Monday, November 03, 2003

sometimes i am embarrassed how stupid i can really be. we where told a couple of fridays back that 2/3rds of our office will be with out jobs by year end. they will consider transfers though. i let the transferring office know of my interest after talking to my supervisor and him telling me to send an e mail to the new pres of our division. This being the 2nd conversation we had. the first one being his "concern" about me. i expressed an interest then but he "didn't recall" me saying that when we had conversation #2. and after conversation #2, he walks by my desk the next friday and goes "we need to get your duties transferred out so you can move on to other things". i reminded him that i had sent the prez an e mail. he screwed up his face and goes what e mail? what the f#$%? i remind him and he goes what did he tell you? i said to talk to another person. he goes oh, ok.
so today he talks to me again and says "i heard from a little birdy that you where thinking of transferring" i wanted to slap myself. i said we talked about this and you suggested i send an e mail to the prez. he said he didn't think that meant i wanted to transfer. what the f%$#? he asked me if i decided to stay and i said i can not afford to transfer as Risk. i never said i wasn't going to try to transfer.
OMG i need outta here!
and how is your boss today?

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