Saturday, January 31, 2004

i am an unpacking fool!

I am both unpacking
and a fool! lol
made a major dent. why is it easier to unpack that pack? i don't get that..

I have to add to my walmart adventures. the one I went to the other day, land o' the unisex mullet, was in a (very) close neighboring town. so close it might as well be the same town. anyway today I went to the "official" assboro wally world. I did see more mullets there, BUT...
I was standing in line behind a young couple with 3 kids. a set of twin girls and a son. the girls where good, at least at that moment, but the boy would be a good advertisement for birth control... i have a very low tolerance of small screaming children......remind me to tell you about the screaming kid i encountered in outback one night...
anyway, I was being friendly (as everyone here is friendly) and the young couple and I where visiting while standing in line. I noticed they were purchasing a set of walkie talkies. S had purchased her a set before our move to assboro and we used them on the drive up. S refuses to come into the 21st century and get a cell phone.. so, I was telling them how well they worked, blah blah... and then the female laughed.....OMG....her teeth.....ouch...I tried not to get one of those surprised looks on my face....and don't get me wrong, I am not someone who judges people...they were really nice...but her teeth hurt me..... or shall i say the lack of teeth. obviously he must like it.. and that is as far as I am going with that one...

I was dial switching last night and came across one of the local stations that is all ads for local clubs and events. I was like cool, let's see what is out there.
looking to join a church? Asheboro african episcopal church...
have a problem? is it related to drugs? come to blah blah baptist church and we will help you..
mom's day out, sponsored my blah blah methodist, children welcome...what????
you get the drift
only non church related ad was one for a chess club...yeah right..... I am gonna run to check that one out..NOT

Listening to train on the tv.......lead singer is a hottie!!!

Friday, January 30, 2004

all good things come to those who wait

i am tired of waiting!!!

sorry, i needed to vent...........

listening to Fuel

Thursday, January 29, 2004

God gave me this perm

That is my standard answer to the few people who see my hair in it's natural state. My hair is very curly...and red. When they see me, I always get.."oh! were did you get that perm?"
insert my title here
then it's "well i would gladly pay good money for that!"
well I would pay good money not to have it so curly...
think I am gonna grow it out again though. Now that I am in a not so humid climate, it will be easier to take care of. and it is less curly when it gets longer.
I was born bald. bald till I was 2. Old wives tale says if you are born bald your hair will be curly. ta-da!
Mom used to tape bows on my head. She said even when she dressed me in a dress, a pink dress even, someone(s) would always say "oh what a cute little boy!" I think that was the start to all my complexes!!! lol!!!! and I was in high school in the 70's...era of stick straight hair. I chemically straightened it once.. it lasted one day.
I want to be PC here, so I hope no one takes this wrong but...someone in my family history had to be "of color"...had to be.

Listening to Justin Timberlake - Justified shhhhhhh don't tell anyone
took off work early today to runs some moving type errands. Water put in my name, trash set up, buy food....
Buying food is always good! lol
for ease sue and i went to the local super walmart. killing many birds with one stone so to speak.
also a good opportunity to view the natives in their own habitat.
biggest thing i noticed where the "hockey" hair cuts... on men and women... WOW!
everyone is really nice though!
Hey to friends and familyl!
Well I am here. Saw a ton of trees down thru South Carolina...tried to make a pit stop but no one had power!
My belongings got unloaded yesterday and I actually can get around in my new on link and check out thesnow!.... Issue: My Living room furniture is to big for my living room....hummm what to do?
My office (2nd BR) is a wreck, but hey, i can close the door. I missed my cable installation appt due to the weather, now they can't come until tomorrow, bumming a dial up (eeewww) from sue...i am such a loser!!! But I have become so internet dependant! Shopping, bill paying, research, etc...
Made it in to work today. Will be working sporaticly today and tomorrow. My office here is cold..thinking of typing in gloves...but that's OK I am not complaining!
I am confused though. I am supposed to be in an AT&T area...but my cell is on roam. Good thing it is my work cell! Friends and family you know the number, I will have it for a week or 2....
listening to my radio while I dial random stations trying to find a new listening channel of choice......

