Wednesday, October 29, 2003

gotta love it
i am here on work related things with 2 other co workers. last night after dinner with them two of us decided there where some things we needed to pick up and wanted to go in search of the local target. I have been there before, but it has been over a year. and let me say that i know just enough about Miami to be dangerous. to myself.
Well the waiter, who had just a smidgen of 'tude, says go down to the dolphin expressway and take bird road. that rang recollection bells in my head! so off we go. we get on the dolphin expwy and go right. we don't see is, we any sign of bird road, a bird, or even bird poop. damn bells. we hit the turnpike. ok, we are not in any hurry so we go south. we see nothing, no shopping, no strip malls, nothing. so we exit, pay our toll of 25 cents, bang a u-ee, pay a toll to get back on. I laugh, i should ask the toll person where target is, we laugh, we approach the booth, and it is a grumpy old man. I didn't ask. and right now i would like to shove those bells that went off in my head up that waiters ass. we go back up the turnpike, exit back onto the dolphin. things are really getting fishy now, no pun intended. so we think maybe if we go the other way on dolphin. nope. fuckin bells. i have now decided that the waiter was having a good laugh about now. damn that tip i left! so we get off bang a u-ee and go back. we decide to hit the mall, we had seen a sign a ways back, and surely there is a target or somesuch at that mall. we exit 27. guess what another toll! but we did find the mall. alas, no target, and the mall is closing in 45 minutes. and it is a huge neat mall. damn it all! well while my co worker goes shopping i go in search of the bathroom. shut up everyone. anyway, it is a friggin hike, i see the hall, i am like cool! i round the corner and damn. ever seen that trick where the hall keeps getting longer? well i met that hall last night. damn it all! on my way back to meet my co worker, i was sidetracked, by this really great gold shirt! It was yelling my name, "moron! moron!"
seriously, i had to have it. it was 35 dollars, but i really liked it. so i go to check out and miracle of miracles! it was on sale. even better! that helped pay for all the tolls! i have justified!
so to end up the fab evening we are having we decide to get a bottle of wine and go back to the room and drink., and read the newspaper. i will tell you why we did that in another blog. but it was sad sad sad. one and a half glasses and we were out. waa-laa it is today!
so what's going on in your world today?

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