Tuesday, November 30, 2004

C and E part four

(Title links to part 3)
“Hi babe! I am so glad you are home!” Francis walked over to Jack, smiling and wiping her hands on a towel. He took his hat and coat off and turned towards her. She reached him as he was in the doorway to the living room, put her arms around his neck, pulled his head towards hers and kissed him fully on the lips.
Jack always was amazed at how lucky he was. They had been married 20 years yet she was as glad to see him come home today as she had been when they first got married those many years ago. Damn he was one lucky individual, unlike that one lady he had a run in with today, which reminded him, “Oh, I have to tell you what happened to me today,” Jack said looking Francis in her deep blue eyes, “Sometimes I really don’t get people.”
Francis took her arms down from around his neck and grabbed his hand, “Come on in the kitchen and tell me, I am working on Christmas dinner, you can tell me while I work”
“What do you want me to do?” Jack asked her as they walked to the kitchen.
“Sit down a minute and relax, you just got home, then if you don't mind, you can peel those potatoes over there.” Francis answered pointing at the pile of Idahos by the sink. He smiled back at her as he took a seat at the bar. He was facing her while she was chopping nuts. “Now, talk to me.” She said.
“Well let me start off with saying that to be a cop in this town I was having a rather unusually great day. Then about half an hour before it was time to call it quits I get this woman. She comes running up to me babbling on, some people...” His voice drifted off for a moment, he paused, took a breath and started over, “I had a lady run up to me today all in a tizzy, screaming at me in a harsh, shrill voice about a group of men who tried to accost her. You should have seen her, not a hair on her head was out of place, her clothes where immaculate, no dirt, no wrinkles, DAMN nice coat. She was carrying loaded bags from Barney’s and Saxs 5th and going on and on about these guys who she says practically molested her. She kept asking me what I was going to do about it and everyone that passed couldn’t help but stare. I was even caught rolling my eyes by this one lady, but I could see in her gaze back that even she didn’t get what all the fuss was.”
“Here try this,” Francis said as she passed him a piece of fudge, “What do you think her real problem was?”
“I think she was a bitter old rich hag with nothing better to do!” Jack answered back, regretting it the minute he said it. “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t look at people that way, but it is Christmas time, it was pretty darn cold outside and starting to snow and she had nothing better to do with her time than make up things that obviously didn’t happen. I had been walking my beat and just came from the direction she had pointed.” He popped the chocolate bit of heaven in his mouth.
“Uh huh,” Francis said as she glanced up at him from the nuts.
“The only thing I saw was a bunch of people out doing what they do on a Christmas eve. Frank and his bunch were gathered outside this one shop, but they weren’t hurting anything. It had to be them that she was talking about and they wouldn’t hurt a flea! Hell they are homeless for God’s sake and just looking for a warm place to be.”
Francis could hear the frustration in Jack’s voice.
“That fudge is excellent as always my dear,” Jack told her, his voice eased some, “My compliments to the Chef!”
“You can thank me later,” She answered back while giving him a wink. “So what did you do for the lady, or should I say to the lady?”
They both laughed.
He got up from the bar and walked past her, headed for the stack of potatoes. He patted her on the butt as he walked by, “I had her walk back the way she came with me, show me where the incident happened and it was about where Franks group was standing around by the way. Luckily, if it was them, they where gone on already and there was no sign of a scuffle, so...” He opened the drawer and took the peeler out and sat it on the counter. He looked out the window and saw a couple walking down the street, “You know, I don’t think she ever understood why I couldn’t, wouldn’t do anything. What did she want me to do arrest the next unfortunate soul that crossed her path?” He turned around towards her, leaned back on the sink and rolled up his sleeves, “ I bet her watch could feed all the needy in New York for a month and I also would bet you that she would never miss it! Anyway, she finally resolved to herself that all her fuss was going nowhere, I walked her across the street to Macy’s, put her in a cab and sent her on her way. I was thinking to myself whatever happened to her compassion?” He turned back around and started removing the potatoes skin, “Enough of her, but I do want to add in that after I sent her on her way, I turned around and the lady that caught me rolling my eyes was right there. She never saw me though. I was kinda glad too. Anyway, what time are the festivities tomorrow?”
"Everyone should be here by noon" Francis said.
They continued cooking together, joking and laughing with each other.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Joys of Grandchildren

Spoil them, teach them great manners and send 'em home! LOL
This is Alicia, my new granddaughter by my recent marriage.I liker her and she likes me good deal too.
So besides our previous shopping trip where I started teaching her the value of a credit card, this time I started teaching her the joys of pudding!
Isn't she a cutie!

