Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Quiet Sunday AM

So we got a lot of ice and very little snow yesterday afternoon and last night. I woke up today feeling better than I have in several mornings. In true Sunday tradition I made coffee and turned the TV to CBS Sunday Morning. I repeat my self from previous posts here, but I love that show. Informative, short stories on current events and culture.
Today one of the stories was about the voting today going on overseas for the Muslim Shi-ites. Watching this story I was inclined to start thinking, what I know you are going to say has been thought before by many others. We here in the US take so much for granted. We have the right to vote and have had this privilege for a while now. Many Americans don't use that right and of those many don't care that we have that right. But as I watch these people on TV, risking their lives to vote, to cast their ballots, a tear started in my eye. Knowing that with the mark of ink on their finger could mean their life later, as the aggressors have made everyone quite aware that they would be looking for the sign of an inked finger later, and that it would be a mark of shame. People were walking out of the polling places, holding that finger up proudly and that caused quite the emotional stir in me this AM. One man interviewed had lost his brother who fought for the right to vote and for that man, taking his own life in his hands to go vote was his way to honor his brother.
As another group of 3 women walked to a polling place, mortar shells where going off nearby, the women never flinched but kept on walking to the polling place. The TV camera woman broadcasting nearby jumped and sucked slightly. One man standing near her reached out and touched her arm as if to say, "It's OK". He never flinched or ducked either. Can you imagine being numb to explosions and gunfire? I can't. I can't help but think about how easy we have it here. All we have to put up with at the polling places, if we chose to use that right to vote, is the local political groups handing out flyers. I myself have voted ever since I have been of age to vote. I don't always like particular contenders, sometimes neither contender, but I vote.
The hell in this country across the seas is far from over, and may never be over, but I can't help but think how brave these people are to be voting today. I wish it would effect more Americans the way it did me this morning. Our forefathers too fought for the right to vote. Women fought for the right to vote. Ethnic denominations have fought for the right to vote, yet every race, color, sex, creed has many people who don't care to use the right anymore.
My mother was big into politics so maybe this is why I feel like I do. I marched and carried my sign though many a political rally as a young girl. One sign I made even got me on local TV news coverage. My mother taught me that voting is something you should want to do, feel honored to do, and you have to do if you expected the right to bitch about whom was elected.
I can't imagine the turmoil overseas happening here but I guess it could if enough people quit using that right that was fought for by so many.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Feel like dipping?

Tonight I am taking the hub to dinner. I tried to get us in this place about 2 weeks ago for valentines but they where already booked until 10PM and this isn't a place I wanna eat at 10PM! You are sooooo full you want to be rolled out! We where calling it our "Mystery Date" until he figured out where we were going. Now we call it ou "Not a Mystery Date". Funny, I made reservations for tonight and Valentines at the same time and almost told him where valentines was going to be at cause I thought he would nwever figure tonight out...Oh well...

My mom first exposed me to fondue and I fell in love. Later in life to find a restaurant that serves it was fan-freakin-tabulous! It is amazing though, how many people have never had it! OMG You have to have the chocolate dessert if nothing else!

Anyway, I got the hub and I in another place for Valentines. He has no clue where that is so I hope to keep it that way!

It is supposed to snow and ice here tomorrow, could be fun. I bet you I will etill be full too.

OH and tomorrow we are supposed to go to Outback for a couple of friends birthdays!
There goes the 6 pounds I have lost since the first of the year!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Showing

Well the house was MLS listed Tuesday evening. The realtor came out Wednesday and took some of those "virtual tour" pics of the house. Those where posted yesterday and last night we got a call wanting to show the house today at 1:30. I am not getting my hopes up. I know how this can go...
But it was rather exciting to get a call so quick...
She was supposed to come out Tuesday and do the virtual tour pics...Monday night we cleaned and made sure everything was put up, nothing out of place, etc...
So now the tour has a few flaws..ha ha..
My coat on a bar stool, cat bowl in the floor, bread on the counter... I know, horrors, but if you have ever had a house on the market they tell you to make things spotless, less cluttered, picture perfect. Did you know people would rather buy a house unfurnished? I wouldn't... room sizes can be deceiving. I would rather see how much room is left AFTER furniture BEFORE buying....
But we all know I am not normal..

