Wednesday, December 31, 2003

my new years resolution
disclaimer: please keep your arms and legs inside the webpage as this could be a bumpy ride! The names have been changed to protect the innocent. (I don't really know any innocents).
seriously, i think i will keep it simple this year. as I have taken up the mantra of
"life is short"
this year i think i will let everyone I know and like how much they mean to me. how dangerous could that be?
don't answer that!
listening to the silence on new years eve before i go to my friends house.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Marti's Top 10 List for 2003
in no particular order.

photography - I love the art of trying to capture something in it's moment.
Dark Chocolate - natural Endorphin producer. Your girl / guy a bit moody? Give em some chocolate!
Sex - always in style! (with the right person of course as i am not a fan of random acts of kindness, but if you are, good for you!)
Florida Coast - always beautiful and the sunrises and sunset are sure to put you in a good mood. I will return for visits.
Meeting S - it was great!
Sexy underthings - something about just knowing it is under there makes you feel good even if no one else knows and even better if they do!
Filet - Medium Rare - I love an occasional good thick red piece of meat.
Sundays - I allow myself many luxuries on Sundays. Sleeping in, coffee and the paper, Charles Osgoode in the AM on the TV, and more..
Will and Grace - May it live on in TV Infamy!
Music - If it is good, has a beat, and/or singable I am there!

Listening to Anastasia Beverhousen on TV...

Monday, December 29, 2003

Batteries as gifts
and not the good kind either!
story: i had to buy myself a Christmas gift.... a car battery! what fun!
mine died. I knew it needed replaced a while back but i let a man tell me it was just the battery cable. i knew better, but men are supposed to know these things, so i let him think he was right. ha ha ha.. if i coulda talked to him yesterday i would have had to done the "i told you i needed a battery thing!" and since I didn't listen to myself, it costed me even more in other parts. So off i go yesterday to purchase one. i pull into the shop under the sign battery installs here. Another guy is standing around i guess waiting on his car to be fixed. I open the hood, they service guy walks up and i just get out of my mouth "i need.." he looks at the battery buts his had up and goes, "say no more, i can see what you need." i am embarrased. I sense my dad is rolling in grave at my stupidity. the stand around guy wanders over. omg. the service man starts giving his spill and starts looking at the man, and not me.. i lean over to catch his gaze and get him to talk to me again. the stand around guy walks up to the truck. Service man starts talking to him again. I am like..what the.....! why does service guy not want to talk to me??? I lean over again to catch his gaze again. I tell him this is my truck and i want a battery that blah blah blah...he continues to look at stand around guy. needless to say i did a lot of leaning to catch his gaze, and my wallet is lighter but i needed to get it done. especially before the move. when all was said and done, the acid had eaten thru the positive terminal end and part of the wires. service man fixed it for now but guess what i am buying next!!
listening to bad radio.............

Saturday, December 27, 2003

mi familia has left the building. I forget how much I miss them till they are gone. The house is quiet and although I don't feel so hot I am not so sure I can take all this quiet. I miss my son, I miss my sister. These are the times I hate this time of year.
Last night we went for a rousing game of Putt Putt. It was great weather for it. Eric has always wanted to go to the one we have here that has "live alligators"! They were live but not very lively. And the "water" looked toilet bowl blue. That can't be healthy. I forget what my score was but I will not be making the hall of putt putt fame anytime soon. Maybe some other hall of fame, but not that.
I took my son to breakfast before he left and we had a little visit time. good food also!
New Years is coming up and I want to do something. Not sure what.
leap tall buildings in a single bound.....nope.
go faster than a speeding bullet......nope.
damn, time is getting close got to figure out something!
I am trying to "get in the groove" of preparing for the move mode.
I think I want to make my own top 10 list for 2003. Yeah, that should be fun!
be back with that later!

