Friday, October 29, 2004

Dressin up

Today we dressed at work for halloween. I think a good time was had by all.
I was a sheriff.
No one knew who I was!
I will try to post a pic this weekend.
I won $30!
even better!
I can take my Hubby to Mickey D's for dinner!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Funerals and Preachin'

I went to a funeral last weekend. Won't say who, but...
funeral started at 2. cool.
they started with playing two songs sort of blue-grassy. cool
then the preacher got up. Said a word or 2 about the deceased, then proceeded for the next HOUR to yell at us, stomp his feet, clap his hands, slap the pulpit all the while preaching .. no yelling to us how we are going to hell if we drink, (insert his personal story here), Need to be saved (insert his personal story here), make a comment about people looking at their watches,
2 more personal stories here, etc.
for an hour.
he sat down.
THEN they play 2 more songs.
in the songs yells "are you saved?" and "Amen" repeatedly.
Like anyone I know is going to go to the front during a funeral, stand by the coffin, and say "Save me!"
I thought funerals where for the living.
to honor the dead.
and be inspirational to the greiving family at this trying time.
I guess I am wrong huh.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I am a big fan of the vote.
I think everyone should exercise their right to vote. If we forget to vote, or just don't care to vote, think what could happen!
I made sure I registered to vote when I moved to this new state of mine.
Now, who to vote for...
It doesn't matter if I am republican or democrat because....
all I hear is he/she did this or that...
He/She moved here 2 months ago to run fo office
I want to do this or that...
Someone tell me how you want to cut taxes, save Seniors money on their drugs, support the middle man...
Tellme your plan man!!!
Let me judge you on that and if I think you can do it or not.
Does your plan sound feezable? THAT should be my choice..
Hell I can say I want to do something all day and never do it..Doesn't make me honest or an achiever..
Oh and let me close with:
I am redhead, and I paid for this ramble.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Halloween - Pick a day

Will someone tell me why we have to decide when to trick or treat? When I was little Halloween was on the 31. Halloween, all hallowed eve...
It's for little kids
who shouldn't be out late anyway
if it falls on sunday, go before nite church if you attend church

OMG what a thought, Halloween ON Halloween!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Free is a four letter word

A good four letter word.
a LONG time ago... like in several months, when I first moved here I was shopping around for a radio station. Some of the people at work listened to WMAG 99.5 so I checked out their web site and registed for win "Lunch with Ron Davis", their mid day DJ, from Baja Fresh.
Well they called me last Thursday and told me I had won a lunch with Rod Davis for myself and up to 10 co-workers. They would be out
Yeah for me!
So I decided to invite people I work with on a day to day basis. Several asked, in sort of a reverse question, "Ron Davis isn't coming is he?".
"I don't know but I guess so. I am pretty sure that is why they call it lunch with Ron Davis"
It all turned out well 'cept no Ron Davis. He had car trouble or something..just my luck.
But either way we got food.
Good Food.
Lot's of food.
Food enough for dinner tonight.
and it was


say free for me sister in your special way!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Why is it always...

When your with out your purse, you need a dollar, with out your car at a party, and it sucks but it is way to far to walk, you ALWAYS carry yor camera, but this time.. Not... and you need it?

I was on the way home today and I saw a sign sign that said..
Pumkin for sale
The K was backwards and the hand writting was, well, lacking to say the least.
(Please note there was no s on pumkin)
I look up the hill and into the yard and I see, oh, probably about four or five HUNDRED pumpkins.
And if you know me, you know what I thought next...
Is this a trick?
Which pumpkin is for sale?
Why are they only selling one pumpkin?
If I stop and go up in the yard and pick the one.. right... over ... there (see me stretch and point)
Will they stand up and laugh a half hardy - half evil laugh and yell out "WRONG! Go fish!"
What would I have to fish for in a sea of pumpkins?
The Evil Pumkin Charlie Brown?
What card would be dealt me next?

All those thoughts

And no camera..

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fall Is Here!

Fall, ah in all it's glory!
The cool days and crisp nights. They turning of the leaves. Sleeping with the windows cracked and snuggling under warm downy quilts.
I opened my bedroom window last night just a bit, enough to let in the outside air. I jumped in the bed and the sheets where cool to the touch of my skin. I pulled up the new down filled quilt we had recently purchased. (On clearance no less, is there ever a better word that 75%off?)
He jumped in the bed and came over as close to me as he could get. I looked at him, our noses touching.
"Meow", he says looking at me like, well, a cat. A cat with that look on his face. You know the one. If he where human he would have his head slightly down, looking up at you with those eyes, his lower lip pursed... yeah that one.
I slide down a little more in the bed, flatten out my pillow and I can hear the purring start. He goes to the top of my head, stepping on my hair mind you and I try not to get aggrivated at him for that.
He gets as close to my head as he can.
He lays down curling around my head.
His belly is at the top of my head and the purring is echoing in my brain. He uses his nose and works his head under my hair. He purrs contently for about 10 minutes before he goes to sleep.
He is an Orange Tabby cat. I have red hair. I wonder, "If someone turned the light on would it look like I have on a hat? Or had lots of hair? Or had a huge growth? Or maybe a B-52 hairdo? Would he be lost up there, mixed up in all the mingled red hair?"
He is in kitty paradise.
Ah, fall, a season I love.

Phame and Phortune

I am not sure how I feel about this. I am busy for a month, I come back to blog world and Belle de Jour is blogging no more. I would say she sold out, but hell, if I wrote that well I would damn sure jump on that bandwagon!
It is a sad day, a sad day


Friday, October 15, 2004

The Bastard

Today is the bastards birthday!

Happy Birthday Bastard!!!

re - my ex....


I'm back!!

Least I hope so.

Wedding is over, but my life hasn't seemed to settled down yet..
I have some things I want to post that may or may not interest everyone but what the hay...
like some of my families genealogy, more stories, excerps out of a journal that I had found and it is from back in the 1880's to the 1900's, and some just crap!

Todays crap...
This is first of the month, an accounting nightmare week. Today I was working my arse off cause I wanted to leave at 4. Not that I go in every day at 7 counts... anyway, I was rush, rush, rush trying to all my stuff done. At 4:15 I succeeded in my hopes of leaving early. I bent down to get my purse off the floor and I hear

Oh Oh

I stood up and felt the seam of my jeans and everything felt OK.. So I was thinking...OK it ahs to be small and I am on my way home anyway. So off I go. Once I get outside I feel a cool draft.
Lo and behold my pants are split by my pocket...about 8 inches!

Thank god I didn't wear my thong today! That would be GROOOOSSS!!

So now I have one pair of jeans and payday isn't for another week!... oh well!!

So theres some crap!