SO...Wanna be nosey? Leave me a comment with your e-mail and if the
e-mail/commenting gaurdian king says you are a friend, LOL, I will send you the web address to our virtual tour...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I made a pie... Posted by Hello
And it was GOOO-OOD! Posted by Hello

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Sign is Out...

our house is officially for sale and I have mixed feelings about it. The realtor came by tonight, we covered the contract, dotted the "i's" and signed our lives away.
This house is more than I could ever hope for in a home, in a great neighborhood, all the yards are big, everything is landscaped...
Toughest of all for me is we got married here. That's a big one.
We decided to sell the house and downsize, (which this house is HUGE for just 2 people, inside and out), and free up a lot of our resources..
our time
our money
I know a house doesn't make a home, but I can't help but have some stong feelings for this one as so much good that has happened for me lately comes from this house.
The house we like is a very nice house also and I know we will make it a home. The neighborhood is nice, smaller yards, closer together..and we may not get that one as we do have to sell this one first. So I can't get to excited about that.
But a small neighborhood might be nice, I would like to know my neighbors. We gave her a sarting bid on the new house with a "contengency" of course on selling ours, and got that process started.
I just wonder if I can add in the sale contract of our hosue now a clause, visiting rights if you will, every Labor day....
deep sigh....:-|

Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Passing of one of my Hero's

Johnny Carson died today of emphysema. I grew up with Johnny, watching at first on the Friday nights I got to stay up late at home, then as I branched out to having my own home.
As I got older I would watch when I could, seeing we do all have to work you know.
Steve Martin got his start there, along with Bette Midler, Joan Rivers to name a few. Tiny Tim got married to Miss Vicki on the show. I always thought that was one weird dude, sort of my generations version of William Hung.
I remember his "Carnac the Magnificent" routines and Jack Hanna visiting with all his animal friends. Some of whom where not very "polite" to Johnny. I remember his last show, Bette sang him a song that was both funny and appropriate for the night. When he signed off, close to tears, hell I shed them.
He died at home with family and friends at the age of 79. I hope he enjoyed his life as he helped me enjoy mine..

Goodnight Johnny.

My hats off to you..

Friday, January 21, 2005

Hand Art Posted by Hello
Hand Art II Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dreams cont'd

