Wednesday, December 10, 2003

OK I go rid of my home phone for 3 reasons. 1) 55 a month for basic service is just to darn high! 2) I have cable access online 3) I hate crap calls! Now I am getting them on my cell. I do not give that number out freely. how do they get my number? and to top it off I get an occasional text message that is a "crap" message. that costs me 10 cents each time! what gives?
and junk e mail... omg, i could refinance my home, work online at home in my spare time, or get religion.
i don't own my home so i ought to answer that one huh!
the work at home ones are either scams or wanting you to work for a 900 number. i get enough scams in my life with out that. and with my voice, i don't think that would turn anyone on unless you had a disney fetish. to me it sounds to me like i could be a cousin to minnie mouse. I tried making an obscene phone call one time in my teen years. I lowered my voice, husky and sexy ( or I thought) "hey baby, wanna run around naked and play doctor?" they hung up. The next day I saw them, they looked at me and said "very funny Marti". So needless to say that one is out.
and Jehovah witness keep disguising the watchtower via e mail. or like we don't all know that handout from those knocks at the door. always at the wrong time, always 2 young men in white shirts, black pants and tie, walking or riding bikes and that don't know the meaning of no. I think they should get hooked up with the 900 number! I think I will print one of those ads and the next time they come to my house and don't leave, I will tell them you can leave the watchtower if you take my handout. I am gonna hand them the e-mail then shut the door.
Listening to the rain outside
what e mails do you get?

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