Friday, November 28, 2003

Thanksgiving is over. good for some bad for others. As i walk this friday evening i see some of my neighbors have put up their trees and other decorations for Christmas. I am not quite over thanksgiving yet. I can't help but wonder what was the first thanksgiving like. the indians, the pilgrims, some food cooked by pilgrim wives. (cause you can bet the men didn't cook in those days.) Englanders landing in northern USA in November, that would have to be "refeshing" enough this time of year. but hey, let's add to this adventure, let's invite a few natives over and feed them before we shoot them and take their land!
wow! excitement! Shouldn't we all be worried that now we can get any kind of food here readily and available? Are they feeding us before the slaughter?
I myself prefer to hope we are all learning to live together and big one big melting pot of diversity, enjoying the fruits of many nations chef skills. except for india. sorry to the natives there but that is some nasty cooking. i think they are trying to poison us! well me anyway.
Happy day after turkey day
listening to andrea bocelli

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