Wednesday, March 03, 2004

adventures in Assboro

Today we locked the keys in the car. At the cemetery. Before you go "what!!" we went there to walk..a lot of people walk there. what else are you going to do here besides visit the I had quite the conversation with some of them they were just dying to get out of Assboro...yes I went there....So there we are. New kids in town. my phone locked in her car. my keys locked in her car.... two sets of people pull up. One in front of us and one behind. she goes one way and i go the other in search of hanger. I got lucky.. ( i mean getting a hanger...hello! minds out of the gutter please!) Oh and did I meantion that her car does not have the kind of locks that you can grab with a hanger.. but i thought i would entertain her.
But she nor I had any luck. The couple that gave us the hanger had made one loop and asked us if we wanted to use their phone and call someone.. we both looked at each other. we don't know anyone to call, we are new here. and i am sure by now they think we are a "couple". So they say we are going to make another round and will check back with you. Isn't that nice. a benefit to a small town.
She goes to the offic at the cemetery to call triple a. that was a joke. there is no triple a in assboro. but the secretary tried to sell her a plot. Now that is useful when you are locked out of your car. Why yes thank you, since I can't leave sell me a place that I can call home here.
Anyway while she is inside placing her order for a small (very small) strip of land the caretakers come over hand try their hand at it. I am scared. they got in! but never you mind!
Off I drive her car to get her.
Got to go and get some things done so I can watch Carmen and Daves wedding...

Oh and countdown to the tattoo. this time tomorrow I will be done!
and double OH, the couple didn't want their hanger back. hummmmwonder why? lol

watching kingdom hospital

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