Thursday, December 30, 2004

Vacationing With The Family

I was reading the post about vacationing with the family at fellow blogger Carmi's site. It made me start thinking about what I remember from traveling with my family.
I remember a trip made to Disney World from Texas when I was about 8. I went with my dad and stepmom, her brother and his girlfriend. The motels we stayed at along the way, in the many towns we stopped in there and back. You didn't dare stay in an hotel unless you planned on spending the big bucks. For me, they made sure each motel had a pool. I couldn't wait to go swimming and I am sure they couldn't wait to get me out of the car. It rained every day at the same time in Florida!
On another trip I made with Dad and TLDC, she got up early and baked fresh cinnamon rolls from scratch. She stored them on the front dash using the sunlight filtering through the glass to keep them warm. I was told on the first stop we made to rest we would have the cinnamon rolls. Do you know how painful that was? Besides smelling them baking, I had to smell them for what seemed like an eternity in the car. I thought we would never stop! But stop we did, at a quaint roadside park. Dad got the milk out of the ice chest..(old and metal), and let me tell you did we chow down!
I don't remember where we were going, or anything else about that trip, but I remember that!
Keeping me occupied was the main challenge. Sometimes we played the alphabet game or the license plate game. Sometimes they would buy me small "to do" toys and I would get one every 2 hours or so. These would be like colors and color books, puzzles, little pinball games that you could hold in one hand and the paddle to start the ball was spring loaded. Pull that baby back and go, go, go!
I remember being in front of an 18 wheeler and holding my arm up, making a fist and then moving it in the up and down motion as if pulling a cord to get him to honk back. When they did Dad would hollar out, "Stop it!" Between that and me I guess he was nervous..LOL
I remember going on trips to see my cousins David and Eddie. I know I rode with my sister, but I couldn't tell you anything about the ride or what we did, but when we got there! Boy oh boy! We played, got into trouble, generally all of us had the best time.
Moving forward in life, those same things are what I passed on to my family. I taught them the alphabet game and the license plate game. I will say I now understand why Dad never was really excited about it as when you are the driver, it's hard to play and drive...Kinda like don't drink and drive..

Don't Play and Drive! (insert picture of stern looking sheriff here)


MAGAD (mothers against games and driving)



Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Update to yesterdays post about having a headeache

Did you know if you let to many people go at one time you have to pay a fine?
Did you know the company I work for did that at that office I was visiting Tuesday?
Did you know that MasTec has to attempt to rehire 7 people as not to exceed the limit of allowed people to fire? (psst and not planning on telling them why they have to rehire them)
Did you know that we have to offer them severence packages now?
Did you know the HR person did not know about the firings?
Did you know she was waiting for me this AM?
Am I glad I wasn't involved in that? (DUH!!!)
Can you tell the preverbial shit hit the fan today?

Silently smirking...:-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

OK, I need help!

Quit laughing, seriously...
Why oh WHY does my dashboard on blogger show 273 posts and has for freaking ever with out changing?
Why, when I want to comment to someone, and call up the comment box, does it keep my sisters info (from when she visited in November) even after I put my info in?
hummm side note - this could be fun if I wanted to get her in trouble! ...thinking....thinking.... pause... NAHH! LOL

Can you help me????