First I taught her this.... Posted by Hello

Then I taught her this Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 27, 2004

What Are You Worth?

I think the most expensive person LIED I TELL YOU!! LOL

I'm worth $2,219,424.06! How much are you worth?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

C and E part tres

(title links to part two)
Leigh arrived back at her apartment and threw her hat and coat on the couch. The bright yellow toboggan was a stark contrast to the dull tan of the fabric. She shook the light dusting of snow out of her long red hair and decided to also shake her problems away, at least for today. The holidays where coming up and she needed to ditch this mood.
"I know," she said to herself, "I’ll drag all the decorations out of the closet. Nothing better to spike a good mood than decorating for Christmas.”
She chuckled, “Listen to me, talking to myself! Oh well, as long as I don’t answer me.”
She headed for the closet, opened the door and found herself just standing there staring at the stacks of boxes.
“I have done what I said I would never do”, she thought to herself, “First I let him get to me and second I let it overshadow life.”
“That’s it!” she said out loud again, “I am going to go back, and start over!”
She threw her coat back on, covered her head with the toboggan and headed back outside. “I am going to go back to Macy’s to look at the Christmas windows again. This time, I will take in the beauty and wonder of the window decorations, the day, heck, the time of year by golly!”
As she stepped outside, the snow was falling slightly heavier than when she got home. She looked around at how fresh new and different everything looked in a coat of white.
She lifted up her head and stuck out her tongue to catch some flakes. She let them fall on her face and her tongue, cold bits of natures perfection, and remembered when she was little and used to make snow angels. She looked around to see how much snow had fallen and thought, “Not enough to do that yet!” and chuckled to herself. What a show that would be for everyone, a grown woman, lying on the sidewalk in New York, fanning her arms and legs about. She would have to laugh too while making that angel. She knew she would! Everyone who saw would surely thing she had gone and lost it! That thought made her chuckle a little harder.
She sighed a happy sigh and took off up the street. On her way as she passed her fellow city-ites, she looked any of them in the eye that noticed her, she smiled and said a cheery “Merry Christmas!” As the norm for this town, some acknowledged back and some looked away but she wasn’t going to let that bother her.
As she rounded the corner she heard a shrill, agitated voice talking way to loud. She looked over and saw a well-dressed lady complaining to a policeman about a group of men loitering outside some shop. Well maybe bitching was more like it. The Lady was clutching her bags with one arm as if they would shield her and pointing madly up the street with her free arm, “They made sexual advances to me and I want to know what you are going to do about it!”
“Lady, lady,” the officer replied waving his hands in a downward motion, “Calm down!” The officer rolled his eyes and when they turned her way, their eyes made contact. She gave him a slight grin with a knowing look. His eyes widened slightly,a bit ashamed she had seen him and then he turned his gaze back to the lady.
She looked away from the commotion and focused back on her plan to revise her day. It hadn’t been that long since she had been here and she never saw anyone loitering around.
Finally she got back to Macy’s, the Christmas lights where coming on as daylight was starting to fade. The snow was driving people in; into the shops, their homes, taxi’s to who knows where. There went a family, the mom bundling up her children as they walked. She saw a businessman who she could tell by the tense look on his face that he worked way to much. Down the street she saw three men walking away, cutting up with each other.
She looked back at the window, standing almost exactly where she had been such a short time ago and reached out her hand to the glass, her fingers touching it as if it was silk. She looked at all the intricate goings on in the Christmas display, the carolers, the family, the street scene and thought of all good things in life.
Her eyes twinkled with happiness and a smile graced her face.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Stole it because I was forced too!

I got this from my sister and she FORCED me to put it here! Yeah, yeah that's it! She twisted my arm and everything!

(A) First, recommend to me:1. a movie 2. a book 3. a musical artist, song, or album

(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

(C) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything & say that you stole it from me.

Have fun!

