Thursday, November 27, 2003

today is turkey day! happy turkey day to all. i am thankful that i am somewhat healthy, have a few close friends, good family, met an interesting person thru blogging (b2k), have a job and i am free! we could live in oh say Iran or Iraq you know! things could be worse so i am thankful they aren't.
i planned on using today as a packing day. ever looked at something as was overwhelmed? omg i am. today, borrowing a line or 2 from george carlin, i could use all the forms of the word "shit" damn i have some shit. this is the shits. i am gonna be in some shit if i don't get this shit packed. whew enough of that shit.
i don't know where to start, but have to start somewhere as i have to get this done. everyone who comes to my house make comments on all the neat things I have around and right now i am not likeing those things! i have plans coming up in a week or two (should be fun) and moving in a month to 6 weeks so i need to be ahead of the game. wonder what it would cost to have the movers do it...isn't that a lazy thought! or how about i sell it all and start over...not!
oh and a few key words to...well you know who you, desk, car
what are you thankful for today?

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