Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Today I went to the NCDMV
Sounds like a social disease doesnt it. Or a really big shot for one.

Might as well have gotten a shot. I was a nervous as if I was going to the doctor, (or pick you own analogy here, I can think of many). Several of the girls at work had been telling me about how they didnt pass the test and having to go 2 and 3 times. I just knew I was joining that elite group. Dont ask why.
To transfer your license here you have to take a test on road signs and a written test. Dont ask why…
S and I where there early and first in line. Some lady tried to cut in line but I fixed her! I get called by Mr Sign In Man and told to sit here. There Mr Computer Man takes all my information and starts typing into the computer. He would pause and look at me, then type some more. Then he did the one raised eyebrow thing, looked at me and then the screen. He makes a face like OH I saw what you did.
I am thinking, that is it, I am going to jail. He sees something about me in there! Dont ask why, I dont know. I must be feeling guilty for something lol.
He looks at my hair, goes uh huh red, types that in…
He looks at my eyes, goes uh huh blue, types that in.
He looks at my license, goes 5 foot 4, you look taller than that, types that in.
I didnt dare say I think I am closer to 5 foot 6. Maybe if they do show up to arrest me I can say that is not me, I am 5 foot 6, and get off on a technicality.
He tells me to switch chairs and read the last line in the little vision machine.
Now I have my mono-vision contacts in and I had to shut one eye but I guess I passed. Then he switches the screen and says read the road signs. I do. I pass that part Whew! Actually it was a no-brainer as they all said what they were. Now he moves me over to the computer area, gets me set up to take the written portion. 25 questions, you have to get 20 or more right to pass. And actually it is a touch screen test.

So I am tooling along answering the questions, I am up to 10 and have missed one. Ok I am thinking, I can get this. I get up to 15 and I have 2 wrong. OK, I am thinking, take your time, you can do this. I get to 20 and I have 3 wrong. I am thinking what is wrong with me? I am a total dumbass! This shit reminds me of Algebra, what use in life does it really have??? I get to 25 and I have 4 wrong. 83% WooHoo! So get shifted to a new chair and told to wait again. Dont ask me why as 3 of them are standing in a group and talking. NOT about the DMV that was for sure.

Ok, one of the Mr Official Man calls me over to HIS chair and tells me he can help me. I move to his area, sit down, and he continues his conversation for like 5 more minutes with the group. Finally he takes all my info AGAIN. Dont ask me why. I am thinking, the other dude already did all that. He enters everything in AGAIN. Asks me about Texas (snicker!!!) and tells me about the area here, where I should go, what I should see, etc. AND he keeps my Texas license, my last true proof I was a Texan once. (sigh) Oh and he asks me if I know I have to wear my contacts when I drive. DUH!!!! STOP, Dont ask.. Then I get told to go to another chair and wait to have my picture made. Remember this a room about the size of your living room. I can see all of them and they can see me.

So now Mr Photo Man is on the phone and waves me over. (Look! Mr Photo Man has 2 jobs. He is also Mr Sign In Man!) I go over and he hands me a pen, while still talking to his sweetie on the phone, and points to a slip of paper that says sign name here. So I do. He gets off the phone, tells me to sit back in the chair and smile. I asked him if I could make a face. He looks at me with a scowl. (OH OH, I have dared to be funny at the DMV). He tells me no I cant make a face, that I should smile. His gruff return actually made me laugh. Flash I get my picture taken. That’s a good one he says, then guess what. He tells me to take yet another chair and wait for my license. There I get to hear some random dude bitch about having to wait and it was not his fault, blah blah. I must have looked like I cared. Dont ask me why. In a few the Mr Photo Man brings me my license. I like him now cause I can can get away from Mr. Bitchy man. And that is pretty cool that I got my license right then and there. Llast time I got my license in Texas it took 2 weeks to get it in the mail, today I left with it.

So now I am official here in NC. And valid thru my birthdate in 2010. WOO HOO

To celebrate for lunch I was a wiener. (see Monday March 15th)

Oh and my picture that he said was a good one? I look like I have been on a 3 day drunk, we WILL NOT be showing that one around.

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