Amazing Race - Norway

Hornboy screams like a girly girl! I don't like heights either and would have screamed too but then..
I AM a girlie girl!
Last night was some night on the Amazing Race. From The Jersey Girls not knowing how to drive a stick to Jonathan making Jersey girl Merideth cry.
And wasn't Jonathan an ASS when they got to the Viking Village all yelling " I SO proud of me!" Fucking Idiot Bastard Jr. (Hats off to my Ex for still being FIB #1.)
If Hornboy doesn't watch it, he could earn himself a FIB title. WTF was all that drama about a pair of lost sunglasses? I am still amazed that some people treat others with so little respect. You would think she would think twice about a man who values his sunglasses over her. The formally dating couple needs to stay just that. Formally dating.
Bolo and Lori still scare me. Did you hear him last night? "I used to get in fights, beat people up before she came along" HA, now he is getting a dose of his own medicine!
I am still not sure who I want to win but I can sure tell you who I think deserves NOT to win.
But then, my opinion and a quarter wouldn't buy you a cup of joe anymore...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

C and E Part deaux

(Title is linked to part 1)

"Uh..Excuse you!" A female voice uttered.
Frank looked to his left and saw the lady, inches from his face, trying to make her way out of the shop.
"Why the hell can't you bums find somewhere else to hang out?" She said with disgust.
"We could go home an hang with you lady!" George said grabbing is crotch, his face scrunched up tightly and he stuck his tongue out, wagging it around.
"Oh - My - God." The lady said disgustingly. She clutched her bags tightly and spun on her heals hurrying away from them.
George cracked up and spat out “Upper crust bitch!”
The others chuckled.
Frank wished they would all shut up as they were interrupting his thoughts of the beautiful woman he had been watching. He looked down the street again, hoping she would come back, but it didn't look as though luck was shining on him today. Hell, Lady Luck hadn’t graced him with her presence in what seemed like years. Ever since…well ever since his downhill slide started about 3 years ago, but he wouldn’t allow himself to think about that now.
"FRRRR--AAANNKK!" George yelled out. "What the hell is your head? Are you having grand delusions again?"
Frank laughed half-heartedly, "I wasn't thinking about anything George. Pick on someone else, damn!" he said while shaking his head. George was basically good at heart but most everyone found him annoying as hell.
"Anyway, Karl here was telling us all about his business had before he wound up here on the streets. Did you know Karl was an antri-pit-newer?"
"That's entrepreneur George, no wonder you live out here." Karl bellowed with a sarcastic laugh.
“I’d watch that if I where you buster,” George retorted, “You’re standing right here in the street beside me.”
Frank gave George a look to calm down, stuffed his hands deeper in his pockets, searching for any warmth.
The snow started to fall in a light, featherlike dance; a light dusting was starting to show on the street.
“Let’s head over to St. Michaels and grab a bed for the night before they are all gone.” Karl said. “If we are lucky Sister Joan will have made her special chicken soup and my bones could use a warm bed tonight.”
They all mumbled in agreement and Frank’s stomach started to rumble at the thought of a good hot meal.
Frank looked down the street, then up at the snow, it’s pristine white perfect freshness all wrapped in a tight frozen cocoon.
It was at this moment he decided his life would change. It had to change.
The three of them took off up the street heading to the church. Each of them joking and cutting up with the other trying to help keep their spirits up.

I Am the Dressing

You Are the Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.
What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?

Does this mean I am full of shit or stuffed up a turkeys butt?


Monday, November 22, 2004

Getting ready for Turkey Day!

Tonight I started getting things done for the big day.
Turkey Day..
Day of eating to much and the triptophan (sp?) making you sleepy. Ahh yes, Thanksgiving.
As I bake cornbread to dry out for the dressing, good smells abound in my home. Reminds me of my grandmothers house, the matriarch of my family, and whom we all went eat at any holiday. My grandmother was my mother of sorts as she raised me most of my life. I remember her teaching me how to make her dressing among other things. She would hold her hand out pour salt in her palm and say "Use this much salt." or "About this much liquid." Showing me how soupy the dressing should be so it doesn't dry out. She never measured and always got it right. No one made a better pie, chicken, dressing, cake than my granny.
Don't got there, you won't win.
So anyway, that is how I cook most things now, with out measuring. For some reason it isn't as good as Nannies. Go figure..

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Cooking with Red

In previous years, at Christmas time, I have baked cookies, mini cakes and breads for my co-workers. In preparation for this I started a cookbook several weeks ahead of time, that I would give to them with all the recipies inside that I had baked. I am thinking I am going to do the cook book this year again rather or not I get the baking done. This year I am going to put more than just sweets in it, I think I will add family favorites and such. I am also going to give each recipie my own spin on the how too's.
Should be interesting!

