Friday, April 30, 2004

Some, what the.... moments
When I grow up I wanna be star?????
Someone is lookin a little like a new Tim Burton character
Today's Horrosscope
CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Polish networking skills, and boldly speak with those you hardly know. A hot tip could make you some money. New people are attracted to your style -- you've got so much of that, though you may hardly think about it.

was that paul-ish or pole-ish???
Random Bits and Pieces

Was yesterday really a Thursday? Cause it sure felt like a Monday or a Friday the 13th (which the next one comes in August).
Boy am I glad that day is over! Whew!
Hence the TGIF unkymood. !
My son continues to astound me. Why is it when we start thinking things like, "Where is his head", or "Sometimes he acts so adult, then...", they say or do something that just blows you away? Don't get me wrong. My son is great! And yes, I know he has his faults, don't we all. But he is young, (22), and at that age of young adulthood. You mothers know what I mean, the I got the world figured out, I am in charge demeanor.... We have been there too. I remember being that age and I thought I had the world pegged. (HA! to know what I know NOW!!!) Either way, yesterday in his blog about change I was just blown away by the writing, the verbage, the poetic sound of it.
I have to add that my son and I are a lot alike. We both have a semi sarcastic sense of humor. I think we are both quick with the witty comeback, and we both have what I call the "Gypsy" gene. The urge to start anew when things get old or stagnant. And we are way different in other ways. I know sometimes he doesn't understand me, just like sometimes I don't understand him. But that is what makes us all interesting and great to know!!
Nuff bragging now!!!
Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2004


SPY WARE PISSES ME OFF! There I've said it. I don't know how I got it, and apparently it can happen rather you want it to or not. So I downloaded this software (Ad-ware) after much research. I had 351, yes 351 Spyware items on my computer. I got rid of them but I still get pop ups out the butt.
(literally not physically), so now I am in search of a pop up blocker that won't block commenting on blogger.
OH and to add, isn't it funny that spell check on blogger, says blogger (or blog) is not a word! LOL
hummm, me thinks today is gonna be a sarcastic day.....look out world!!!
Oh and OH #2, anyone has any tips on any good pop up blocker software drop me a line...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Sing this to the Brady Bunch tune

Here's a story
of an ex president
who liked cigars,
navy dresses,
and altoids.
all of them together equaled "Not Sex"
and he never inhaled..
"Uh Huh, of course I don't want to talk to them. Why don't you read them one of their favorite books. You know, Green eggs and I'm hammered"
Karen Walker on the phone to Rosario about her stepkids....

Gotta love her!
And There Was A Knock At My Door

I was visited last night, yes, I was. By the white shirt, black tie via bike brigade. I saw them thru my new peephole recently installed in my door by my landlord. I usually avoid these "Ring the bell at dinner" men but I was feeling rather fiesty last night. I popped open the door with a smile and asked "Can I help you?"
They proceeded to try to sell me on their brand of religion, complete with hand outs.
"But wait!" I interrupted, "Have you tried a good moisturizer lately? Hold on I will be right back!" I turned around and headed to my make-up bag.
I saw them look at each other quizzically as I turned.
I came back with my big ol' pink bottle of Mary Kay, and before you could say "But wait, I am a man in a white shirt with black tie that just rode up on my bike to sell you religion" I squirted some on both their hands.
"Go on!" I said, "Rub it in! Feel your skin drink in the moisture! Bet you didn't realize how dry you could be by riding those Schwinns. Oh and I HOPE you are wearing helmets, there are a lot of kids in my neighborhood and you are an example for them."
They, for some reason unbeknownst to me, looked a little weirded out. One of them handed me a pamphlet and asked me to read it tonight and pray.
I smiled, with a glint in my eye and said "I pray, I pray every day that I will get the opportunity to sell someone else some Mary Kay! My pink car will be here any day! You 2 must come back and see it when I get it. It will be here Friday after next! Why, We could become a team! You 2 selling religion, and moi, selling Mary Kay! Think of the possibilities!"
They looked at each other and started backing up.
"Can I interest either of you in a little eye liner or some blush perhaps? You might not look so pale in those white shirts if you used them. You know, white is really not your color." I quipped while looking at the pale blonde guy on the left. I turned to the Italian looking one on the right, "You on the other hand, umm, white looks quite good on you! How about a little lip gloss, just a pinch, to give you that freshly kissed look!"
"Uhm, ma'am, we aren't supposed to look freshly kissed." They stepped down one step.
I stepped out the door, pink bottle in one hand, religious flyer in the other. "Oh I am so sorry to hear that. We have a great line of bath products! Wouldn't that be nice after a day of pedaling religion."
They turned around now and were headed towards their bikes. "Thank you ma'am, and No thank you, we have to go now!"
"Be sure you visit my neighbor S, she is bi-polar, has a migraine and menopause today. I KNOW she could use some religion 'bout now!"
They never looked back as they rode off into the sunset, away from S's or my home. I think S and I will NOT be having THOSE visitors again! Anything I can do for my neighborhood!
Ah, yes, another day, another goal accomplished!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine

Yeah it's Monday. Feel the excitement? me either. Weekends just aren't long enough. This past weekend I helped R work in the yard. What a task! My legs are SORE!!! But not as sore as R! And before anyone says anything about my legs being sore, (like oh say ... 1F) it is from the yard work! The things we go thru to have our yards look nice. R can hardly walk....
R has 2 HUGE flowerbeds that were growing some right nice weeds! S said that they should have won some type of award for the sheer size and mass of them. I thought they where rather pretty, all blooming yellow and purple. Some of them were going in rather nice asymetrical patterns. I photographed them. But they had to die, yes it was time. Saturday and Sunday where beautiful days though, sun-shinny, blue skies, and one damn bird that was entirely to happy! Good thing I didn't have access to a gun! lol..........
So back to my task at hand I go... work, YUCK TODAY!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Time keeps on tickin, tickin, tickin, into the future....

I know I haven't been a good blogger this week. Ultra busy at work. I have a new task and after seeing this I am a little anxious...there are now 9 of these. Maybe I should go on one of these!

But I have read some rather interesting news...

Now what is actually so bad about this idea? Everyone could use a break!

And go figure

And next time you go to a drive thru animal park think about this!

I really LOVE Mexican food but not so sure any more!

Wondering what is UP with people!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I just got recovered from my surgery when BAM

There the Prime Minister was, making a speach when BAM

And talk about backing up....BAM

Monday, April 19, 2004

There I was walking along my property when

I was on my way to work when BAM!!!

And she made Maxim's top 100 list.......BAM!! or should I say Bam!!! Bam!!! Are we really suprised? Come on, she is naturally blonde AND has boobs...
For My Sister

Is OK by me!

She'll get it!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A Dogs Life

On the same Saturday that I met Chi-ling, I saw 3 dogs "talking". (Smelling each others butts sounds so crass!) Two where in a nice large yard, the third an apparent stray in the neighborhood. This is what I imagined the conversation was like.

