Thursday, March 11, 2004

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius.. the age of aquarius
I like to read my horoscope. I take it all quite in stride that is is for humor mostly. But I find the majority of the description of a particular sign to actually be pretty close to right. weird isn't it!
I am a Cancer. so here it goes.

It's easy to spot a Cancer by their round faces. That physical characteristic reflects the soft, affectionate nature of this sign.
Whaddaya saying that I am fat? Come here let me kiss ya
Cancers are very much about home and security and nurture.
If this where true I would work for ADT
The crab can be a bit of a packrat, because he or she may attach emotional value to things others may consider junk.
Anyone been to my house?
They can be overly emotional, and they tend to fantasize about the past and what it meant for them.
Jeez! I am not! And my past is my past. Oh if only I had not done that when I was young I would not be where I am today, oh wait
Cancers are incredibly loyal as mates, but don't ever tell them what to do.
The sun rises and falls at your feet but tell me what to do and I will tell you where to go.
Sometimes Cancer is very sociable, but sometimes they need their alone time.
Wanna plan a party? Get the hell away from me
This sign is very giving, but has a tough time receiving the generosity of others.
I would give you anything, (well almost - minds people!), including the shirt off my back..
Because of their nurturing qualities, they are great at jobs in which they take care of others, such as nursing.
No way this is true. I can not stand the sight of blood..
Cancers are prone to all sorts of illness, but female crabs should pay special attention to their reproductive systems.
illness I refuse to believe this is so! brb gotta make a doctor appointment
Famous Cancers include Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela and Mike Tyson.
I am a beautiful neurotic, ear biting, freedom fighter! Look out world!
Listening to Toby Lightman and yes again!

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