I have a headache

I am really digruntled, aggrivated among other feelings right now. Let me tell you how my company works..
We are a "ah-em" a telecommunications business, we have several divisions. Today I had to go to another divisional office, a 2.5 hour drive each way. I was asked to come to take a report(s) off this one girl that in actuality, I should have taken a long time ago.....
not complaining here..
Anyway, I got called yesterday at 4 and asked to come up. I get there and the girl I am to work with, who knows me, opens the door and sees me and, no kidding, her jaw dropped to the floor at shock at seeing me. My stomache sank. They didn't tell her. She had no clue I was why would you not tell her? (list advantages here, first one being PREPAREDNESS!!!)
Complaining starts here...
SO I go check in with the guy who called me. we review that he wants me to take that report, he has to slim down the staff and wants to re-assign her to other duties, and I give it a thumbs up and we call her in. So we start the planning, listing processes, contacts, etc.
We take this plan back in to him. we meet over lunch. he wants a dollar figure on a certian job that has issues, so we break away to start at that. then while we eat, it becomes evident that MANY people in this office will not have a job after, are you ready, Friday. over 2/3rds of the office and no one there has a clue. they where supposed to have been prepped for this for 2 months now but the person over that office never told them. This office was supposed to have been told this and that the office would be closed by Dec 31 2 months ago. AND he didn't want to tell them until Thursday...(Friday is a paid holiday)
They where all called together at 3:30 and told this, NOT by the guy who should have told them, but by the one that came there to close the office this week and now can't. You should have heard the shock reverberate across the room. One asked how could he not know. He flat out told them that since Sept, this has been discussed on many conf calls and he was told by (name), that it was taken care of.
Now, this isn't one isolated incident. This happens in this fashion at my company ALL the time..
Why would you not follow thru that action had been taken? re: he said they knew, find out if they know..
Why do you find it right to just let people show up and say at 5 PM on thier last day "Oh by the way, you don't have a job"
While working with the person I was supposed to work with, SEVERAL other things she does comes to light that they hadn't even thought about...WHY??
NOW..I talk to the guy who asked me to come up and review what we accomplished and he goes, Thursday is her last day..


One girl, who is going to have to assume some her duties, DOESN'T even know yet...What day is this? Her last day is when??
I freaked to a degree..and now Her last day is NEXT friday..wooo hooo.

I have to stop...
I have to go send out some resumes...
And take some aspirin...

Monday, December 27, 2004

My hub and his daughter Amanda (being funny!) Posted by Hello

Marshall and his two boys from the left, Jacob then Josh, then Marshall. Posted by Hello

Alicia put her doll in the stroller and took off! When I asked to take her pic, she backed away...don't ask, who knows! Posted by Hello

This is Alicia the only girl in 4 grandkids. Think she will be spoiled a little? NAW!! LOL. She is 2 years today so this was the first Christmas she actually got" what presents are. Posted by Hello

This is Marshall's wife Carolyn and their son Josh. Josh has to have met a girl. How do I know that? he has started fixing his hair. Posted by Hello

This is my hubby's son Marshall and his nephew Jarrett. Jarrett is VERY outgoing! Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas! Posted by Hello

and Happy Holidays!

My son sent me the Christmas Card above. Funny, but he notated inside that it reminded him of me! I wonder where he ever got that impression? Not that I don't like kids mind you. I don't like SCREAMING, YELLING, RUNNING, OBNOXIOUS kids. Ones you KNOW that their parents are either trying to be their friend not parent, or will say "Now Suzy, you know how Mommy feels when you yell. Don't do that." Then the kid just look at them and walk off yelling. Spare the Rod Spoil the Child I say.
But that is a little off subject for today.
I loved the Christmas card my son sent. I LMAO.
Santa was good to me and I hope he was good to all of you too.
I got a Mickey watch, a SpongeBob watch (WHAT TIME IS IT?!?!?!)
and other very nice things. Right now I am sitting watching my new red Gameboy SP charge so I can play with it. How old and I you say? Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!
I got my hub Microsoft Flight Simulator and a Joystick... he is in setting that up.
Today will be a good day!

Merry Christmas to all!


Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eves Gift!

This is something that is a family tradition, to be the first one to call the other family member and say "Christmas Eves Gift!" before they do.
This morning I called my son, who is in San Marcos, and imagine, he was still asleep, but through modern technology, he saw my number on the caller ID, knows this tradition, and said a sleepy "Christmas Eve's ift" to me. We had a short conversation that I am sure he will not remember later today, and wished each other Merry Christmas and hung up. Now mind you, he took great pleasure in telling me the other day he wasn't going to let me get him first, he was setting his alarm, and gonna call me at 12:01 AM..

Next I called my stepmom, who was expecting my call. Someone answered and said nothing. I said nothing back... after a few seconds, my stepdad let out with a Happy Holidays! and I Christmas Eves Gifted him back. I could here TLDC laughing in the background. They where up, as she wakes up at the crack of dawn, but still laying in bed. We caught up with the last couple of weeks, how her Dad is doing, what everyones plans are, etc.

