Sunday, November 16, 2003

i will be moving
this morning sitting on my back porch, having a cup o' java, reality hit.
this is drastic.
have I made the right decision? asheboro is a tiny town. how will i handle that? one of the issues i have with fort myers is the lack of people my age. is a tiny town going to be any better?
as i sit on the porch pondering life for me at this moment a flock if ibis walk around my house. i won't see that in north carolina. they wander past me, some of them looking up from their grazing, some of them oblivious that i am there. i wonder what the significance of seeing them means. maybe that everything, moves and changes, as these birds are moving in for the winter. maybe nothing except they are looking for something to eat and i am an idiot! well what is new there? haha.
for myself i hope it brings good things for my personal life. there, i am a loser and said so for all to see!
don't judge me for being a loser! join the club!
listening to the american music awards on tv, while the microwave beeps that my dinner is done!
changes in your life?

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