Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Do statements made ever get your mind to wandering? I do. Like, "Less is more" or "Ignorance is bliss"? How about "Fight free radicals at night by puncturing a vitamin C capsule and adding it to your night cream."?
Well for me, Less is definitely not more. EEWWW! I live in God's waiting room, the last port o'call. I have been to the beach. I have seen the 60+ people. In thongs. With black socks AND sandals. With guts. Male and Female. (Refer here to my earlier statement. EEWWW!)
Now how about "Ignorance is Bliss". WHATEVER....I have met some damn ignorant people in my home life and especially in my work life and it sure isn't bliss. For me or them. For me, I just want to slap them up side of the head! Isn't that ignorant? (see what I mean?) For them, they THINK they are grand, the leader, being a good example.....WHAT! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Your making me ignorant!
And fighting free radicals with Vitamin C at night. What, by doing that I am going to become lean and taut in my sleep? Wake up in camouflage, black grease paint under my eyes? Ready to go to battle? Who are the free radicals anyway? Why do I want to fight them? What about the radicals that aren't free? What are they being radical about? Why do I care. AND free is always good! So why am I mad about that?
While watching Judging Amy last night, I heard one that sums it all up for me. Maxine is talking to her son Peter about her decision not to sell the diner. "Peter, everything is going to be fine. We have pie". Enough said.

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