Thursday, December 04, 2003

I have lens envy. (as opposed to penis envy.) I got my slides back from the great trip karen and i took to ding darling. it is probably the worst set of pictures i have taken. 6 rolls 36 slides a roll. i threw away over half. so why do i have lens envy? karen recently purchased a 100 to 500 lens. I only have a 75 to 300 lens and boy did it show. and it didn't help any either that i lost my polarizer filter either. damn.
and now i thought i had things all planned out, the next thing i really wanted was another tattoo. gonna cost around 200. but thenkaren goes and buys herself a new camera (Nikon D100), and tells me she is going to sell two of her other ones. omgone is a nikon n90s and the other one is a nikon f5. now i am soooooo own a nikon!!! to get my other tattoo!!! i know that would be an easy decision for most, but......
listening to, well actually I am talking to jerime about how we are sooooo over kids!
what are your decisions today?

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