"Yea!!! The female human let us out! Let's run over there to the swing and chew the seat up. I have had about enough of the mini human pulling my ears! I'll show that little..!" Said King with excitement, wagging his tail.
"Now, now you know better than that!" Mr. Biggs interupted, "That is beneath us. Our masters have spent a lot of time grooming us, bathing us and training us, feeding us the best food, teaching us manners."
"Yes, you're right," King answered with a bit of disappointment, "How about a nice jog around the perimeter of the yard. That should help me take my mind off the mini human."
They both stretch their legs in preparation..
"Race ya!" King says to Mr. Biggs.
They take off, the older one determined to put the younger one in his place. About half way around the yard King stopped abruptly. "What's that smell?" King asked Mr. Biggs
"Smells disgusting to me." Mr. Biggs said.
"Hello, hey you guys." Came a voice.
"What was that?" King exclaimed.
"Well it wasn't me," Replied Mr. Biggs. "And we are the only dogs on this street."
"Hey, you two over there!" the voice said again.
King and Mr. Biggs looked around the yard for where the voice was coming from. At the far back corner of the fence there stood a large scruffy bit of a dog, tall, black, brown and tan, very muscular. They trot over to him.
"What are you guys up to?" said the Stray. "Wanna go over to Mrs. Browns with me and scare that cat? That Siamese thinks her poop don't stink, the 3 of us could really get her good!"
"We don't do that, we are yard dogs." Said Mr. Biggs.
"OK and that means what?" said the Stray.
"We don't DO that kind of thing, " said Mr.Biggs again. "We are better than that."
"Oh well, suit yourself," Stray said. "So after I go chase the cat I will come back and get you two and we can go roll in this great dead carcass I just spotted about a half a mile back."
"Why on earth would you want to do that?" King said wrinkling his nose.
"Why to be one with nature of course. It masks your scent, makes it easier to sneak up on your dinner!" Stray answered. "Then we can go over to Mr. Johnsons farm and raid his trash. Besides it being fun, he always has something good to eat in his trash, that human is so wasteful."
"We don't eat trash." Said Mr. Biggs with his nose in the air. "We eat only the best that money can buy, and are rewarded with rawhide treats and the occasional wet food in assorted flavors."
"WHAT?" Stray exclaimed. "You have never chased a rabbit for dinner? Never had the pleasure of stalking your next meal?"
"Oh God. Why should we reduce ourselves to that? Our masters do the hunting; they go off in that rolling thing over there and come back a little tired and bitchy but with a fine feast for us. Eat a rabbit? Yuck!" King said.
"Oh OK, just keep on eating your horse meat." Stray answered, rolling his eyes.
"Come on King, let's go. This guy is filling your head with nonsense. Horse meat, humph, you'll be having bad dreams and running in your sleep again, all hitting me on the head with your paws. You already bark in your sleep"
"But that sounds like fun Mr. Biggs." King turns to the stray, "What's your name anyway? My name is King and this is Mr. Biggs"
"See what you have done? You need to go on about your business. Next thing I know he will be trying to figure out how to jump the fence!" Mr. Biggs stated sternly.
Stray looks at King and says, "My name has been many things. The humans like to call me Getoutofhere Shoo. They usually ignore me until I try to bury some freshly caught dinner in their flowerbeds for a snack later. Then they yell out their name for me, "Getoutofhere Shoo!" That ground around the flowers is too soft to not take advantage of! Guess your friend here has never stopped to smell the roses." Stray cocks his head over at Mr. Biggs. "But I prefer the name my old bud George gave me when I was just a young one and he took me under his paws, teaching me all his skills. He gave me the name Rambler"
"Where is he now?" King asked.
"Come ON King, no need to listen to any of his stories. Besides he smells and I think I might lose my Alpo."
"What's up with Mr. Biggs?" questioned Rambler.
"Oh he is OK really. He doesn't mean anything by it, he is just trying to keep his eye on me. The humans had him 14 or so dog years before me." King stated.
"Well he needs to go mark his territory or something. Take a load off!" Rambler snorted.
"Say did I tell you about the hot little number about 3 blocks over? She is a woofer! I would love to smell her butt and get to know her a little better! Va Va Va Voom!"
Kings ears perked up, "OH! Tell me more."
Mr. Biggs said, "COME ON King."
Rambler laughed a small chortle. "Look, you gotta go. I'll drop back by the next time I am in the neighborhood and see if you two are out. I don't know how you do it all pinned up like you are, not enjoying nature."
"Well this is all we know," King said, "But we love it!"
Mr. Biggs jumped in, "Our lives are good. What's your point? Why are you filling Kings head full of crazy notions? We eat well, have a clean yard and a warm human container they share with us!"
"I have no point," Rambler said, "just feel sorry for you guys man, your missing life! The freedom to roam, eat as you please, stalk and scare a few things, meet a few babes."
Human voices.
"That's us Mr. Biggs." King said turning back to Rambler. "It was great talking to you! Come back when you can. If Mr. Biggs stays ruffled up about you I will try to sneak out and visit! Bye!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Size DOES matter!
I recently had stumbled onto a web site called the Friday Five. Each week they would post 5 questions to answer. OK! I thought, this will be fun! But alas, Friday the 2nd they hadn't posted. Well things being what they may, and last Friday being good Friday, I forgot to look. I went there today and low and behold, they posted! Damn it! I hate being late! (insert large sigh here). So a couple of days late and always a dollar short, here are last Fridays Five and my answers:

1. What do you do for a living? I work in the wonderful world of accounting for a Broadband company. no names mentioned but the webpage is here: www dot mastec dot com.

