hitting her with her 1.5 mil of bling bling she wore in her last ad. The local police came to the rescue and issued a citation to Britney for an attack on the elderly. Madonna got off with no charges. The policemen said "she was real nice" as they walked off wiping their ears off.

aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe.

Good Morning All!
First I added a link to a pic of a friend of mine. On the left of this page under links. Check her out!
and i added a cool "bumper sticker" and gif to my web page..

now for the good stuff

Met a Pieman going to the fair
Said Simple Simon to the Pieman
"What have you got there?"
Said the Pieman unto Simon
"Pies, you dumbass!"

driving to work this morning i was thinking (yeah i know, scary) about the state of my work. looking at the fellow drivers i passed, wondering what their lives where like right now. are they having issues at work? what are they thinking. are they looking at me? (it was dark when i drove to work).
then on the radio i hear the most amazing thing. according to self magazine, my current hometown is rated number one for working women. whatever! i live here prove it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hey check out the weather girl! ( Left side, pan down a bit) Her clothes change according to the weather! AND, that site has guys also!

Things I never really wanted to know. After quite the conversation with my sister last night I decided that I did not need to know the following:

Your parents have sex….AND you walked in on them once.
My sister gives a good "hummer". Why did she insist on telling me?
Chickens pee thru their skin…

Why do such things have to enlighten us?

On the other hand talking about sex with friends is different! I love my friends but it just doesn’t have the same effect on my mind as family… ya know!!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Cologne and Such

What is it with some men and cologne? (I know women do it also).....But
A man passed me this weekend and I could not only taste his cologne as he walked by, but could still smell him 5 minutes later! I don't want to taste your cologne! EEWWWW


A friend of mine is having trouble with her man. You should see my friend. She is tall, thin, attractive, funny....What gives???? I told her to buy a dildo! They are like pets, they don't talk back, don't hog the remote and love you unconditionally.

What is up with people!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Word of the day.
We where told Friday that over two thirds of our office will be without a job by the end of the year. WOW. All due to the good Ol' Office Politics. They are offering to transfer some people with some bennies and there is talk of offering stay bonuses. But as a whole, most will be unemployed. Not that we haven't seen the writing on the wall. I have said this since the first of the year to "outside" friends and family. But when reality hits, it sucks. My job is included in the mix, although I was not asked to attend the "lay-off" meeting. I was told later they don't want to lose me and have plans for me. Maybe I am over-emotional now, but I find that a bit un-nerving. It is my future..But they can't tell me? What if their plans fall thru and I miss the "transfer boat"?
I had big plans for the weekend, now I want to do nothing.
I think of my co workers. What are they thinking? How will they react? What now? Some have a stable homelife, but that definitely is a small group. One a long term employee, just lost her husband last Christmas, and recently had a stroke. What is she thinking? She was crying Friday. What about another friend. This one is the sole source of income. Lives alone. How depressing can this weekend be? I know people loose their jobs all the time nowadays, but it doesn't always make it right, and it isn't always fair.
So here I sit this weekend, contemplating what to do. What is good for me? I can't afford to be unemployed.
The word contemplation is to close to the word constipation right now. My mind is constipated with all my thoughts.
What would you do?
Well I am new at this. I changed my template. I like it. But I am not good enough at it to figure out how to move it down below that stupid banner. I also can't sign up to "join & pay" to remove the stupid thing. Anyone have any tips for me?

Thursday, October 16, 2003

OMG I wish I had a DOG!

And this guy is going to die because he is STUPID. Tell me he couldn't tell he was taking it out of his glove! The proof is in the pic! And then...more to add to my list of dumb things about Florida..."In Florida, Gov. Jeb Bush said an offer of asylum to Bartman might be a good idea, and an ocean front retreat in Pompano Beach offered him a free three-month stay if he needed to get out of Chicago." I took that off a sports dot com...What the ???

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Woman Accousted...


My Family will understand!
Do statements made ever get your mind to wandering? I do. Like, "Less is more" or "Ignorance is bliss"? How about "Fight free radicals at night by puncturing a vitamin C capsule and adding it to your night cream."?
Well for me, Less is definitely not more. EEWWW! I live in God's waiting room, the last port o'call. I have been to the beach. I have seen the 60+ people. In thongs. With black socks AND sandals. With guts. Male and Female. (Refer here to my earlier statement. EEWWW!)
Now how about "Ignorance is Bliss". WHATEVER....I have met some damn ignorant people in my home life and especially in my work life and it sure isn't bliss. For me or them. For me, I just want to slap them up side of the head! Isn't that ignorant? (see what I mean?) For them, they THINK they are grand, the leader, being a good example.....WHAT! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Your making me ignorant!
And fighting free radicals with Vitamin C at night. What, by doing that I am going to become lean and taut in my sleep? Wake up in camouflage, black grease paint under my eyes? Ready to go to battle? Who are the free radicals anyway? Why do I want to fight them? What about the radicals that aren't free? What are they being radical about? Why do I care. AND free is always good! So why am I mad about that?
While watching Judging Amy last night, I heard one that sums it all up for me. Maxine is talking to her son Peter about her decision not to sell the diner. "Peter, everything is going to be fine. We have pie". Enough said.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

OK...Let me clear one thing up....."I have a great family and that is about as far as I can go with that"....What I meant to say was, Everything else in my life SUCKS right now! But we all know how family is your support, soooooo, things could be worse!!!


Today's word is "ferment" (and all forms thereof). Now let me tell you a story related to the word.
Last night my ex neighbors, current landlords came back for a few days from Tennessee where they recently moved. I actually hate that they are not my neighbors anymore. Yeah I know...that is weird. Anyway, I was talking to Sherrie and she goes come over and have a glass of wine with me. COOL, I am there! We started out with a little of Mr Rossi in a Cabernet. Her husband arrived and OH OH we had to break out a new bottle, well I should say box. This time a lovely light chardonnay. My opinion sways on wine in a box. It is just not natural, but then, as Mr. Food would say, "It's So Good!". Well I hate to drink all their wine so I go get my current fav, White Merlot. (If you haven't tried it you HAVE to!) We all share a glass of white merlot. OMG Ron turns the country music on. Now if you know me, you know I am SO burnt out on CM. But with the delightful blend of wines, it was rather wonderful last night! Now Ron is singing, with a rather nice voice. OH OH, the white merlot is gone! But that's OK. I have many wines. So know we bust open a bottle of regular Merlot. We tell war stories (bear in mind none of us have been in a war). Now we are down to mixing wine. A little box with a little merlot, a little Mr. Rossi with a little box..Did I reiterate this is Monday night? That they are retired and I work? AND no dinner was had by all? Well after walking back to my house, laughing my a** off (and thank god I didn't have to use a car or a street) I found my way to bed. Luckily it wasn't spinning. I think people could hear me while I was cracking up in bed at everything stupid. But it was a great, much needed fun night.
So what is your drink of choice?

Monday, October 13, 2003

OMG what time is it?
It's Marti time!!
Who is Marti?
Well I live in the land of Chad. Home to Rush Limbaugh. Where if you want drugs, just ask your housekeeper.
Home to other morons and infidels too. (no names mentioned Anita Bryant)
So let me say this, I am a transplanted Texan...I know OUCH (Home of George Bush). Can't win 'em all you know.
I have a great family and that is about as far as I can go with that.
Watch Will and Grace? Well I love Karen Walker and her alter ego. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Rich, bitchy, and witty with the tongue!
So what are you up to?

Thursday, October 02, 2003

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