Friday, November 19, 2004


Some peoples are like Slinkies, not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Time Warp Aug 30 1901

Another excerpt from times past:

After waiting so long to hear from Agnes and the children we wrote another letter to them to day to see what is the matter with them that they don't write to us both the old ladie and me. If they would write to us and let is know how they are getting a long. if we knew that they where all well we would be contented then.

Sometimes I feel I am intruding on George Griffiths life reading his journal. Others I feel I was meant to have it. If I hadn't come across it, it would have surely been destroyed. I would love to find his family and give it to them. As I post more of his journal, you will see why I feel like I do. Some of it is very personal. Can you imagine the times back then? Your family, friends, loved ones move off, via wagon, and not being able to pick up that phone and check up on them.
Did they make it to their destination? Where they ambushed? Are the kids sick?

George lived in Indian Territory. Some days he posted day after day, some days not at all. All else I can attest to besides family and this journal that George had, was an old pump organ that was in the barn. The barn was resting on the old organ as if to play it's last song before hitting the ground. Yes I was nosey, I looked.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Thinking Mans Reality Show

So last night I had quite the dilemma on deciding what to watch on the Tele. I have seen the previews to House MD and have always been a fan of the Amazing Race. No way could I dial switch these two and if you ever have seen the amazing race you would know why. So Amazing Race it was.
First I just want to ask why every year someone puts regular gas in a diesel vehicle? You KNOW they watch the show or they wouldn't want to be on it. Maybe it's those horns on hornboy that is blocking the flow of brain energy...
Second, Jonathan makes me want to DRINK ADULT BEVERAGES! He is part of the married entrepreneur couple. He belittled, bitched, nagged Victoria at every freaking turn. He better not ever come my way. Then in the same hand Victoria pisses me off cause she is married to him. I shouldn't say much as I was married to "The Bastard" for way to many years. I shall dub Jonathan, The Bastard Jr.".
Now, WTF is up with the wresting couple? That is one bitchy woman, Even after Mr Dew-rag took the blame and apologized she STILL wouldn't shut up. Geez she gives women a bad name. Then they try to cover it up by saying that is their way of communicating... yeah whatever...I have always heard that taking "preformance drugs" effects your personality, makes you an angry person and effects your sex drive. Pent up sexual energy perhaps? hummm...
Normally I like the father daughter teams. Is it me or does Gus just not seem really into the game?
Don and Mary Jean, I say YOU GO GUYS! I don't think they will go far, but you just gotta root for them especially after they both climbed the ice wall..I don't want to sound "cliche'" when I say this but that was GREAT for their age.. Hell I don't think I coulda done that.
Last nights first place couple were refreshing. They flew, drove, mapped, waterfalled, slept on the iceberg, climbed the ice wall and found the Blue Lagoon and actually got along! WOW, go figure! So they may be to nice to win this but right now my money is with them!
Oh and the "Thinking Mans Reality Show" came from a review in the newspaper of upcoming shows. I take that as a complement thank you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Finally a Funny Commercial

This one makes me laugh, and it has been a long time since a commercial has been funny!

Holiday Pepsi

Be sure to watch the TV ad and also listen to the radio ad.
Sing with me!
It's sure a swell party, and your a great host!
But please no more eggnogg, cause Eggnogg is gross!

Eggnogg is gooey, It clogs up my throat,
It's icky, its yucky, it makes me bloat.

Eggnog by the gallon, eggnog by the cup,
taste the same going down as it does coming up!

I'll wrap all your presents, with ribbon and tag,
But please no more eggnogg, cause it makes me gag!

Ahhh, the Holidays!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

So I am watching the AMA's

Did you watch last night?

First I want to say, thanks to some artists previous stunts, this show has gotten way to boring. Our musical artists are supposed to have 'tude man! I expect to watch this show and come away thinking OMG I can't believe (he/she/they) did that!

My thoughts last night as I watched in ramdom order:

OMG what the HELL is Anna nicole on? Trim spa my ass, she's a crack ho!
(and was it just me but did millions of women everywhere that has ever had a weight issue smile when she held her hands above her head, really high I might add, to clap and her upper arms flapped?) My husband said, "She is always like that." I was like no way, this is far past the dumb blonde catagory.

Alicia, NOOOOOOOO! Girl, what where you thinking wearing those pants? Did you find some of Anna's weight or does your stylist need to be fired? DAMN baby got back!

Does Uncle Kracker EVER wash his hair? Did Kenny run to the bathroom and wash his hands after they "High-fived"? He just looked dirty.

And Lenny cut his hair!! I like it better long or fro'd, but he is still a little cutie though...