Now after hanging up with them I called my son back. He answered with a sleepy and agrivated "What, Mom" and I said Christmas Eve's Gift part II" he was like "Whatever".. anyway I told him to call Tommie and get her. I think he went back to sleep..
Merry Christmas to all, even if saying that is polically incorrect. To Bad!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas is a coming

Work was it's usual self even though trying to get anything done is getting hard since the holidays are coming up. I found many a person wandering around, visiting with co-workers, eating the goodies in the kitchen, etc.
My sister called me when I wazs busy but I was able to find out her flight to Texas arrived safely and she took great pleasure in telling me it was snowing. What is up with that? Here I am, near the mountians, in North Carolina, and all we are having is a bit of rain. My sister goes farther south and she gets snow... that's just not fair!
Ever had times your mind is just racing? Right now is one of those for me. I have been working on my story, wanting to do a few things on the Genealogy, read some more of George's journal, oy-vey...
One of the girls in the office is having a bit of bad luck, she is a single mother, will be loosing her job by March of 2005 due to part of our company transfering to Miami, (and they didn't offer to take anyone...humm)
Anyway, he car broke down on the way to my house Saturday. She doesn't have the money to fix it nor has she bought all her Christmas, and has been taxed to by groceries. Groceries, I would never thought it.
She has a son, who by blood is not hers, is a different race, but who she chooses to raise. His parents aren't active in his life, but won't let Theresa adopt him. He is a really good kid, doesn't ask for much, and sa-weeet! After we found out, several of us got kinda nosey with Theresa finding out what he wanted, needed, etc..She told us he needed shoes, a coat, some winter shirts, loves movies and books.
So the office took up a collection yesterday, which is a challenge for my office cause they don't do to well at that. BUT, we raised 570 dollars in gifts and money.
Let me say again $570.00. We got the few things PJ needs and a few things he wanted.
We got him 5 DVD's, socks, 2 shirts, a DVD player (got it at a GREAT price), a gift cert for him to go get shoes, a blanket, and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Someone donated some stuff for Theresa, we got here a $30 manicure pedicure gift cert. She ended up with $180 in grocery gift cards, 55 in cash, and I am sure I am forgeting something. It was given to her today. She was shocked, thrilled, speachless. After she looked at PJ's stuff we wrapped it to go under their tree. ( I am assuming they have one). She called everyone in to a meeting to thank them, shared with them the gifts she recieved and told us we showed her the true meaning of Christmas.
I wanted to cry. Goes to show that even when you doubt some people, most everyone still has a heart.


So todays saga ends there as my permanent press in dry and I have to clean the litter boxes!


Monday, December 20, 2004

Here is one of my Black and Whites..thoughts?? Posted by Hello

I took this in Florida last fall in my friends front yard, using a flashlight for lighting..thoughts?? Posted by Hello

Ramdom thoughts and dashes

Today I had to go to Roanoke to our office there. They have this "controlling thing" and I accomplished NOTHING, except getting 32.5 cents a mile and wasting my day basicly. So I am not full of to many creative or entertaining thoughts today.
As my mind wandered during the trip I did get to thinking about these things:

Sunday on my way to finish my Christmas Shopping I saw a blind woman walking to the mailbox....


I love Christmas! The radio stations here are playing Christmas tunes almost 24 -7 Some of the songs really remind me of home, family etc. Especially some of the songs like:
"Chestnut roasting on an open fire..."
Speaking of hot nuts, did I tell you about the guy Leigh and I saw at lunch the other day??
or the song;
"Said the shepard boy, to the mighty king, do you hear what I hear?'
Yeah, I hear that tea at lunch a-knocking on my kidneys, I gotta pee NOW, where is the next exit?
anyway, you see how my day went..

Now to my Oxymoron Weekend:
I went shopping this weekend to finish my Christmas shopping which was a necessary Evil. I tried on this really cool jacket at Belks and it was a little big..My hubby and I split tater tots at Sonic and he got the larger half. The results of that could have been pretty ugly if I didn't love him so much.

Other Oxy stories and shorties:

Expect the Unexpected

Sanitary Napkins

As you can see I am having a really weird Monday so I am going to go to bed now, with the old fashion pen and paper and work on.....hell anything and nothing!

Friday, December 17, 2004

C and E Part 7

title links to part 6
I really need to name this story....