Friday, December 26, 2003

i woke up feeling like shit today. my eyes hurt, my head hurts, my back hurts, i have a fever and a cough. damn i didn't want to go to work, but being the workaholic i am, i have employees to pay, invoices to create and reports to get out to the fields. so here i am. but as soon as i am done with that back home i go. as i drove to work today, i saw one of the prettiest sunrises i have seen yet. high clouds reflecting reds, oranges and golds, a few low clouds in front to be a dark gray blue contrast. as the sunrise spread out the clouds became a lovely shade of purple and lavender. life is good!

time to think about new years resolutions. i didn't make on last year due to the problem i had the year before. now it is funny, then it was ...well read on. i had just moved to florida, knew very few people, and decided that i would make an attempt to smile and greet people i passed with a hello. i am generally friendly if i know you or work with you but total strangers, well...... about 3 days after my resolution i was taking my trash out and noticed someone new moving in. there was a van with a chest of drawers in it that someone had already taken the drawers out of and carried in. i thought this would be a good oppotunity to make a newcomer to the neighborhood feel welcome and a chance for me to use my resolution. i kind of hung around and in a second an older man came out and i asked if he needed help. "sure" he replied. so i help him carry it upstairs to his apartment. we visited a minute, he seemed nice enough. the next saturday he was going to hit a few of the resale shops in the area and asked if I wanted to go. I thought, why not. first thing that got my gaurd up was.. we went to a shop, there was a big overstuffed chair with outtoman he wanted and he proceeds to tell the clerk he wants to get me in it. i am a little freaked.. on the way back to the apartment complex, he starts in on me taking a bubble bath with him.. now i am really the next couple of days when i got home after work i would hear "hello marti". his bathroom window faced my parking space and his bedroom window faced my front room. he would be in the window, looking down at me. somehow he got my phone number. this is when it started getting even weirder. i would get home and no sooner than i let myself in, my phone would ring. it was him. "want to go out and grab a sandwich or come up?", "want me to draw you a bubble bath?" he was watching me. i was way creeped out. i quit answering my phone and parking away from my apartment. he eventually met someone else. maybe she took a bath with him, i didn't care, he quit bugging me. but he did lead to many fun conversations at beer thirty. as i tend to name some people, i named him porno man. (my last ex is the bastard) so for safety sake, last year i bowed out of resolutions. this year i will stick with something safe...not sure what yet...
listening to the AM sounds of people in the office that don't want to be here the day after christmas.
what resolution will you make?

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

all of a sudden i am feeling somewhat better! could it be the rum balls ivette sent us? just open the lid and smell! they are the equivalent of a shot! I feel better and between the medicine i took and the rum balls it's getting hot in here!
thanks ivette!
Merry/Happy Christmas eve to all! happy Kwanza, good ramadon, shalom, blah blah....
Mi Familia is here and that is my gift! great gift!
The belle de jour blog I have been reading won an award in Britian...So can i pick em or what!!!!
We have to work today...yuk
and work Friday.......yuk
I feel like crap today...yuk
We are opening gifts at work. I am wearing my bow. maybe someone will open me! what a fine present that would be! lmao..I got an elephant wine holder from K, a beach sandal necklace from P, and assorted goodies and chocolates from all. and my step dad an step mom sent me a gift certificate to B&H Photo Video! And I have flowers at my desk that are still pretty after a week! Life is good!
I am going to go dope myself up now!
Listening to the sounds of unwrapping gifts and happy conversation in the office!
How is your Holiday?

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Some things about christmas piss me off. like...
people and last minute shopping......
bitchy people.......
some things related to work and end of year......
i can see why people off themselves this time of year.(not that i would, i love life, but i totally understand)
ok i admit i am going shopping tonight, but did everyone either forget or put it off also? what gives? I think that calls for a gift for self! I know where I am going after work...
i was a target last night and i heard everything from the bitchy husband, the bitchy wife, the bitchy bitch. this should be a season of joy and celebrating! be glad you have a husband, wife, you can go shopping, be glad you can talk to bitch, just don't expose me to you pissed-off-ness.
here is my kicker for the day and feel bad for enjoying it. One of the subs on Karens job bought lunch for the office today. it was great, i enjoyed it!! here is the sucky part, we have a hold on every sub check till the first of the year. no sub is getting paid. the sub that bought lunch is one of them. merry christmas to you! hope he didn't put off his shopping....
highlight of the day, one of Karens DM's sent her a large bottle of Bailey's ..say are we seeing a trend here? just what is she doing? ha ha..anyway need to get her to crack it open!
M (she doesn't like me putting her on the web for all to see) and I are going to get our tattoo after the first of the year, donations welcome!
Listening to people on my side of the office singing christmas carols
what up with you?