I wonder if he/she/they are lip sinking...

Is Gwen Steffani ever going to age?

I think Jessica was really close to giving everyone in the front row a free show. But when she belted out that high note that isn't on the record, you knew it was "Live not Memorex".

John Meyer can make some faces now! WOW! He looks like he is hurting when he sings. I am gonna turn the volume done and watch...

Snoop Dog having a bake sale. The first thing I thought was "What is REALLY in those brownies" The second was "OH! That's where Anna got her drugs!"

Kelly Osborne... get a grip on your hair! Man I know you want your own identity but damn!

I flipped back and forth between the AMA's and the "Catagory 6" disaster movie.

I want my Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal back!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Purples and Reds and Whites...

So my boss comes in yesterday and sees all the pills on my desk. Purple ones (see previous post), red ones (vitamins), white ones (calcium), beige ones (supplements) etc.
He picks up the purple one and goes "What is this?"
"It is that new pill that is supposed to help you lose weight, especially around the middle!"
See him pick a pill up, act like he is rubbing it on his SKINNY waist and say,
"Does it work like this?"

I love my boss!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Purple Pills and Office Politics

4 of us in the office decided to go in together and purchase a bottle of the newest "help you lose weight" pill. (No Ephedra). Last Friday we went to the local Wally World, (that should tell you something), and divided the contents four ways. Well of course it was the weekend so we decided to wait until Monday to start. Funny, we all agreed on that with out ever talking to each other, just that look we all gave each other as we doled the pretty purple pills out last friday at about 3;30.
So Monday got here, we all did that, "Did you take any?" "No, but I am starting today., how about you?", "Np, but I am gonna today too!", conversation.
I don't know if I am losing any weight thanks to my new friend Purple-ina, but I THINK my pants feel loser, probably just in my head though. So we where talking today and 3 of the 4 of us have more energy and actually feel better. Sounds like a poll doesn't it, 3 of 4 pill users recommend ex-lax...
Anyway, rambling here,
It is a good energy, not hyper, not shaky, not a "I feel like I am on speed" rush. Don't gasp, I am a child of the 70's, and the phrase "I never inhaled" never should have been uttered out of his mouth. It is just not to freaking wiped out when we got home. We also find it is a lot easer to tolerate the brown nosers and the office politic crap. it just slides by us as we fly down the halls with the greatest of ease. ha ha.
So I will finish out my fourth and see how it goes.

I like wanting to do things when I get home!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pride and a New Pair of Shoes

After quite the night of visiting, trading stories and learning about each other it seems it all boils down to shoes.
Back in the 1900's seems a certian son had a fight with a certian father figure over a new pair of shoes. The family wasn't poor, but then again not well off. The son had joined the calvary an served honorably his country. When he recieved a commission, that he well earned it seems that he purchased himself a shiny pair of black button up shoes. Quite the style for a man of those times. No granted, none of us where there, and anyone how was is long deceased but it seems this got in the craw of the father figure.
The son left.
On more current documents we find him claiming his mother, but nary his father. He substituted more famous men of the same last name.
But always his mother.
On obituaries of the other children, none of them list him as living relative and living he was when most of them passed. His father passed in 1960 and listed him as a son, address unknown.
How sad.
Meeting the family I heard tales of how much he did not want children. They spoke of his wife and how badly she wanted children. He was very determined that he would not have any. After she gave up and they quit trying, you guessed it, she got pregnant. She had to amke him swear on the bible that if anything happened to her, he would raise the child. Reluctantly he did. But he had little to do with the baby while the mother and child where in the hospital and when they came home.
He was a judge in his new town, and the occasion of his sons birth was news worthy of reporting by the local press. The paper came to the house to interview and take a picture. They had to keep telling him to get closer to the baby. And at that perfect moment, when he was but inches from the baby, the baby reached out and grabbed his finger with it's little hand. His wife says at that moment you could see the love wash over him.
What could have happened back when he had that fight with the father figure?
How could it have been so bad to effect him that way most of his life?
All over a new pair of shoes.
And Pride of the father and son.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Chilis the new salvation spot??

