Monday, December 08, 2003

i think i have found a place in asheboro. going to look at it end of next week. it looks nice, is brand new and sue will be my neighbor. (why did i hear mr. rogers when i typed that? won't you be my neighbor?) anyway, sue is the only other person at my office that choose to transfer. i feel good about this move. I think i will miss florida, but i need a change. i am looking forward to all the new photo ops, both in the asheboro area and in a decent driving distance. And new friends etc..
Had a pretty good Saturday, concidering it was an "anniversary" day for me. I went on the camera club trip to Caya Costa. WOW... It is so very remote. if you miss the last boat at 3, better find a bed buddy cause you ain't going anywhere...I would like to rent one of the little huts for a nite or 2 before i leave here. (and i mean hut, about 8 ft by 8 ft and sleeps 6 on hard cots). The boat ride over was sooo cold. and rough. there where some young couples on board that where going to camp overnight. they where all huddle up so cute. I was a little freaked out by the dude wearing a toe ring though. that is just weird, and i am pretty liberal.
When we arrived at the far side of the island, we spotted an osprey building his/her nest. (the bird for my piece of mind will be a he thoughout this blog) he didn't like humans, and was scared off by us and 2 more photographers. some bright fellow had his red jacket hanging on his tripod and had the nerve to wonder what scared the bird. Photography is like hunting, there are things you just don't do, like talk loud, wear red, etc.. anyway...
we walked the beach for about 5 feet, to damn windy and cold, It was 50 and a north wind at 25. we walked up the island and saw nothing, soooo, back to the osprey we go! Karen made an excellent picnic lunch and so we camped out at the nest for the day. I figure one good shot was worth 5 hours. Finally he came back to the nest with a branch, omg, i was taking pics right and left. he was to scared to leave the branch, and i was like, what the F@%*?? (remember that i am the youngest person in camera club), an old fart was wandering around below taking macro shots. oblivious to the osprey, and us. I hope I got the shot though. he walked over later and said, did i scare your bird away? i wanted to say :no duh dumb ass".. but out of respect for the elderly i just smiled and said well something scared it, not sure what. on the boat ride back to the mainland...(sounded good anyway didn't it) we say collier mansion and dolphins swimming with the boat. that was cool. Only could have been a better day if i had a run in with some hot cabana boy...hahahaha!
listening to some guy gag on dragonflies - fear factor is on in the other room.
whats up in your world?

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