The gun shots where in rapid, short groups. It was a natural reflex for us to duck and we did. Children started crying.
Several men pushed and shoved their way onto the plane. They were all dressed in Khaki colored clothes and all looked dirty. They were yelling at us but we couldn't understand a word they said. I was starting to panic along with several others. They would yell at someone and when they didn't respond, the men would hit them with the butt of their gun rather they where a man or a woman, young or old.
The ones at the exit door would yell at whomever was there then shove them out the door. We finally got the idea that they wanted us off the plane. I held onto my husband tightly and as we passed the men they spoke to us in such a tone you didn't have to understand what they where saying to realize that they did not like us at all. Somehow I knew this wasn't going to end well. We got off the plane and started walking straight out, away from the plane. There where so many of these people, they where everywhere. It was like they knew this was going to happen, had planned for it and where ready.
The smell of fuel was heavy in the air, pungent, almost to the point of making you sick. I looked back at the plane, it looked like a discarded, dirty, broken toy. One of the men walking beside me spoke to me harshly and shoved me with his gun, I clung tighter to my husband. The sound of all these people yelling was deafening. They yelled and yelled all the while raising their guns in the air.
We where a prize.
We where herded into a circle and once we all grouped up the men surrounded us. We could hear a lot of commotion and a fleet of trucks and heavy equipment pulled over to the plane. We could see those men jump off their rides and like a well oiled machine started taking the plane apart piece by piece. We where yelled at again and the men pushed and prodded us to turn around. We got the message and did. The men started walking through our group separating the women and children from the men. Some families and couples resisted. This was met with either fierce strikes or outright fist hits to anyone resisting in any way.
I started crying even harder as I knew if they separated my husband and I, we would more than likely never see each other again. They came our way and I could hear myself saying "No, No!" as I was wrangled from my hold on my husband.
They marched the men off in one direction. I stood there crying desperately along with most of the other women and children. I caught the glance of a woman standing by me and with a look we both acknowledged our desperation.
We where directed to move in the opposite direction and they walked us down the
They took us to what appeared to once have been someone's home. It was bare of any furniture, the windows where gone and all the lights had been knocked out. It was quite dark inside and we all huddled up together. Some of the women went to trying to console the children, others started trying to assist anyone that was wounded.
After a bit some of the native women came in carrying folded material. Everything on them was covered except for their eyes. They did not speak to us nor would they look us in the eyes. They laid the material down and promptly left the room. We all looked at each other afraid to move. One of the ladies got up and went over to the piles of cloth. She unfolded one and it appeared to be native dress. We heard footsteps and we looked at the door. An elderly woman came in and spoke to us in very broken English.
"You have 5 minutes to change your clothes into one of those. Place your clothes in a pile. The children are fine as they are"
It seemed we all started talking to her at once trying to find out what was going on.
She uttered "Just do it now and we might spare you another day." and left the room.
Everyone started to change, some of us hid our jewelry in our shoes and bras. I noticed one lady just sitting there. Another lady was trying to get her to change and she just sat their defiantly.
In about 10 minutes the group of native ladies came back in the room and started gathering our clothes. They noticed the one lady who didn't change and they all looked at each other and a couple of them spoke quietly to each other and hurried out of the room. Immediately after the elder woman came back with two men. They said nothing as they headed toward the woman who wouldn't change. They grabbed her by the arms and she started fighting them as they drug her off. Somehow I knew and I think we all knew she wouldn't be back. We heard a lot of noise outside and more gun shots. We could see out the windows and off on the horizon we could see them separating a wing from the plane and loading it on a truck.
I wondered if I would ever see my husband again and decided at that moment that I had to separate my mind from his place..

Then I woke up with a loud "WTF was that....!"
anyone dare an interpretations?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


This weekend I had 2 disturbing dreams. I am not sure why, I didn't eat anything weird and I wasn't sick.
The first one I was in, the second one it was as if I was watching it from a far.
Do I want to know what they mean? I don't know. I do know they scared me.

