Thursday, January 01, 2004

new years eve.... i like it, i hate it...
K. P and I decided to have a slumber party. yes we are a little old for that. but are you ever really to old?
anyway, we could drink, eat, all that girl stuff and not have to worry about anyone drinking and driving.
pre party we went to the beach to listen to a band or 2. we went to the Lani Kai. whent he band finally got their stuff together, they opened with a typical beach song, with a jamacian beat. Then they played Chicago, the beatles, and a few other artists....all with a jamacian beat. it just didn't fit, chicago? jamacian? NOT! the singer sucked, and some ho kept doing the dirty dance with him even though he didn't participate back. her boyfriend was none to happy. but he must have been a woose as every time he tried to get her to stop, she jerked back and went right back to what she was doing and he just stood there. I kept waiting for the fight, never happened.
anyway, we got a few laughs out of the "rent a cops" that where there, then we walked the beach a bit and headed back to town and watched Dick Clark on TV. wooo-hoooo!
new years day is K's birthday. she wanted to go to ding darling to take pics and as I have been sick i didn't get up early with her. anyway, i tried to make it a good day for her. she was having a bit of a hard time with her age. so we went to a movie and back out to ding darling to keep her mind off of it. and ended with a celibatory piece of key lime pie.
listening to HBO on the TV

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