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

My furniture is beating me to NC so I should have been a trucker.
I'm stuck in po-dunk-ville ain't that a f#@*%r!
There is no Walmart. I did find the liquor store!
We went to Dicks Wings, then went back for more.
Found the outlet mall. did a little shopping
now we are drinking in the hotel room and keeping things a hoppin"
weird statements huh!!
Sounds likea country song...hummmm! idea!
listening to No Doubt - the singles

Monday, January 26, 2004

Neither rain, snow or black of night.....

OK but ice will keep me from delivering the mail...oops.. I mean getting to where I want to go. lol. hey this is par for me and the saying "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all" is true for me. (did you hear the gang on Hee haw singing when i said that? I did!)
When I moved to Florida, I got held up in Tallahasee for an extra day due to a hurricane.
Now today:
1) The mover lady called on my cell today and said the moving truck was stuck somewhere near Atlanta due to ice and road closures. they hope to be at the office in assboro tomorrow.
2) We hit a wreck on 75 in Florida and it took us over 1 hour to go 3 miles.
3) It is icing in South Carolina, which is where I go next on my continuing trek north.
4) they keep extending the bad weather forcast. They need to stop it!

At least I have a bed tonight, here in Nowhereville, Georgia and this is a really good thing as I like to sleep on my stomach and the floor for the past few days has been hard on....well chest. My boobs will be thanking me. This hoppin' joint has free hbo, local calls and dial up!!! OMG do you know how long it has been since I have had to use dial up? I might even get the pleasure of 2 nights here thanks to the weather!
Listening to the weather on tv...

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Shhhhhhh -be vewy vewy qwuiet! -
or I drank.... I smoked

Planning for this night 3 of my friends and I got a room at the Pink Shell on the beach.. good thing we did!
First we went to Parrot Key. All of us wondered why we hadn't dicovered this place sooner. It was a cold night for Florida and this was an outdoor bar. BUT they had outdoor heaters. It was great! Plan was to start there, have a few drinks then move on to the putt putt course, but that was not to be. Good times where being had by all, and Stoli's was on happy hour, yeah for me! so needless to say we didn't leave for a while. I shocked a few when i bummed a cig. but hey, i do what i can!
as usual, people straggled in bit by bit, and I was anxiously awaiting A and her mans arrival as she is my shot partner. My friend Ivette from Miami came over and had an interesting trip over, she didn't get there till 10, but by then the party was just beginning. Parrot Key closed at 11, we thought that was a little strange. After closing that place we moved on down to the beach. We got checked into the hotel and piled into 1 car. Off to the Top O'mast we went. We had heard this was a happenin' joint. Well it wasn't so "happenin" but we still had a blast. My friend P and I had set a goal earlier in the day to see who could get the drunkest. So off we start. Oh and let me say I had a head start on her as she didn't arrive until right before ivette. Rum Runners were the drink of choice and you got to keep the glass! as i drink i sing. my friends tell me i really can sing. i won't sing around you though unless a) i have known you a while or b) I drink....
We where all girls except for a's boyfriend and I think we finally succeeded in embarrassing him with our conversation and tales of things we had done in the past. (not expounding on that here, but i am sure you have a good imagination).
Not sure, but I think I had 4 rum runners. I succeeded in getting drunk and so did p, and everyone else. we laughed our arses off. (literally) Good thing both P and I are happy drunks! We closed that joint also. i am sure P and I where funny to watch but that night I thought we were doing rather well. we crawled back into the car for the short drive down the beach to the hotel via a stop at the 7-11. imagine, they wouldn't sell us anymore liquor as it was after 2AM...what gives with that?? The walk to the hotel from the parking lot was crooked. I could have swore the sidewalk was straight when we arrived! P and I ended up on the bathroom floor for some reason, laughing all the way. eventually we made it to bed.
Needless to say P and myself have headeaches today and for some reason everyone keeps yelling when they are talking to me!! go figure....but i have 2 great glasses to remember it all by.
Good friends, good times, a great story to tell about my last day. I am going to miss my friends.. gotta go get busy so i don't dwell on that tonight..
listening to my head pound........