“Yummmm, smell that,” Frank said to himself, “Cinnamon, bacon, sausage, eggs… god that is making me hungry!” He entered the kitchen amid the hustle of several folks trying to make a meal for 50.
“Whoops! Sorry!” He said to a pretty elderly lady as she whisked by him with a big pan of gravy. She smiled at him and said, “Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas to you Ma’am!” he responded with his best Santa voice.
He spotted Sister Joan talking to some young kids over at the oven. “Probably some kids from a youth group trying to earn a badge or something.” he thought to himself. From the look on Sister Joans’ face and her hand movements he could tell that obviously they had no clue at how to bake for volumes of people and she was very patiently giving direction. He walked over to the group and hung out just to the left of them. He wanted to be sure he caught Sister Joan as soon as she had a free minute.
“Now, this is a convection oven which cooks a bit faster than your oven at home” She instructed. “Are you listening Carol?”
Carol had been looking around at all the sights and not at Sister Joan. She had seen the homeless and heard stories, but never had seen what all people do to help. “Sorry!” Carol answered and turned back to the group.
“The timer is here,” She points to the digital square on the front, “and they attach a guide for you to use. Cindy, how long do you thing these rolls should cook?”
Cindy squinted at the list and said “10 minutes?” You could hear the question in her voice/
“Very good, now set the timer and go see how you can help with the eggs” Cindy punched a few buttons on the front of the oven and they all wandered off towards the stove, giggling and gawking as they went.
“Sister Joan.”
She turned around to see Frank standing by. “Yes, Frank?”
“I want to help out this morning but I have a question first. Or better yet, more than a question, I want your help with something.”
“God helps those who help themselves you know!” she answered back.
“Yes Ma’am, and that is what I have set my mind to do. I want to change my life. Not that I think I haven’t done the best I could for these past 3 years. But I admit that I have slacked off”
“Well how can I help you?” She asked.
“Well first, I want to get a job. A good job. But I can’t do that in these clothes. I mean, who would hire me?”
“I hate to say it Frank, but I really don’t think anyone in today’s world would give you 2 minutes of time.”
“Well, I was wondering if you knew someone in your vast list of charitable folks who I might get a suit from. I will work for it, daytime, nighttime, whenever.”
“Now Frank, I think that is a mighty fine idea! Let me see what I can do next week after the Christmas weekend.”
“Thank you so much Sister, I will check back with you Monday night.”
Sister Joan laughed, “You are pretty sure I will find someone aren’t you!”
“I can feel it Sister, in here.” Frank pointed at his heart, “I feel that this is going to happen for me and I am not going to let that feeling down.”
“Good for you Frank, I think you just might make it happen too! Now if you really want to help, go watch those kids over by the eggs. I know they have the best intentions, but they are here today, gone tomorrow and really just want to get through the morning and earn their brownie points. Besides the sooner we get through with breakfast the sooner Santa comes!” She said to Frank.
The shrill tone of the oven timer went off and Sister Joan reached out for the mitts. Before she could get away and also on an impulse, Frank gave Sister Joan a big old bear hug and you could see the embarrassed look on her face. “Frank!” She gasped with a bit of a smile.
He walked towards the kids and said rather loudly, “OK kids, what’s up? Wanna see an old man flip some eggs?”
Their faces brightened and a resounding, “YEAH!” was let out by all.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

C and E 6

(title links to part 5)

