Sunday, November 30, 2003

Recently a man of great vision passed. Joseph P. williams. haven't heard of him? well we pay homage to him every day almost. used your credit card lately? he was a bank executive in California working for Bank of America that "invented" the credit card. First called Bank Americard, then changed to visa. interesting. First he is from the bank i can't stand the most, and then thanks to his efforts, we the people now support lending institutions. americans charge over a trillion a year via credit card. the majority of those americans do it with the intention of paying out that high dollar item they just have to have but can not really afford. then they get into debt, have to go to debt counseling or file bankruptcy. which is worse, i don't know as they both screw with your credit. and for the next kicker, try doing just about anything with out a credit card. can you rent a car? no. can you book a flight via online or phone? no. can you stay in a hotel? no. and if you can find a place that takes a check, they want to see your drivers license and 2 forms of other id. other id being a credit card! so next time you charge on your card, and really can't afford it, thank mr. willliams. raise your glasses, here is a toast, to mr. williams. may your beer not sour.
oh, and did i say he died in florida? go figure!
listening to Rolling stones 40 licks.

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