2. What do you like most about your job? Working with some people.

3. What do you like least about your job? Working with those other people.

4. When you have a bad day at work it's usually because _____... of dumb ass people.

5. What other career(s) are you interested in? All forms of art, psychiatry (lol), world conquerer or controller of Bill Gates Money!

How about you?
Tuesday Challenges

Besides it is right after Monday, still not close to the weekend, I get challenged with this today. I sucked! Try your luck and leave your score on my comments. I got 28 on my first try. It is amazing what we forget! I will master this!

Could You Pass The Third Grade?

I have to go write a mean e-mail now to my friend D in NY for giving me such a personal lift to this fine day!

Listening to my headeache grow!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Monday Monday Part Deaux

I had a great weekend this past weekend. A number of personal things that I don't care to meantion here yet, some others that I do care to talk about.

I got linked! I am truly honored anytime anyone deams my ramblings worthy. I emailed this person and they seem quite the person I would like to know! Check them out!
I also got my first "out of the US" pin on my map! Iyanga from Germany! BIG THANKS to Iyanga for pinning me and the language lesson :-)!
Quick hint here, If you haven't pinned my map yet, why haven't you? It is quick, painless and a lot better than going to the dentist! Go now and pin me before I call up all my women's intuition and send the vibes your way!!!

Listening to No Doubt
And Then Comes Monday

Yuck. It is Monday again! I want to know who stole my weekend! Why is it they are so short? It is overcast and raining here, I would rather be in bed with a good, book or movie. But the tax man calleth! I did get a couple if stories almost completed and will post them soon for your amusement!
Now a recently composed bit of prose for the heart:

I love you for you,
for who you are,
you opening your heart,
is helping me open mine.

I feel good with you,
you feel good next to me,
You make me feel good,
about me.

I love you for your ability
to make me smile, laugh.
Your smile and laughter,
is warming to my soul.

We still have a lot to learn
about each other,
with each other,
I look forward to that.

I can't explain it,
don't think I have to.
It's like I have known you
a thousand years.

We have the excitement
of a freshly wrapped package
waiting to be opened,
with all the anticipation.

I Love You

Listening to the Blackeyed Peas

Friday, April 09, 2004

Working for the Weekend

Since it is Friday, a holiday week and everyone I am sure has other things on their minds, I spent my blog time creating drop down menus for my link catagories. Next figure out a search bar, change my header picture and I will be cooking with gas!(southern expression).

Hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend!]

I am gonna go find that cat Chi-ling.

listening to Train.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Ahhh Springtime, Easter, pretty pastel colors and the Easter Bunny leaving eggs for easter egg hunts for the kids. The Easter Bunny?? And it leaves eggs??? What gives with that? I thought the holiday was a celebration of Christ's resurrection! How did a bunny get associated with that? Where did that darn Easter Bunny come from?! You can check out Cult of Jef for his slant on Easter or I did a little online research being the nosey person I am and found this article:

Easter is the holiest day for Christians, the day celebrating Christ's resurrection on the third day after Good Friday. This time of year is also associated with Passover, the holy Jewish holiday. So why a bunny?

Since ancient times, rabbits have been symbols of Easter, partly due to pagan traditions, partly due to religious symbolism. According to most encyclopedias, a rabbit, in the Christian tradition, symbolizes an innocent, vulnerable creature (much like a lamb), easily taken in by his enemies, and whose only real defense is to run or be saved by his master. Christians say the rabbit may represent man being saved by Christ, or Christ himself, allowing himself to be "taken" as a lamb to the slaughter. The egg, a symbol too, represents the rebirth, as Christ rose on the third day. Even literature gets into the act. The Great Gatsby uses "West Egg" Long Island, New York (not a real town) to represent hope for new life, however fleeting, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's popular novel.