Dream 1

"They won't tell us what is going on," I said into the airline phone looking out the window, "All I can tell is the plane is going down slowly. I can see buildings, primitive roads and lots of sand." A stewardess hurried down the aisle, fear showing on her face. A tear started in the corner of my eye.
"This isn't good, it can't be good" I said to myself.
There was a crackle on the phone and then I was disconnected. I hung up the phone and look at my husband. He was sitting in his seat very quiet and I could see the bundle of nerves he was trying to hide. I looked out the window, the ground was rapidly growing closer. I could see people now, lot's of them, packed into drab colored vehicles trying to follow where they thought we were going to land.
A couple of stewardesses holding hands ran by, headed to the back to strap themselves in. One of them came over the loudspeaker saying something about crash landing, heads down, fire. I don't think anyone could say they heard what she was saying, I know I couldn't. I was frightened, scared of what was going to happen. Would we live?
Would the plane crash?
Would these people outside my window be friendly much less like Americans.
The ground rose closer and closer to the plane. I could see their faces now and that scared me more. These where not people that looked upon us as an ally.
I grabbed my husbands hand and we sat as close as we could to each other. This couldn't be happening, things where not supposed to be like this. I was scared, well, scared shitless to put it bluntly.
Suddenly there was more noise than you could ever imagine. High pitched screeching of metal on sand. Rumbling of other things unknown being crushed. I glanced out the window and buildings where flashing by. I squeezed them shut and held onto my husband tighter. Overhead hatches came open, luggage, gifts and purses where flying everywhere, the plane jarred left and right. It was a struggle to stay in the seat and close to my husband.
Finally we where slowing. I was starting to hear something that sounded like human yelling over all the noise. I opened my eyes and looked around. People where praying, some crying, some holding their significant others with shock on their faces. We where almost stopped now and the stewardess where up and in the aisles, checking on people as they headed to the front of the plane.
"Please, just hold on till we talk to the Captain.", one said to an anxious looking older couple. I could lightly hear the others trying to calm or encourage the passengers.
They opened the pilots cabin door and for a second it was obvious that you could see nothing out the front windshields, nothing that is but a red glow of light. They all huddled inside and shut the door. In a moment they came out trying to looked relaxed but I could tell they where hiding other thoughts.
"We have to get off the plane. The Captain is worried it is going to catch on fire from the jet fuel. As soon as we open the doors the emergency slides will engage and we ask you to quickly depart the plane, run straight out, but stay together in 2 groups one for those who depart on the left and one for those who depart on the right. One Captain will join each group. We don't know what these people are like so please, please stay together!" The head Stewardess said at the top of her voice. The other stewardesses started down the aisles to the back repeating the same message.
I could definitely hear yelling now, muffled through the plane but yelling none the less. I tried to look out the window but the desert sand had frosted the glass a dull reddish tan.
One stewardess was at each exit door. They signaled each other and almost simultaneously they opened the doors. The blue emergency slides inflated and popped out. People started scrambling out of the plane. We stood up and started out exit to the door. I could hear a commotion up ahead but couldn't tell from what. Then some people started screaming, and the line was getting pushed back from in front.
I could hear some one yelling but I couldn't understand what they where saying. Then gunfire.

Other half coming tomorrow...................

Monday, January 17, 2005

Oh, and PSSSST..

Check out my clock in the sidebar, don't ya just wanna pet him!!

A Quiz

OK so I took it from Luzja

1. Family Game - Seek and Find - What we play when it is time to eat and I don't want to cook.
2. Piece of Jewelry - Sure! Can I put in a request??? LOL
3. Winter Activity - Uhm... Ah...What is this site rated??
4. Hot Beverage - coffee, mocha coffee, mocha mint coffee, get it!!!
5. Quote - Don't eat yellow snow.
6. Color on You - Naw, thanks anyway though, I am not into that!
7. Summer Activity - refer to #3 please
8. Topping on Pancakes - Maple Surple and the Hub.
9. Musician - I have to pick one??? Stevie Wonder for starters

Sunday was a day for.....

I like change. I have different moods and different tastes. But one I like to always follow the Army, To "Be the best that you can be", and that is my hair.
I had a REALLY bad hair cut. Really, really bad.
When I moved here I wanted to grow my hair long. It used to be quite lengthy and seeing as my hair is curly, therefore grows in continuous spirals, a feat in itself. Then 4 years ago I was asked to move to Florida for the company I work for. Always looking for a new adventure I said "Sure!". Now let's just say that Florida + Humidity + curly hair = not a pretty sight... So to better control it, and the trendy shorter looks where in, I cut it off.
Four years have gone by and thanks to the genes of my mom, my hair is almost grey. Grey + color + humidity + curly hair = Uhh... CRAP!
So when the opportunity to move near the homeplace of Mayberry RFD came up one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was "AH HA! I will grow my hair out and become a goddess!"
Quit laughing..
So I found a really good hair dude, we will call him T, and he was guiding me, nursing me and my hair to new lengths.
Well again, add in I have more than 50% grey hair now, and remember that old saying "You can't go back in time" well it is true.
Did I say another thing I am is impatient? When I want a change in 'do, I want it now! Sometimes much to my chagrin.
I couldn't get into T for over a week.. Not good. So I go to the mall with the Hub and go to a chain(no names mentioned - Regis). I got in quickly and a really cool, up to date looking small lass was offered up my way..
"I want it to look like Sharon Osborne, you know, sorta short and spiky"
"YES! I know who you are talking about and I know the look!"
"Right-E-O" I say.
I am watching and thinking, OK, she sorta gets it... But when she cut the hair on each side of my face about 1 inch.. I had to say..
"OK You can stop now"
WTF Opie!
Long story short I have been using many means to hide the catastrophe until Sunday. Another day I had had it up to here.(see my hand at my chin).
So I cut it myself..
It actually looks great! I got a bunch of complements on it today..
Go figure, never cut hair a day in my life..AND it looks like Sharon Osbornes!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

