Monday, March 29, 2004

Everybody Thinks they are a Poet!
including me hahahaha!

Ever since B2K had written the Haiku poem about me, I have been intrigued and reading up on Haiku. I am not Chinese, nor am I sure I get it, but here is goes;

My Cat(s)

The human is home
Let me walk away,
See me turn my head, act indignant.

Here she comes
Talking kitty talk,
I do not see you, but I hear you.

OH! Scratch me there
Little higher,
See my butt in the air!

She is typing, working,
Lets see her work
With me sitting on her hand.

My human is being smothered
by a magazine
Let me rescue her!

She has gone to bed
Lights are out,
Time for tag kitty! Race ya!

I think I will bathe,
something's in my throat,
cough, cough, look a present for the human!

Morning time!
shhhh let's watch,
My toy mouse is in the shower!

OK enough already
your face looks fine,
Feed me stupid human!

She goes to work
I must sleep,
and prepare for tonights games!

Listening to Toby Lightman

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