Saturday, January 24, 2004

Shhhhhhh -be vewy vewy qwuiet! -
or I drank.... I smoked

Planning for this night 3 of my friends and I got a room at the Pink Shell on the beach.. good thing we did!
First we went to Parrot Key. All of us wondered why we hadn't dicovered this place sooner. It was a cold night for Florida and this was an outdoor bar. BUT they had outdoor heaters. It was great! Plan was to start there, have a few drinks then move on to the putt putt course, but that was not to be. Good times where being had by all, and Stoli's was on happy hour, yeah for me! so needless to say we didn't leave for a while. I shocked a few when i bummed a cig. but hey, i do what i can!
as usual, people straggled in bit by bit, and I was anxiously awaiting A and her mans arrival as she is my shot partner. My friend Ivette from Miami came over and had an interesting trip over, she didn't get there till 10, but by then the party was just beginning. Parrot Key closed at 11, we thought that was a little strange. After closing that place we moved on down to the beach. We got checked into the hotel and piled into 1 car. Off to the Top O'mast we went. We had heard this was a happenin' joint. Well it wasn't so "happenin" but we still had a blast. My friend P and I had set a goal earlier in the day to see who could get the drunkest. So off we start. Oh and let me say I had a head start on her as she didn't arrive until right before ivette. Rum Runners were the drink of choice and you got to keep the glass! as i drink i sing. my friends tell me i really can sing. i won't sing around you though unless a) i have known you a while or b) I drink....
We where all girls except for a's boyfriend and I think we finally succeeded in embarrassing him with our conversation and tales of things we had done in the past. (not expounding on that here, but i am sure you have a good imagination).
Not sure, but I think I had 4 rum runners. I succeeded in getting drunk and so did p, and everyone else. we laughed our arses off. (literally) Good thing both P and I are happy drunks! We closed that joint also. i am sure P and I where funny to watch but that night I thought we were doing rather well. we crawled back into the car for the short drive down the beach to the hotel via a stop at the 7-11. imagine, they wouldn't sell us anymore liquor as it was after 2AM...what gives with that?? The walk to the hotel from the parking lot was crooked. I could have swore the sidewalk was straight when we arrived! P and I ended up on the bathroom floor for some reason, laughing all the way. eventually we made it to bed.
Needless to say P and myself have headeaches today and for some reason everyone keeps yelling when they are talking to me!! go figure....but i have 2 great glasses to remember it all by.
Good friends, good times, a great story to tell about my last day. I am going to miss my friends.. gotta go get busy so i don't dwell on that tonight..
listening to my head pound........

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