Friday, January 23, 2004

heard in a recent conversation: "I have a butt-load of t-shirts."
What exactly is a butt-load?
visual is grossing me out!!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

- I am addicted - computer voyeurism

Who would have ever thunk it. me a computer nerd. when i was in high school i hated typing. i was just a wee bit rebellious through out my high school years and relating to this particular story, i refused to try in typing class. here is why... my stepmom said, "all girls should learn to type, a secretary is a good career to fall back on" the wall went up for me. i didn't want to be like everyone else (remember i am a child of the 60's). i was going to make great strides in the world, not be someone's lackey! i wanted my own lackey! so to put it mildly, I sucked in typing. i didn't try. ya think maybe i am a little hard headed?? who would have ever thought I would spend this much time at work and at home on a computer...typing. go figure.
Now I put my personal life out there (to some degree) for all to see and i enjoy reading and keeping up with other people. Why is that so addicting? I don't know these people. but every morning, while having my first cup o joe, i catch up on those blogs of whom i read. samplings: b2k's partner's grandmother fell and is in the hospital, he sings Karaoke, and is a teacher. Belle de jour is a london call girl with a witty/sarcastic sense of humor. She tells us Anal is the new black, describes nicely what some of her "meetings" are like, how hard it is to have a boyfriend and be in the business ..... well i think you get the picture. it's all little "peep shows" into their lives and mine.
maybe we are all closet voyeurs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

well it's official
I am semi homeless. OK fully furniture-less... but not electronic-less. i have my tv/vcr combo, my cable/internet, and DVD, my computer....hey, i have my priorities right! wait.... stop.... i want to back out of the move to assboro...not!!.
i am moving all of my stuff into one room and making it all nice and neat. things have been so cluttered for so long..shouldn't be hard to do that, nor take long to do that..ha ha

I did find my Delta credit.. good for me!!!. got $250 to $300 or something like that. only gotta use it, or lose by March 6th. I am not sure but I think as long as I have booked something by that date i am OK..
mental note to and find out
anyway, I Took a flight on Delta and can not explain to you how many things went wrong, and their excuses where even better.. made me feel safe......not!. hear the overhead "this is your captian speaking, we currently are trying to repair our problem. we think if we beat on it with a screwdriver it will fix. We will keepyou posted." Warm fuzzy for me how about you? I was nice, I didn't bitch and waited out the 12 our wait until we finally got to take off....and waaa laaa I got a letter and a credit in the mail. Guess that was a small price for Delta to pay. coulda been worse if we had crashed. and the letter is personally stamped also! ohhhhhhh
So, I better get to planning! I will NOT lose it! raise of hands of who wants a visitor! lol

the cats are freaking a little now. not used to an empty house. hummm think they know something is up? they were all running around smelling the floor and such. That has apparently exhausted them as they are all napping now.
still haven't found a home for rascal. this could be interesting!
listening to my clock radio....hey it is electronics!!!

Monday, January 19, 2004

what can I say. A whole different breed of people. Wouldn't want to live there.
I got a check.. woo hoo. But not till after I was told I would just have to wait on the one they sent me that didn't show up.
yeah, whatever..I left with a check.
Had a great visit with I. She wants to start planning anothers girls weekend. Last year we went to Montana. We have open options (who knows where), possible Japan, possible Russia. Possible England. I one day want to go to Ireland since I am a quarter Irish. ( I am also a quarter English, and the rest is a little of this, a little of that.)
Anyway, we had a blast in Montana. To long for this post but good for another one....
I cooked Sunday. I don't do that much anymore. No fun to cook for one and I work to much...soo
Our Corporate office has moved. we have the top 2 floors of a fairly new building in the Gables outside Miami. Swank. Our stock sucks though... guess someone has their priorities set...a weeee bit off.
Training went OK. Basicly a refresher course. Only thing is we where "refreshed" by an IT programmer who doesn't use the system daily. He just didn't get some of our questions. Oh well.
Listening to the TV on some random station...