Monday, December 22, 2003

k i survived assboro. i need a shirt! hahahaha
trip home was long and tiring. Sue and i toured high point and greensboro Sunday pre flight. high point is the furniture capitol of the USA. If you didn't already know that consider yourself edjucated! greensboro is kind of cool. not near as good new york though!
well the fam is coming in today, my sister and my son. good times to be had by all! we are taking advantage of the last gathering in Florida for Christmas, going to go to sanibel. i haven't even completed my shopping and that is a first for me. I am usually done in September. oh and little do they know yet they are going to get stuck cooking! i like to cook but this year i am a little out of my norm. k enough of the family crap...
gotta get out of here and home to pack!!!!
listening to melissa etheridge singing "merry christmas"
ready for the holidays?

Saturday, December 20, 2003

ok, today's funny is.... they have a sara lee factory here. i know you are saying why is that funny, well, it is an underwear factory. sara lee underwear. add that to the list of things that make you go hummmmm. makes me want to sing the old song "no body does it like sara lee!" oh i think that is " no body doesn't like sara lee" either will work. i prefer the first one. i lmao about that most of the day!
we toured around and went to Seagrove, it is first not near the sea and second a potters town. that was kind of cool. but that stuff is expensive!
I have a home here. signed a lease. ready to move in....end of next month. getting excited, also a little scared. reality hit when i signed the lease i think. i am here, moving from florida. but i think it is a good thing.
oh and i have to mention the churches. they are every freakin where. every time today sue saw one she said halaluya, and i said amen. needless to say we said that quite often!.
listening to some one check in....
what's up with you?

Friday, December 19, 2003

the hotel has a computer, thank god!
ok I am moving from old people ville to redneck ville. don't get me wrong, it seems a nice enough town and all..and it is pretty. i find myself listening to the people here talk. am i going to pick up this twang? for all those who know me, that could be scary! i talk a mile a minute, then add a NC twang....damn you guys are in for it!
Good things I have noticed here. Trees, i like trees, hills, i like hills. it is a clean town. and best of all i got to wear my favorite coat! it is soft a furry on the inside and suede on the outside. I want to wear it naked underneath it feels so good! Sue and I went to eat and the hostess kept rubbing me.. hummmm.
thing I have found humorous. an exit sign coming in to Assboro from Greensboro for high point and climax. i want to live there! high point of my trip!
The office is nice. i have an office and a window! The people are nice but i am not sure what they would think of the "out of office" self. keeping that low for now.
more later!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

well i am flying to assboro today to check out the area. but i forgot my laptop. damn it! i am going to have withdrawals if I can't blog! Or check my e mail. Maybe I can find a "java cafe".......yeah right! So to all my friends and family, call me on my work phone if you miss me! OMG what if I don't have service?
A few of us went out last night. ended up at a bar with a great 2 man band. good times where had by all. up entirely to late but I don't care. i lmao. it is amazing who thinks they can sing when they are drunk! some of them are even fun to watch. one girl thought she could sing while rubbing herself all over. another guy I think had the hots for the band guys, i am still amazed that people can act like the weebles.. remember that toy? weebles wooble but they don't fall down..
Needless to say i am sleeping on the plane!
and to you, i have had a fun filled last 3 days. i hope it happens again in the future, the not to far future...
listening to morning chit chat and the radio...

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

OK I get off track a few days and I get this!!

PeachyTXJo: It's Wednesday and you haven't blogged since Friday. You are going to cause the Earth to cease to spin! ;-)

This has been a hectic week and weekend past! The weekend sucked. It was the last weekend of vacation, that sucked, and it just sucked anyway! Sucking can be a good thing but.... This week has been hectic since Monday. Going to be a short week as I am flying to Assboro on Thursday. We have people in the office this week from out of town. We do the usual gathering after work to drink and that is always a good time.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Oh, check out a new blog I am reading. link on left, titled Belle de jour. interesting..
OK i am not to witty today. thirsty thursday as b2k calls it, got to me last night. I just now have gotten rid of the headache, and I didn't have that much to drink! what gives with that! i had one of my usuals re: vodka and cranberry...i think they put something in the drinks. yeah that's it. I am going on the wagon. well at least until tomorrow! it'll be a short trip! ha ha! We had a blast though, we loao!
listening to nothing and damn glad!
what up in your world?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