Pagans, on the other hand, have a different explanation of Easter. The pagans worshipped the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility: Eostre. Her symbol was the rabbit, and this symbol has reached across many cultures, standing the test of time. The pagans further celebrated spring by painting eggs in spring-like colors. But the Christian missionaries were not about to destroy this pagan tradition and alienate the "lost souls." Christian missionaries were said to celebrate this festival as well, skillfully using the comradeship to minister to them, trying to convert them.

A German lady friend of mine who now lives in Vienna said she remembers being taught that in the 1700s the Germans brought the symbol of the rabbit to America. She is aware of stories of how the German people started to make nests for the Easter bunny the night before. Nowhere, however, can we find why tradition has this Easter Bunny bringing the delicious baskets of chocolate, gifts most of us so anxiously looked forward to as children.

So now we know, at least part of it. I myself am hung up on the chocolate!
Here is a fun place to go for Easter facts-n-funstuff

Listening to 2004 Grammy Winners CD

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Poetry in Motion

Another thing I was inspired to write over the past weekend is a love Poem. I am not good at it, here is my first attempt.

Ode to Joe

Early in the mornings
I love my cup o' joe.
Afternoons and evenings,
A Cuban Cortidito.

Carmel Macchiato
Or a Cafe' au lait,
In a hill of coffee beans
Would I love to play.

Give it to me Mocha
On ice or frozen,
With whip cream topping
And the sprinkles I've chosen.

Expresso, Cappaccino
Or a Colada,
With 2 equals and creamer
Yumm! Why I outta,

Go to Starbucks or Caribou
Order Italian or Arabian,
Maybe African, Irish
Cuban or Columbian.

So now I close
I have to go,
Indulge in a cup
Of good ol' joe.

Listening to Hilary Duff.....

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

It's Raining Men!
well not exactly

Want to know about Moi'?
Then lets check out my desk. I have 2 fox statues, stackable men, artificial flowers, an in box with assorted current projects in it, a pack of vitamins, post it notes of various colors, an external CD Drive hooked up to my laptop, my water glass, my coffee mug, everest gum, phone call pad, 2 folders of issues, my cell phone, a paper clip, and the Essential Desk Reference set, and of course my laptop.

Yes I said I have stackable men. LOL! Here is the story:

My sister and I where shopping in Florida, at a quaint little town of antique shops. I like to pick some little something up to represent everywhere that I visit but don't live. We had been in many stores and found nothing. Now to get the humor in this, you have to know me and my sister. She was the first to find her purchase. A small china cow creamer. We laughed and laughed about "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!"
My sister bought the cow.
I came across wooden stackable men. We had a good laugh at this one. We laughed and laughed again. What better way to have a man! 6 men in one! They are always dressed nice and don't talk back! How else would you want them?
The cashier just couldn't understand what was so funny. We tried explaining both stories to her. She just didn't get it. But are we suprised she didn't? It takes a special breed to understand my sisters and my humor! (Right 1F?) Anyway turns out they are the wooden Russian dolls. I forget the name, I am sure my sister remembers. Turns out they are Russian Leaders starting with Gorby.
Next time we will explore the drawer I affectionately call Marti-Mart.

Listening to Joss Stone....

Monday, April 05, 2004

I Am Now Dr. Doolittle!
I met an interesting new friend this weekend, a Siamese cat. Her name has Chi-ling. How do I know? She told me so. Let me tell you about us meeting.