Sunday, January 18, 2004

I am packed as packed can be. Will probably have the usual last minute things on Monday night and Tuesday night, but hey..
So I celebrated last night with good music, a drink and a long soak in the tub while pondering lifes mysteries. (While wishing I either had a big old claw foot tub or a garden tub). I pondered a while and didn't solve any of them! lol.
Once the movers come and go, I can give the house a good cleaning and relax. All my friends are like, where you going to sleep? my reply "On the floor."
They are taken aback. They all say one version or the other of "Oh you can't do that, come stay with me." What they never went camping? What is so wrong with that?
My paycheck didn't come. Imagine. First thing Monday I will be talking to payroll.
I am leaving in a few to head to Miami. I have training for my new job on Monday at our Corp office. Gonna spend the night with one of my friends from there. She has a great house. Good food, a little wine...great conversation! Can't wait.
Not looking forward to the drive back on Monday evening. At least till I get out of Miami. Miami trafiic is the PITS! But hey once out of town it is a breeze. Just boring. Ever drove across alligator alley? Lot's of birds and gators to see, but that is it and Monday it will be dark or getting dark as I head back.
Listening to VH1 top 20 countdown. and the rain......

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Lunch with the new boss was pretty cool. He doesn't have a cable background. Maybe that is why he seems so nice..ha ha.
He couldn't really tell me what he wanted me to do yet. We discussed a few things and came to this my request....When he wants me to do something he will tell me, when I screw up, he will tell me.
My check is supposed to be in the mail. Haven't we all heard that! lol Fed Ex Priority Overnight...So we will see..
My goal is to finish packing today. At least as far as I can get seeing as I will b here a few days after the movers. So going back to that now!


Friday, January 16, 2004

Today I get to go to lunch with my new boss. He has been down for the week, and might be back next week. I am a little scared, he seems nice, hope it isn't a facade, or wear off! But I am going to think positive!!
I am not to happy right now though. This is my first check since I started with the new office. Well I guess I should say this should be my first check. The bank begs to differ. So right now I am not a happy a camper. I will however try to avoid that conversation at lunch. He is new also and this isn't his fault.
well I guess I should go back to work. not really in the mood though for some reason....hmmmm
Think I will look at my slides I got last night instead!
listening to... my group play what if....
1) you where stranded on an island
2) you won the lotto

Thursday, January 15, 2004

yeah yeah yeah I haven't blogged in days
Tuesday, packing
Wednesday, packing
Thursday - packing
Friday - will be packing
How boring is my life....
ever listened to the words of Marvin Gaye's song "Sexual Healing"?
listening to Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing..

Monday, January 12, 2004

Did you know pack is a four letter word! wanna really piss me off? Say it to me! Just don't say it close to me, I will retaliate! I packed all day Saturday, kitchen, bathroom, office, living room attic..... And I love Christmas, but Sunday as I pulled the lights off the house I kept asking myself, what in the hell where you thinking? I actually got a lot done these last 2 days, but I need a reprieve, a break. Don't think it is going to happen... and still more to do...OMG
So I stopped. I turned on the game (Phillies vs. Packers if you haven't a clue) and watched it and then sex in the city. What a combo huh! The game was good although I would rather see sports live. Give me a good ball game, or drag races! Nothing like it. I would go to the drag races any day of the week! That and the Mud Drags....That is when the real redneck in me comes out I guess. What I like about those are the people, I love to watch how people react with the game and each other. Best football game I ever went to was Dallas vs Cincinnati in Dallas. Good Times! I will say though that baseball is boring live or on TV.

Listening to Alicia Keyes - the Diary of Alicia Keys

Saturday, January 10, 2004

i had an old friend who shared my like of chinese food. her thing was the fortune cookies. she always said when you read your fortune add on "in bed" to the end...
well my fortune cookie for today was
"Practice makes perfect" ........add on if you wish
Ok I took one of B2K's quiz's and this one is what kind of kisser are you. interesting results...