My thoughts on a day

I try my best to stay away from political statements, state of the world messages, etc..but one thing has been on my mind for the last few days..
bare with me and realize I am not prejudice, biased or close minded.
I am a wee bit bothered by the upcoming holiday on Monday. Granted my place of business isn't closed but government businesses and some others are. No don't go yelling at me yet.

MLK was a great man. A leader way ahead of his time. A godly man living the years 1929 to 1968, a much to short span of a time. He did great good, was a founding civil rights leader, a champion of desegregation. In 1964 he was awarded a Nobel Prize for his march of 200,000 and his non violence resistance approach to his beliefs He did more than any of us could aspire too. If I had of been of age in his time I would have been a champion of his.

Here is where I am bothered....Our nation has had many great leaders filling the President position. Like Lincoln or Washington or more recently John F Kennedy, the list could go on. How come they don't have their day?

Jefferson, 3rd president of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independance. He fought for the colinist independance from the British Government.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States and lead the union to win the American Civil War and abolished slavery. He was also a great speaker, helping him in his arduios task as our nations leader.

John F Kennedy, winner of the pulitzer prize for his book, Profiles of Courage, written while recovering of spinal surgery. His idealizm and hope for this nation, reflected in "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

How come they don't have their day? We have Presidents Day.. a day to honor ALL of our presidents.. In one day. It USED to be George Washington's Birthday, then the GOVERNMENT moved it to the 3rd Monday in February rather that was the 22nd or not.It has become known as the day to honor, Washington, Lincoln and other Presidents who have served our country. So lets lump all 43 into one day.

So now I have ranted and rambled somewhat politically today. That is my right, being a citizen of a free country... I am sure many of you will disagree, find something negative in one of the ones I ranted about..Just remember everyone makes mistakes, we are all human, that is how God made us. I am sure you could and WILL find something bad about anyone I ranted about..

But if you choose to "fire one back" at me, do what my boss says.. Don't just offer up an issue, offer up one or more ways to fix it...Cause even though I think it isn't wholly right, I don't know how I would fix it. 'Cept maybe have a holiday for every president... Hummm, 43 more days off


Thursday, January 13, 2005

An Auctioning We Go...

A while back the hub and I went to an auction with one of the girls at work and her beau. It was in Pinacle, NC a dandy place. The home was a wagon stop back in the day so this lead to all kinds of great finds and bargains. The house' view out the back door was Mount Pilot, and OMG what a view... (Mount Pilot - who knows that bit o trivia? Terry?)

We bought 4 wooden folding chairs, several old cameras, pictures, a telephone table, an etched mirror, an old stroller, a wagon wheel...etc.etc..
Some things we had to buy in lots. Take the cameras for instance. They came with all kinds of handy crap including an old hot water bottle.
Uh Huh..
It now has a special spot in the garage, mixed in amoungst the old thermometers and signs, right by the dart board. Quite a conversation piece.
The Mirror came with some high quality stuff that went right to the trash..
And then we bought a lot of pictures. All because we wanted one. ONE.
And we got like 20. Mostly crap, but one I found interesting. It is a picture of President Dwight D Eisenhower.
Ever seen one of those paintings that no matter where you are in the room, the eyes follow you?
Well that is this picture.
I hung it in the guest bath...
across from the toilet...
eye level when you sit..

