Friday, March 12, 2004

going to work on getting out of my creative dry spell this weekend...

in the interim.. check out some new links on the left I have. First there is Cooking with Amy. An interesting blog on cooking and things related. I have added a photo album and posted some of my photography. And of course it is great! lol
Also are links for fun stuff and the alligator farm.
Fun stuff will get you our horoscope and interesting mindless stuff
alligator farm is a REALLY cool place if you ever visit the St. Augustine area you have to see.. It also has a web cam of the aviary section in real time..
And please check in on Cult of Jef. His writing is really getting good!

Oh and need a good mindless timeconsuming thing to do while you while away your Friday at work? don't we all! Check out Workhates posting for staplers.. visit the site and staple your heart out... it has stapler poetry and letters... funny! I myself like the big silver stapler..

I am going exploring this weekend in the area, particularly Sunday, and hope to be inspired by natures beauty.. that should get the creative ( ok my sarcastic humor) back!!! Been needing a thinkless adventure...

listening to (sorta) the Bob and Sheri show...........

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