Friday, December 19, 2003

the hotel has a computer, thank god!
ok I am moving from old people ville to redneck ville. don't get me wrong, it seems a nice enough town and all..and it is pretty. i find myself listening to the people here talk. am i going to pick up this twang? for all those who know me, that could be scary! i talk a mile a minute, then add a NC twang....damn you guys are in for it!
Good things I have noticed here. Trees, i like trees, hills, i like hills. it is a clean town. and best of all i got to wear my favorite coat! it is soft a furry on the inside and suede on the outside. I want to wear it naked underneath it feels so good! Sue and I went to eat and the hostess kept rubbing me.. hummmm.
thing I have found humorous. an exit sign coming in to Assboro from Greensboro for high point and climax. i want to live there! high point of my trip!
The office is nice. i have an office and a window! The people are nice but i am not sure what they would think of the "out of office" self. keeping that low for now.
more later!

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