Sunday, March 21, 2004

Spring has Sprung!
and been dug up by myself and my partner in crime

Or I am going to Flower Hell
S and I walk almost every night. We had been noticing a lot on our walk that has been recently bull dozed. It is an ugly sight, muddy wth downed trees. The land torn up by bulldozers' track wheels.
Yes there is that preverbial but...
Right at the edge is a row of daffodils that survived.
So S and I where like hummm. They are just gonna be destroyed anyway. So, we make plans to gather at 9 Friday night, take my truck, a shovel, a bucket and give them a loving home.
9 PM comes, I hear my doorbell ring and open the door thinking it is S. No one is there. Weird. I hear S. and I ask her if she rang my door bell. She says no she just got outside, but she did hit her door bell whens he was coming out with the shovel and bucket. She goes back and rings hers again (she lives next door), her door bell goes off and my doorbell goes off. We laugh our a**es off. We are cursed by the flower spirit!
But it does not stop us. So off we go. Right past the lot, is a vacant home. We decide to descretely park there. S is armed with the shovel, I have the bucket and flashlight and off we go. It was DA-ARK as there are no street lights there. We walk up to the flowers, I spot them with the flashlight, put the bucket down at my side and will be damned if I don't hear a car! I turn the flashlight off right quick and say what was that? (original I know), but it was a false alarm. I hear S slice the ground with the shovel and a thunk noise. The bucket at my feet shakes. I turn the flashlight back on and S has already gotten a big spade ful of the flowers and chunked it in the bucket. I was like DAMN GIRL!! We walk the line of flowers and fill the bucket. When we are done, we both grab a side of the bucket and start running back to the the truck laughing hysterically. (And yes, I even snorted). I have the flashlight on and it is making wild patterns as I try to balance my half of the bucket weight. We would not make good thieves, but it will make for a good memory!

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