Wednesday, January 21, 2004

well it's official
I am semi homeless. OK fully furniture-less... but not electronic-less. i have my tv/vcr combo, my cable/internet, and DVD, my computer....hey, i have my priorities right! wait.... stop.... i want to back out of the move to assboro...not!!.
i am moving all of my stuff into one room and making it all nice and neat. things have been so cluttered for so long..shouldn't be hard to do that, nor take long to do that..ha ha

I did find my Delta credit.. good for me!!!. got $250 to $300 or something like that. only gotta use it, or lose by March 6th. I am not sure but I think as long as I have booked something by that date i am OK..
mental note to and find out
anyway, I Took a flight on Delta and can not explain to you how many things went wrong, and their excuses where even better.. made me feel safe......not!. hear the overhead "this is your captian speaking, we currently are trying to repair our problem. we think if we beat on it with a screwdriver it will fix. We will keepyou posted." Warm fuzzy for me how about you? I was nice, I didn't bitch and waited out the 12 our wait until we finally got to take off....and waaa laaa I got a letter and a credit in the mail. Guess that was a small price for Delta to pay. coulda been worse if we had crashed. and the letter is personally stamped also! ohhhhhhh
So, I better get to planning! I will NOT lose it! raise of hands of who wants a visitor! lol

the cats are freaking a little now. not used to an empty house. hummm think they know something is up? they were all running around smelling the floor and such. That has apparently exhausted them as they are all napping now.
still haven't found a home for rascal. this could be interesting!
listening to my clock radio....hey it is electronics!!!

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