Over the weekend the hub and I went to Chili's to partake of a semi light late lunch early dinner. It was a busy place as it often seems to be, especially since it is near the mall. We asked for first available and therefore had a rather short wait. First seating to become available was in the bar area. We sat in a booth right at the end of the bar and next to where all the servers go in and out. At the bar was a middle aged dark haired man, having a beer and smoking a cig. As a server would go in or out of the kitchen, he would make a comment to them. Some of the comments where rather lame and I wanted to stand up and go, "here's your sign" but as I listened, I began to feel sorry for the man. They all knew him way to well so that showed me he was there way to often. He obviously had nowhere else to go on a Saturday afternoon and it was apparent that he was single.
Craving interaction with others.
If he would have talked to me and the hub, I would have tried to carry on a conversation with him if nothing else but to appease his need for human contact of the verbal kind.
Chili's is not quite a bar, not quite a "family restaurant". I guess this place was safe ground for him.
So next time someone says something to you that you don't know, don't retreat, speak back. You may be their salvation for the day.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Future Present

Well Mary Charles did look like a thought, average height, thin, dressed neatly. She and her son Rob arrived before I got home actually. Rick was here to great them and it was like everyone knew each other. I arrived home and they where already looking through the pics I layed out on the table talking and telling stories.
Several family members came out, which I ws glad for. Jim Gainer (Ricks Uncle), his daughter and her family, Norma Glidwell Ricks sister, Skip Matheny, Ricks's cousin. I think a good time was had by all. We got to ID more of the pictures, tell stories, open closets.
Out of the visit branched a trip for me to Mary Charles house and one for Rick, Norma, Mary Charles, and I to Richwood.
Today I am EXHAUSTED, but I have this really nice feeling inside.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Times Past

One of my pastimes and likes has been genealogy. I have this unnatural curiosity to know where I came from. Way back from. It is like working a puzzle backwards. One leg of my family I have back to 1653 and one to 1550. But those are people and stories from another time
After getting married I wanted to add mt new husbands to my ever growing tree. I think I bug him by asking him to call so and so and ask what they know, or do they have pictures. For some reason both lines of his family are very "quiet" about things like that. Something I don't think I will ever understand other than that is the way it is.
Well his grandmother was a Seward from West Virginia. She was one of 13 children, 4 boys rest girls. Well it seems one brother took off and the family didn't know really know where he was. I did a search online and came across a posting from back in 2000 from someone else it appeared to be looking for him. I thought, "2002, I bet I never get an answer." I e-mailed the poster and waited. It wasn't long till I got an answer. "It sounds like it could be the same person!" I got back. So I sent a picture.
Sure enough I got an e-mail back, "I think it is him!" they said and asked for my number. I sent it and that afternoon I got a call. Charles never told his wife or kids much abut his family except there was 13 of them, and he left at a young age.
"I think it is him and so does my husband. My husband is his grandson. We sent the picture to his mother and we will see what she says."
Next day, confirmation is recieved. "His daughter confirms that is her dad!"
This started a very hectic 2 weeks. Me, looking for pictures to send. She, sending what she could to me. They asked to meet.
We said SURE!
They are coming Friday afternoon, Charles daughter, her son and his wife. The grandson and wife couldn't come. I hate that.
Some might think, man I can't imagine what they might be thinking. I can. For 10 years I did not know where my mother was. When I found her I was scared, excited, nervous...
I can imagine what it is like to know out there somewhere you have a history, but what is it.
To meet family you never knew.
I am excited, She is excited. I feel like I know her already.
I imagine her of average height, greying hair, and very neatly dressed. Will I be right? Who knows, I will say I am rarely wrong.
So I have blown up the one family portrait taken about 1919 with 12 of the 13 children, enlarged copies of the census reports I have found them in, layed all the pics out on the table. Now I wait.
The suspense is killing me, and I am not even really related.
I hope I sleep tonight!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted

I did my civic duty. Because I wanted to , not for any other reason.
I got my little sticker too!
It was nice to see all they younger crowd there.
I can't say I am not disappointed in the percent that vote each election, but I don't get out to register voters and do my part to raise the count so.....

Monday, November 01, 2004

August 8, 1901

Periodically I want to post some excerpts out of a journal I found in an old abandon house about 20 years ago. When I post these I will not change the spelling or verbiage. The time period of the Journal is 1884 to 1907, Coalgate Indian Territory. The journal was originally a financial ledger for the Enterprise Lodge of Coalgate.
Today's excerpt, a trip, a "bargin" and a crop:

Aug 8 1901 . Me and the old Ladie took a trip to Bridgeport and there we started back hom George came with us and on 13 Ellis came up here and made a bargin to run the place for half the crop but it is to be cultivatedwright or not at all. he agread to do it all an work the crop wright and put the crop in on time.