Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry/Happy Christmas eve to all! happy Kwanza, good ramadon, shalom, blah blah....
Mi Familia is here and that is my gift! great gift!
The belle de jour blog I have been reading won an award in Britian...So can i pick em or what!!!!
We have to work today...yuk
and work Friday.......yuk
I feel like crap today...yuk
We are opening gifts at work. I am wearing my bow. maybe someone will open me! what a fine present that would be! lmao..I got an elephant wine holder from K, a beach sandal necklace from P, and assorted goodies and chocolates from all. and my step dad an step mom sent me a gift certificate to B&H Photo Video! And I have flowers at my desk that are still pretty after a week! Life is good!
I am going to go dope myself up now!
Listening to the sounds of unwrapping gifts and happy conversation in the office!
How is your Holiday?

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