Saturday, December 20, 2003

ok, today's funny is.... they have a sara lee factory here. i know you are saying why is that funny, well, it is an underwear factory. sara lee underwear. add that to the list of things that make you go hummmmm. makes me want to sing the old song "no body does it like sara lee!" oh i think that is " no body doesn't like sara lee" either will work. i prefer the first one. i lmao about that most of the day!
we toured around and went to Seagrove, it is first not near the sea and second a potters town. that was kind of cool. but that stuff is expensive!
I have a home here. signed a lease. ready to move in....end of next month. getting excited, also a little scared. reality hit when i signed the lease i think. i am here, moving from florida. but i think it is a good thing.
oh and i have to mention the churches. they are every freakin where. every time today sue saw one she said halaluya, and i said amen. needless to say we said that quite often!.
listening to some one check in....
what's up with you?

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