Wednesday, March 10, 2004

That is what Astroglide is for

I have done a lot of things in my life but tonight I had a first. One of my friends from Florida has been waiting to be a grandmother. Tonight, I "sat" on IM with her while she awaited the news. She goes to bed early as she rises early. I am doing my best to keep her awake. When the news finally comes.. well, here is an exerpt:

K: I'm trying very hard not to SIT!
K: I Am now a grandma!!!!!!!!!
Me: Congrats
Me: are they on the phone?
K: Yep!
K: 7 pounds 7 oz.
K: 20-1/4 inches long
Me: awwwwwwww
K: long fingers, long feet
Me: your a granny
K: no hair!

then we went back to our usual conversation on republicans, dumb people, and the many uses for our word of the night. Oh what she has to teach that child...
They are sending her video via the web. Isn't that amazing. I remember when I was little we watched black and white TV. I remember the first TV show to be in color? Do You?
right as she signed off I got this:
Me: what
K: I'm a grandma!
K: hahahahaha

Grandmothers, aren't they grand!!!

Listening to Toby Lightman

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