You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you're going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, January 09, 2004

The VS run is done!!! good purchases had by all! Well not p...
Today is Ana's last day..bummer, but that of course means drinks tonight! more good times to be had by all. going to a bar that has kareoke...that should be interesting.
Jeremy quit, bummer, but good for him!!! he wouldn't settle for less that he wanted. First time that has happened here.
My new boss from Assboro is here today. He seems cool.
We are also planning my last day party for the 23rd. gonna be fun. starting out with drinks, then gonna go play putt putt, then going for dinner and more drinks! I figure Putt Putt will be lots more fun after a drink or 2.
Listening to all of us singing the "oldies".

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Ok don't mention victoria's secret semi annual sale at work!! p, t and myself are going friday at lunch!
and as my sister so eloquently reminds me, I have gift card!
picture this
p, t and myself listening to 70's and 80's music on the radio and doing the bump...
let's see....
i have to get all my stuff packed....
victorias secret semi annual sale......

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

QESG quotable quote:
"life is to short to drink cheap liquor"
fits right in for me!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Britney Spears gets married.....
did she think she had to do that to have sex????

Monday, January 05, 2004

You know, the little things mean a lot. I can be having a not so great day and get a call, a note, or something from someone in my group of friends and/or family and the whole day gets better. So remember that you can make someone's day in an easy way!

M had a party Saturday night. it was nice. good food, good atmosphere, good friends. She opened her new house and had it outside by the pool and it is January... more reasons I will miss Florida. But as soon as weather is warm enough in assboro i am going to have one on my new deck....ideas are running around in my head now!

spent most of the day on Sunday packing. what fun! (see sarcasm here) I felt like i was getting nowhere.... the movers are loading my stuff the 21st so countdown is on!! I am still amazed at what I have collected, and what i threw away!

ah!! the return of sex in the city!! gotta love it! it was the highlight of my sunday evening, and that episode hit close to home...If i had to pick which one was my match i guess i would be a carrie. I am not quite as "free with the love" as samantha. Not quite as "uptown" as Charlotte. Not quite as nerotic as Miranda, (although I match her white skin and red hair) ......which one would you be?

Listening to Coldplay Live 2003 CD

Friday, January 02, 2004

What is it about me and the ocean? I am cancer, the sign of the crab and by all those horoscope-y charts, I am supposed to be attracted to it. I don't believe a lot of horoscope stuff but they got that one right. I love the water. I love the sound of it. I can be all tense, and go to the beach and life becomes good. I know I was meant to be near it... guess in asheboro the shower will have to do.
New Years Eve 3 of us went to the beach to listen to a band. (they sucked). so we left and walked the beach. I could stay there forever.
Last week while I was still sick mi familia and myself went to the beach. I felt better when we left!
Yesterday K and I went to ding darling to take pics. it is right off the ocean...It was sooooo peaceful.
When I win the lottery I know what I am doing with part of the money!!!
I know I am boring today...well better to make tomorrow more exciting!
Listening to Clay Aiken - If I Where Invisible..

Thursday, January 01, 2004

new years eve.... i like it, i hate it...
K. P and I decided to have a slumber party. yes we are a little old for that. but are you ever really to old?
anyway, we could drink, eat, all that girl stuff and not have to worry about anyone drinking and driving.
pre party we went to the beach to listen to a band or 2. we went to the Lani Kai. whent he band finally got their stuff together, they opened with a typical beach song, with a jamacian beat. Then they played Chicago, the beatles, and a few other artists....all with a jamacian beat. it just didn't fit, chicago? jamacian? NOT! the singer sucked, and some ho kept doing the dirty dance with him even though he didn't participate back. her boyfriend was none to happy. but he must have been a woose as every time he tried to get her to stop, she jerked back and went right back to what she was doing and he just stood there. I kept waiting for the fight, never happened.
anyway, we got a few laughs out of the "rent a cops" that where there, then we walked the beach a bit and headed back to town and watched Dick Clark on TV. wooo-hoooo!
new years day is K's birthday. she wanted to go to ding darling to take pics and as I have been sick i didn't get up early with her. anyway, i tried to make it a good day for her. she was having a bit of a hard time with her age. so we went to a movie and back out to ding darling to keep her mind off of it. and ended with a celibatory piece of key lime pie.
listening to HBO on the TV