i have been cleaning out my office and closets in preparation of the move. yes, there where some skeletons in there, I kind of shoved them to the side. So far I have drug out my old band jacket (made out of 100% vinyl and boy was I proud to get that!), an outfit I can no longer wear, is reminsent of Stevie Nicks era and for some reason i refuse to get rid of, my black angel wings from Halloween 2002(for all those days i strut around the house and pretend that I am a VS model, yeah right, that happens..), and way to much computer gear. jesus i need to have a sale, or maybe just dump some stuff!
I have six boxes containing 2 lionel trains and a HO train. ( that's HO scale not HO as in pimpin') I will not part with those. They get drug out once a year for the holidays, but here is the scary part. If I had the room I would leave them up all the time. Model trains and classic cars are hobbies/likes I got from my dad. one of the Lionel trains is his from when he was a kid. The other he purchased for me a few years back and it is an antique. The HO train I got new when I was about 18. My dad loved cars, he had a 48 chevy, 30 roadster, 64 riviera, among others. I used to work on cars with my dad in the garage. My little sister would be out with us in her play pen. Her first words were "God Damn it", (not joking), that was dad's standard phrase when he smashed his finger or whatever. My step mom was real proud of that, not, she used to be over the top religious.
Listening to No Doubt - It's my life
Think I'll go take a ride on the Ho train..lmao......

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

OK I go rid of my home phone for 3 reasons. 1) 55 a month for basic service is just to darn high! 2) I have cable access online 3) I hate crap calls! Now I am getting them on my cell. I do not give that number out freely. how do they get my number? and to top it off I get an occasional text message that is a "crap" message. that costs me 10 cents each time! what gives?
and junk e mail... omg, i could refinance my home, work online at home in my spare time, or get religion.
i don't own my home so i ought to answer that one huh!
the work at home ones are either scams or wanting you to work for a 900 number. i get enough scams in my life with out that. and with my voice, i don't think that would turn anyone on unless you had a disney fetish. to me it sounds to me like i could be a cousin to minnie mouse. I tried making an obscene phone call one time in my teen years. I lowered my voice, husky and sexy ( or I thought) "hey baby, wanna run around naked and play doctor?" they hung up. The next day I saw them, they looked at me and said "very funny Marti". So needless to say that one is out.
and Jehovah witness keep disguising the watchtower via e mail. or like we don't all know that handout from those knocks at the door. always at the wrong time, always 2 young men in white shirts, black pants and tie, walking or riding bikes and that don't know the meaning of no. I think they should get hooked up with the 900 number! I think I will print one of those ads and the next time they come to my house and don't leave, I will tell them you can leave the watchtower if you take my handout. I am gonna hand them the e-mail then shut the door.
Listening to the rain outside
what e mails do you get?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

damn, i was reading yesterdays post and i was windy! and i didn't even get to tell you about all the men on the trip comparing lenses. "hey, mine is bigger than yours", and "well mine is more powerful than yours" type conversation. it was funny and we all know what marti was thinking. I was especially worried when one of the ladies wandered into the conversation, pulled out her small bag, (omg), and whipped hers out. "well check out my 2x converter" she says. I am lmao, and they just look at me. wouldn't a 2X converter be handy in life sometimes?
I think so!
I hung lights on the house yesterday evening, always an adventure. why is it you get a project going and you never have enough stuff? Last night i was 1 extension cord and 1 set of net lights short. I will take a pic tonight and post it for all to see.
listening to Seal "waiting for you" on the radio..