Sister Joan walked between the cots in the basement of the church, made over to be a temporary home and she checked on all its inhabitants. Everyone was still asleep, some snored, one coughed, another turned over and pulled the blanket over his head. She looked out the small rectangular window that was right above street level. It was early Christmas morning and the sun was just starting to crest. She could see the light starting to reflect off the buildings outside, it was going to be a bright, but cold day. She walked towards the door, turned her head back to her sleeping flock and smiled, very satisfied with another nights protection the church was able to offer up, if but to a few. She looked up to her lord, said a quick grace and left the room to go see about breakfast for them.
Even though Frank wasn’t quite awake yet, he heard someone walking through the room and then the soft swish-clunk noise of the swinging doors. Frank felt warmth on his face saw bright light through his closed lids and acknowledged the sunshine. He rolled over off his side and onto his back, stretched his arms wide and let out a big yawn. He delayed opening his eyes, as he wanted to enjoy the last few seconds of peace that was offered before he opened them and a big dose of homeless reality hit. He listened to the sounds around him for a few minutes, people sleeping, some soundly, some restlessly. He opened his eyes and sat up on the cot, wrapping the blanket around his legs and feet. It was Christmas Day today, the 3rd Christmas he had spent homeless.
“Home is where the heart is.” He said to himself.
He reached for his shoes, a well worn pair of Nike’s, and slipped them on his feet. He hoped Sister Joan had come through like previous years and gotten winter donations for everyone here. He himself hoped for a pair of warm boots, new or used, he didn’t care, as long as his feet where warm he was good to go for just about anything. He laid the blanket on the bed, grabbed his small bag and headed off to the bathroom in hopes of showering in peace, before others woke up and came in. He had gotten used to the loss of privacy, but relished any chance he could get to have a little of it. Frank pushed through the swinging doors and immediately smelled a combination of smells, bacon, cinnamon, fresh baked bread. All those great smells made his stomach growl and grumble. He headed off to shower quickly then he would go find Sister Joan and see if he could help.
Frank showered quickly, both because it was cold and he wanted to have some time alone with Sister Joan to talk to her about his promise he made to himself the day before. He looked at the haggard face starting back at him in the mirror. “Wow,” he thought to himself, “How I have changed in these last few years.” He rubbed his hand across his chin, feeling the roughness of his skin and his beard. He really didn’t care for a beard but it did offer up some warmth from the cold outside. He looked at his eyes, they looked much older now but then again wiser also. The blue was lighter than it had been when he was younger, which made them stand out even more against his black hair. He sighed and reached into his bag for his other set of clothes and dressed quickly, then headed off for the kitchen.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Credit to

Stolen from Jay.... Posted by Hello

To go with Terry's Story

No Comment!!! LOL Posted by Hello

Monday, December 13, 2004

C and E 5

(Title links to part 4)
“Upper Crust Bitch, well I never,” Celia mumbled to herself, “and that damn cop, why I could tell he wasn’t going to do anything, I am going to bring that up to my brother tomorrow and to top it off, he liked to have slammed the taxi door on me.”
“106 Central Park,” she told the taxi driver, “And don’t think I don’t know how long it takes or how many blocks it is! I’ll have none of that take the long road crap trying to squeeze me for another five.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Rahil sighed. What a way to end the day he thought to himself. Another fare, another snooty bitch. He purposely pulled out in front of a bus, the bus blared his horn, Rahil shot him the finger back, smiling and yelled “Have a nice day Dumbass!” out the window.
Celia let out a “OH SHIT” grabbed the seat belt and strapped it on as quick as she could. She saw the driver looking at her through the rear view mirror and could tell he was grinning and enjoying this. As they headed up the street she saw the group of men walking up the street that where outside the shop. She glared at them out the window. The one that had been so luid to her looked up saw her and made that disgusting face again.
Humph,” She mumbled as she swung her head away, not giving him the satisfaction of seeing her react again.
As they got close to her home she started organizing her things and dug a dollar bill out of her purse for the driver. The cab arrived at her desitination and she started gathering up her bags together. Her doorman opened the door for her and she scooted out pulling today’s treasures with her. She sat the bags next to the doorman and turned to the cabdriver to give him his tip. He looked at the dollar and then back at her, “Merry Fucking Christmas to you to lady!” and spun out as he left. Just because I have money doesn't mean I THROW it EVERYWHERE! She said in a rather loud stately voice. She turned, grabbed one package and headed inside.
"Jeffrey, be so kind and get the rest."
Jeffrey smiled at Celia, Mrs. Jones, or better known as Ms. Tighter-than-a-drum by the working class at Trump Tower. "Yes Ma'am," he answered, "I am so sorry about that driver, I will report him immediately!"
"Thank You Jeffrey, I know I can always count on you to do your job."
Celia turned away from Jefrey and walked to the elevator and stood there. Jeffrey looked up at her, and outside at the bags. He sighed, grabbed the bags and then hurried up to her and pressed the up button.
When the elevator arrived, Celia got on, Jeffrey loaded her bags in with her and hit the button for her floor, and backed out of the elevator. He knew better than expect a tip. Especially after the taxi incident. The Jones always made up for it, in their own way, between Christmas and New Years. He would expect a bonus from them of about $500.00, and that, with the other tenants tips, made up for his rather meager salary. He had a great wife, 5 wonderful, but growing kids. He had a steady job, Much more than he could say for some of his family, and he didn't want to risk losing it. The elevator door closed and Celia was on her way.
Celia watched the electronic floor guide as the numbers grew, she hated being alone, and she was alone alot. She fumbled in her purse for her keys, found them and pulled them out. She looked around her at the brass walls of the elevator as if inspecting the cleanleness. Her eyes wondered around the walls, checking every cranny, looking for a fingerprint or a smudge, anything to take her mind off being in here by herself until her eyes wound up looking at a tall stately lady. She studied her reflection. She was older, still had a great figure if she did say so herself, and she was rather pleasing to look at as a whole. She put a smile on her face. Great hair, great clothes, she didn't understand why anyone wouldn't feel graced to be around her. The elevator doors opened and Celia gathered up her bags, straightened her posture, glanced at herself one more time and entered her entryway. She put her key in the lock, paused for just a moment, and entered her home.

