Thursday, March 18, 2004

Political Commentary from a Middle of the Roader

I try to keep things light here in my blog but there was a story on the local news last night that really disturbs me. It is about Billy Yow a local official.
Last spring, yes last spring mind you, he had a run in with the NAACP. They asked for his resignation blah blah (read the story, you gotta read the story). Now apparently this guy, this elected official, is holding a grudge. How good can this be? I saw him on TV. he is dead serious about all this. There has been a t-shirt made with a little white guy holding a confederate flag, and peeing on the logo of the NAACP. And he wants to say, here a year later, and re-election time, that this was not a publicity ploy? Come on, how stupid does he think we are? And that is even an open-ended question, as 1/3 of the population here never completed high school. To even add to those worries, the company that made the shirt is selling them as far off as California. Are we supposed to give him credit as he supported a black man, Willie Best, who is not in the NAACP to Guilford County Manager? Is he not doing the same thing he thinks the NAACP is doing to him? What happened to best man for the job?
Now do not get me wrong. I do not agree with everything the NAACP does. But do I have too? Do you have too? I think not.
I also don’t agree with everything the republicans are about, or the democrats, the Baptists, the Methodists or Malcolm X to name a few. I also agree with very little our current president is about and I am from Texas.
I agree with NOTHING the KKK is about.
Hell I dont even agree with everything my friends think and I do not expect you to agree with everything I think. Diversity is what this free world is all about. You dont see me making t-shirts of a little guy peeing on any of the aforementioned organizations.
At times like these I feel like John Stossel.
Give me a break!
Except I want to shout out,
Grow up!
now gotta go lock my door and load my gun in case anyone from around these parts reads this. lol

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