Friday, January 02, 2004

What is it about me and the ocean? I am cancer, the sign of the crab and by all those horoscope-y charts, I am supposed to be attracted to it. I don't believe a lot of horoscope stuff but they got that one right. I love the water. I love the sound of it. I can be all tense, and go to the beach and life becomes good. I know I was meant to be near it... guess in asheboro the shower will have to do.
New Years Eve 3 of us went to the beach to listen to a band. (they sucked). so we left and walked the beach. I could stay there forever.
Last week while I was still sick mi familia and myself went to the beach. I felt better when we left!
Yesterday K and I went to ding darling to take pics. it is right off the ocean...It was sooooo peaceful.
When I win the lottery I know what I am doing with part of the money!!!
I know I am boring today...well better to make tomorrow more exciting!
Listening to Clay Aiken - If I Where Invisible..

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