Talk about parting the waters...

cheatin' fishin' Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 12, 2004

SPaM Stories

Taken off my SPaM for Sunday. Sounds like it is trying to tell us something Huh!

Never repay what you owe legally
It's cheating... but... it works!
the fastest way to success on ebay
Will you accept it?


Friday, December 10, 2004

SPaM Mail

Spam mail.
Don’t you love it? As I open my e-mail this morning I learned, that I can learn to do quite the assortment of things. I can:
Learn to trim my nose hair
Lengthen the size of my, well you know
Learn the art of sensual massage
Further my education
Trace my family tree
Buy sexy lingerie cheap

Now, let’s address each one of these.
Why on earth would I want to:
learn to trim my nose hair? If I was in that bad of shape someone surely would have slapped me already.
Lengthen ANY part of my body much less the part they want me to lengthen that I don’t have. I am a woman and my one set of appendages I would like to have anything BUT lengthened.
Massage - OK I like that one
Further my education online. OK anyone can always stand to learn something or more. But I don't have the moeny for that, besides, I have raised my sone, worked 3 jobs 7 days a week at one time while raising him to be able to afford anything, been married to many times, (this one is a keeper), nursed my mother thru cancer, then my dad, had a bout of depression thanks to the bastard. OH and lets not forget him. HE was 13 years of learning in hisself... need I say more?
Trace my tree? I do that already and if you haven't heard already, be afraid, be very afraid!
Sexy lingerie cheap - I want to look Sexy, not like some Pimp-ho that owns no mirror, is colorblind and thinks she is a size 3 after eating McD's for a month. Uh huh, I saw the movie...
And what cyber factor decided I of all people needed this junk mail? And is it me or since I have commented a lot and joined blog explosion, I am getting tons more.

I think I am going to at least start trying to be productive with it and play sentence scrabble. I am going to take all the titles, but them in a bag, draw 7 out and try to make stories out of it.
I think I will start this weekend.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Still Funny

I am sure this is old news to you guys but I still think this is too funny!

George Bush Interview

White Trash Christmas

Someone has to much time on their hands!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Pardon Moi

This cold has the best of me so pardon my lapse. One good thing I have thought of several more parts for my story in all this time I don't feel like doing squat!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December 1st thru 4th, 1901

Kids have been doing malicious pranks forever it seems. George Griffiths had a series of days of journal entries about this incident..

December 1 - Ellis put Charley and George out in the pasture and on Sunday morning some boys went out in the pasture and shot Charley. The boys name are Sneden, Paches, Reynolds.
December 2 - It is Monday and Charley died
December 3 - Sneden and another man came to mesur the horse but they did not mesur him rite. I got Mr. Swadley to see the horse and he mesur him and he mesurd to be 17 hands and his son William Swadley mesurd him to be 16 hands one inch high.
December 4 - Mr Sneden and Pehey offered me 40 dollars for the horse and I told them that I would see what my son said about it for he was the one that owned the horse.

More to come...