There I was on this past fine Saturday morning, minding my own business, having a morning cup o' joe on the back porch. Enjoying a little quiet time if you will, a time when nature is at it's finest. Across the yard is a vacant lot, not yet built on, and a little behind on someone mowing and trimming. The weeds are about 3 feet tall. I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye and there she was, sneaking across her yard towards the vacant lot. I watched her, she was on a mission, sneaking up on something, I was not sure what. I saw her enter what must be a jungle to her and she disappeared.
In a bit she peeked out of the feline forest and saw me looking at her. She wandered over to where I was sitting.
"Hi! I my name is Chi-ling and I couldn't help but notice you staring at me. See anything that interested you?" She said with a slight laugh.
I looked at my coffee, then at her again, wondering if I had accidently grabbed the Baileys instead of the creamer.
"Yes I am talking to you!" She stated. "What is it with you humans? I had to quit talking to my human. She started walking around the house when I did talk to her with her hands on her ears going la la la la la la."
"I was just noticing you sneaking up on something," I answered with a bit of surprise, "And wondered what you where after."
"Oh, just an annoying lizard. He had been teasing me through the window all night. When my human let me out, pay back was hell buddy!" She said. "He just thought he was safe! He had the nerve to think he was going to disappear into the field! I showed him! I snuck up on him and gave him a good one two. I have him back here, do you want to see?" She started to turn and head back to the field.
"Oh my god no!" I replied, "That is GROSS!"
"Well I think my human will think so too, but I have to do something to get her going. I am going to take it back in my mouth then beg to be let in the house." She laughed as she spoke, "That should start her day well!"
"You where in that field quite a long time," I asked, "What else did you do in there or did it take you that long to beat the lizard?"
"It did not," She said quite indignantly, "I got him in the first few seconds he entered! There were quite a few things to capture my attention while I was in there. I saw the ant farm commune. I never quite get that whole action, all playing follow the leader, single file, one by one. What is the fun in that? I had to pretend I was looking for something I buried and throw a little dirt their way. When I sat the Lizard down, they started coming my way! I was like no way! I did all the hard work, you are NOT getting my lizard! Fend for yourselves!"
"I bet they appreciated that!" I said to Chi-ling. "What else did you see?"
"Well the Dung Beetle family was all up doing their business. Crappy existence if you ask me. What kind of thing to teach your kids, rolling excrement!" She said shaking her head. "Then I saw a snake. He was being rather lazy and sunning himself in a warm spot. The taste of snakes in my mouth disgusts me or I would have been bringing him back to my human," She laughed, "So I just teased him a bit and stalked him in circles, you know they have limited vision and he was rather mad that he had to keep moving his head to watch me. I tired of that rather quickly and I smelled an aroma that my human sometime partakes of, so I was following my nose. That is when I saw you staring at me. Don't you have anything better to do?"
"Well right at this moment no," I said.
"Obviously!. Well I am off to entertain my human," She said as she trotted off. She looked back over her shoulder and yelled, "Hey, by the way, get a life!" Then she started laughing. I could hear her laughing all the way back to the vacant lot. She was mumbling under her breath. I couldn't quite catch what she was saying, but I did hear the words stupid and humans. I watched her disappear into the tall weeds.
What a way to start my day. I don't dare tell anyone. Who would believe me?

Friday, April 02, 2004

Isn't it Ironic, Don't You Think

That I lived in Florida for 3 years and never layed out on the beach, or by the pool, or went to a tanning salon. I got a spray on tan once. I move to North Carolina and now I am a member of a tanning salon...

things that make you go hummmmm.

listening to Alanis Morissette, now that is ironic

When you get a a chance check out teh link to Satan's Laudromat on the left. It is a photo blog from New York. Some of his pictures are really cool. But then we all know M loves New York!!!!

I want to change my blog template a little and need some advice and or direction. I want to do 2 things
1) Add a search window
2) add drop down menus to move my links to. I would like them under my Heading.

I could redo the whole thing but I really like where I have gotten it so far. If you have any nuggets of wisedom, shoot me an e mail at mddcfox at AOL dot com. Please give it a subject heading on the subject line so I don't think it is crap mail and flush it without reading it.

Very inspired by the morning sun this morning. Will try to put it into words later today.

Listening to Hoobustank

Thursday, April 01, 2004

So It's April Fools Is it...

Me, myself and I have been trying to team up and think of something to do to my boss today. It is so weird having one that would think that kind of thing was funny. But we are brain dead, at least right now. Maybe we can think better after a second cup o' joe...

A few quotes for this day of fools:

One for the masses;
The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.
Mark Twain

One for the Media;
If a million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
Anatole France

One for Politicians;
You don't have to fool all the people all of the time, you just have to fool enough to get elected.
Gerald Barzan

One for the writers in all of us;
I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters.
Frank Lloyd Wright
*note - he is also one of my favorite architects...

Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.
Mark Twain

Listening to the Bob and Sheri show........AGAIN!!!