Monday, December 08, 2003

i think i have found a place in asheboro. going to look at it end of next week. it looks nice, is brand new and sue will be my neighbor. (why did i hear mr. rogers when i typed that? won't you be my neighbor?) anyway, sue is the only other person at my office that choose to transfer. i feel good about this move. I think i will miss florida, but i need a change. i am looking forward to all the new photo ops, both in the asheboro area and in a decent driving distance. And new friends etc..
Had a pretty good Saturday, concidering it was an "anniversary" day for me. I went on the camera club trip to Caya Costa. WOW... It is so very remote. if you miss the last boat at 3, better find a bed buddy cause you ain't going anywhere...I would like to rent one of the little huts for a nite or 2 before i leave here. (and i mean hut, about 8 ft by 8 ft and sleeps 6 on hard cots). The boat ride over was sooo cold. and rough. there where some young couples on board that where going to camp overnight. they where all huddle up so cute. I was a little freaked out by the dude wearing a toe ring though. that is just weird, and i am pretty liberal.
When we arrived at the far side of the island, we spotted an osprey building his/her nest. (the bird for my piece of mind will be a he thoughout this blog) he didn't like humans, and was scared off by us and 2 more photographers. some bright fellow had his red jacket hanging on his tripod and had the nerve to wonder what scared the bird. Photography is like hunting, there are things you just don't do, like talk loud, wear red, etc.. anyway...
we walked the beach for about 5 feet, to damn windy and cold, It was 50 and a north wind at 25. we walked up the island and saw nothing, soooo, back to the osprey we go! Karen made an excellent picnic lunch and so we camped out at the nest for the day. I figure one good shot was worth 5 hours. Finally he came back to the nest with a branch, omg, i was taking pics right and left. he was to scared to leave the branch, and i was like, what the F@%*?? (remember that i am the youngest person in camera club), an old fart was wandering around below taking macro shots. oblivious to the osprey, and us. I hope I got the shot though. he walked over later and said, did i scare your bird away? i wanted to say :no duh dumb ass".. but out of respect for the elderly i just smiled and said well something scared it, not sure what. on the boat ride back to the mainland...(sounded good anyway didn't it) we say collier mansion and dolphins swimming with the boat. that was cool. Only could have been a better day if i had a run in with some hot cabana boy...hahahaha!
listening to some guy gag on dragonflies - fear factor is on in the other room.
whats up in your world?
someone related to me gave me this tip. you should try it too! go to, type in miserable failure, then hit the I feel lucky button.....those some humorous folks...
wonder what they would have if you typed in, i live in florida, then the i feel lucky button?

Friday, December 05, 2003

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the legal independance of Marti from the ass, even though our seperation was longer than that. legal is always good! Time for celebration by all! I myself think it should be but on the register of national days off! Why I spent so long with him and exposed my son for so long to him is beyond me, but I know everything in life happens for a reason. I must have been a really bad kid! ha ha ha! I plan to celebrate with first starting my vacation, second going on a "camera safari" tomorrow at Cayo Costa, then ending up with dinner and a good bottle of wine. and who know what else!
listening to matchbox 20
Another thing that makes you go
what the F#*@

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I have lens envy. (as opposed to penis envy.) I got my slides back from the great trip karen and i took to ding darling. it is probably the worst set of pictures i have taken. 6 rolls 36 slides a roll. i threw away over half. so why do i have lens envy? karen recently purchased a 100 to 500 lens. I only have a 75 to 300 lens and boy did it show. and it didn't help any either that i lost my polarizer filter either. damn.
and now i thought i had things all planned out, the next thing i really wanted was another tattoo. gonna cost around 200. but thenkaren goes and buys herself a new camera (Nikon D100), and tells me she is going to sell two of her other ones. omgone is a nikon n90s and the other one is a nikon f5. now i am soooooo own a nikon!!! to get my other tattoo!!! i know that would be an easy decision for most, but......
listening to, well actually I am talking to jerime about how we are sooooo over kids!
what are your decisions today?

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

well I am a bit off this week. monday was world aids awareness day. i had this whole politically correct blog ready in my mind to post on monday. well that didn't happen. so here is my long story short. no glove, no love. in fact wear 2!!!
watching that show where paris hilton and her friend go to the country. they are weird. makes me glad i haven't had money. they have never worked and didn't know what walmart was. whatever.
i have vacation next week. i am looking forward to that. no big plans. gonna pack and chill. oh! that sounds like a good name for a bar! "Hey hon, i am gonna run down to the pack and chill and grab a beer!"
one of the girls in the office i am moving to sent me some pics of a place she found for me to rent up there. looks nice..I just have an issue committing until I see it in person. (no comment sister) the rentor wants me to send a deposit if I like it. If I go down and don't like it, I don't get that back. Ahhh headaches. calgon take me away!
listening to the TV in the other room and my cats running around...