Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Don't Fear the Reefer - (oopsies i mean reaper) -

Today T, W and I went to a head shop at lunch and I got a gold belly button ring. T said it was the cheapest place in town. And the term ring is kind of misleading as I wear belly bar bell... so anyway.. gotta change that out tonight. WOO HOO.
Head shop. That name could mean many things ;-) (Chinese dialect) Mister, you wannie some head? Five dolla', five dolla', me love you long time. Or (uptown dialect) Today I think I will purchase a new head. I am tired of this one, it is getting a little wrinkled. Or (valley dude dialect) I need some new head(ers) for my hotrod dude...totally.
When I was young a head shop was a place to score drug paraphernalia and if you where of the type drugs also. I wasn't of the type but the majority of my friends were, I mean come on, I was a teen of the 70's. I won't lie and tell you that I never tried anything. One of the big drugs of the times was marijuana, or as many called it mary jane, pot, reefer, weed, bud, smoke, joints. (The other big drugs where anything in the uppers or the downers group, lol ) So anyway, all my friends smoked mary jane. Columbian was the "weed" of choice at the time. They ranged at my school from the honor student to the football players and cheerleaders to the worst kid in class. One of my friend's parents, in the group I hung out with, had a place at the lake. We used to go out there and hang on the weekends and in the summer. It was the place of choice where my group smoked. They were always asking me if I wanted to try. I always said no. Until one day, that little devil was sitting on my shoulder and she poked me one to many times with her pitchfork. Damn her. So I inhaled, (unlike Clinton) and I got nothing, nadda, zero, zilch out of it. Never felt the urge again. I didn't bug my friends about doing it, they didn't bug me about not doing it.
So I just got way off track about today's adventure.
Now a head shop is all incense, body jewelry, discount clothes (uh huh, I SAW the purple men's dress slacks, and they hurt my eyes. I was blinded.) The shop was run by Samirh, he hates Americans. I get told this after I bought this belly button ring/barbell. I think I wanna kick T's butt for not telling me that pre-purchase. (insert politically incorrect profiling comment here) So now I have running thru my mind all the things he could have done to it. I am not so sure I want it anymore!!! OMG what if it has anthrax? Or is self-destructing based on the warmth of a human body!! This bellybutton ring will self-destruct in 20 seconds, 19, 18, 17..LOL.
In celebration I eat only the red M&Ms today...

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