Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Shhh, Don't tell anyone I am here!


I say that cause I haven't been here in a while and wouldn't want to break this spell I have going!
Seriously, things have been so hectic with work and getting ready for the wedding. I haven't had time to read my sister or my son much less check in on the strip joint. WOW what gives with that. Now I am having to be creative and write my own vows.
How is
I like you
You like me
LOL just joking.
My work gave us a shower and his work gave us a shower.. so we are all clean now. ha ha
In actuality they where very nice and un-expected.This week I have something to do every day at lunch and every evening but I will soon get back to the blog more faithfully. Besides I have part 2 of my story about the homeless man and the woman in the yellow tobagan in my head and I have to get it out. Yeahm it hurts in there!
My sister J from A in G will be here tomorrow, YEA! and my son and rest of fam will be here late Thursday night. My sister J from A in G is making the music happen... mucho grasso to her!
My son is walking me down the aisle, mucho grasso to him!
And I am trying hard as hell to stay as far away from tradition that I can!
I have made my flowers, A (R's daughter) made the tablecloths, A and I made the cake topper, (you should see it! We put motorcycles on it!)
All the guy friends are riding their motorcylces to the wedding and we are parking them in the back yard near the festivities.
I am pretty proud of what I have made! Looks pretty damn good if I say so myself! Only thing I have to make is a gauzy drapey thing that goes on the back porch, so if I am going to get that done I best get off my ass!

Later and will post pics!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

My sister Lilly and my Son Eric Posted by Hello

Meet Lilly's Kids

Yes the pictures below area my sisters kids. I swear she is trying to make he own sports team!!
They are very good kids.
Bobby is rather shy, but particular about his appearance, Meggan was knocked out as my sister has started a donut shop and she got up at 3 AM to help make the donuts. Jennifer LOVES those red boots, don't dare ask her not to wear them! Madyson, even though only a year, knows no strangers! Scarlett likes to color and chew gum.
Due to the miles apart I don't get to see these kids often enough. Some this was the first time in seeing...
Ahhhh family!

Meggan, First born Posted by Hello

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Cowgirl Jennifer Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Temple mural Posted by Hello

Temple Art Posted by Hello

Buddist TEmple Posted by Hello

Buddist Temple in Texas Posted by Hello


Been a while since posting! I have been super busy getting ready for the upcoming events and all, but I have to post 2 more things about my Texas Trip.
This being one of the 2. The other the pics of my sisters family...but those later.
Out in the middle of nowhere, amongst the mesquite trees and dirt, we happened upon this Temple. The red pointed roof poking up to the sky, and it looked so out of place. Of course me and my photographer mind I wanted to get closer so we decided to see if we could get some good pics at the gate. We arrived at the gate and it was open, clearly a sign, and we entered. They had an office and I went in to see if they minded if I took pictures. The office was open, but no one inside. So we ambled towards the temple, hoping to get a shot or 2 before some one yelled at us or chased us off the place. A lady came up and introduced herself, Her name was Vai, she was very friendly and asked us if we wanted to go inside. OMG! YES!!
She gave us a brief history of the place. It has been there 20 years. There are 14 (15) monks who live there and have never been off the property. The community outside is Laotian, Thai and Veitamese. They share in taking care of the monks. The temple started out being a trailer, and they built the building in the pictures you see by hand.
I can't explain the beauty of this place, the artwork and detail is exquisite! I posted 2 of the the artwork inside. It is all hand done and the temple is covered from floor to 20 ft ceiling with these murals. It also houses the largest Budda in North America.
Downstairs the communities children where learning their culture and respect for their elders. One little boy came up to me, he was all curious about us, as us wuth them. She spoke to him in their native tongue, he looked at me, bowed and said hello. WOW..
After our tour Vai invited us back anytime for 6 PM prayers or to come at their New Year celebration (in April). In this day and age of hate, terrorism, etc, they where so open and friendly. Outside the temple when we came out where 2 kids bikes and it seemed such a contrast of old and new. I posted that pic. Also 2 of the monks where working in the yard, one spotting the other who was driving a roller, both monks in their robes. Both monks oblivious to us. They also have a website www.watkeller.com
This was totally awesome and probably my favorite part of the trip. I will go back there and attend prayers.
Vai invited us to come back anytime. I will visit there again and encourage anyone else to go too.