Uh huh...

I think I am going to buy a grease pencil and have him say messages, such as:
Been here long?
Everything come out all right?
Can I help you?
I hate someone watching me on the toilet.


I am a wee bit warped..

But the reactions from our guests are GREAT!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Brad and Jen

EVERYBODY is talking about Brad and Jen splitting.
Now, here in this blog post, it is my turn.

And now on to better things...Alicia got a "Harley" for her Birthday! Posted by Hello

And her Daddy got her a Bubble 'chine! Posted by Hello

Monday, January 10, 2005

My Bonus in the Bonus Room

Exercise equipment is delivered all in one
I got the Bonus room cleaned up last night and moved the Tony Little running, walking thingy up there. I say I did.. the hub did while I was cleaning. I am giving myself quite the workout emptying boxes, vacumning, moving the furniture that is up there, when I hear, step, thunk, step thunk.. I yell out, you aren't moving that by itself are you?
He answers back, "It folds up."
What thet hell does that have to do with anything???huh??? It still weighs the same!
He is hard headed that way, sigh, but then so am I..
Monday was weigh day for us.
Week one complete, I lost 2 lbs..note that I won't share with you my starting weight but if you take the amount lost, multipy it by 1000. Divide that by 16, what is the root analysis of coke and can tell me the square root of pie I will pass that lovely nugget on to you via personal e-mail ;-)
So soon I will take that pic and we can name my new (borrowed) tool of torture!!
The other bike riding while twisting thing needs a little TLC before it gets brought in..that'll happen..
that'll happen this weekend!
Now I am off to walk, run, keep up with myself in one place...

Friday, January 07, 2005

I Love Friends!

Boy did I come across a winner!
My friend at work and I were talking about new year resolutions, or the lack of them, when I said I wanted to turn the upstairs room into a photo shop slash workout room.
and Viola, wah-lah,
She says, "I have one of those Tony Little work out things and this other bike thing that isn't really a bike, but it is. You kinda peddle and the handlebars go side to side, anyway it is in my basement and I don't use them. Would you like to have them?"

I said no...

ha ha just joking!...

I was like "Well I don't want you to give it to me but if you aren't using it I sure will and if you want it back just let me know!!!!" (I said it with 3 exclamation marks too!)
So in the AM she is bringing me the contraptions. I am excited!! YEA!!!!
I am going to set it up with a TV and radio so I can use them at home in the evenings. I think it will be great as the hub will do it with me...
Cheaper than a gym, and still doing things together!
Gotta love it!
OH! I have an idea! I will post pics of the 2 contraptions and have a naming contest for the tools of torture!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

My Auto Resolution Maker!

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Start spamming people I do not like.

Get your resolution here

Get ready world!

Monday, January 03, 2005

First Post of a New Year

Did you make a resolution? If so, comment back and tell me what it is and how you plan on keeping it!
I, on the other had, made no resolution. I didn't resolute to not resolute, I just didn't.
I would like to have set a resolution for any one (or combo) of the following:
get a New Job
finish several short stories
eat better
join a creative writers group here
work for myself
take more pictures
create a photo club here
do something with my art
make a photo blog to link to my reg blog
go to texas
go to georgia
make a story blog to link to my reg blog
write a horror novel
buy a Cannon or Nikon SLR digital (at this one I laugh, Ha Ha, as the price is WAY to high)

The hub and I did make plans to work out more and lose some weight so to start that we weighed this morning. I am very embarrassed about what I weigh, as I have NEVER been this heavy, but for some reason it didn't bother me to get on the scales in front of him. He loves ME and I know it!
Last year, I almost made it all the way through my resolution. Last years was to let everyone around me know how much I love them and what they mean to me. I made a substantial dent in it, but no - completo - to - the - endo...
My son is off for Christmas break and hasn't blogged.. go to his blog and give him a piece of my mind for me will ya?
I have more excerpts of my story going and when I post them I would appreciate constructive critisizm...