Sunday, January 18, 2004

I am packed as packed can be. Will probably have the usual last minute things on Monday night and Tuesday night, but hey..
So I celebrated last night with good music, a drink and a long soak in the tub while pondering lifes mysteries. (While wishing I either had a big old claw foot tub or a garden tub). I pondered a while and didn't solve any of them! lol.
Once the movers come and go, I can give the house a good cleaning and relax. All my friends are like, where you going to sleep? my reply "On the floor."
They are taken aback. They all say one version or the other of "Oh you can't do that, come stay with me." What they never went camping? What is so wrong with that?
My paycheck didn't come. Imagine. First thing Monday I will be talking to payroll.
I am leaving in a few to head to Miami. I have training for my new job on Monday at our Corp office. Gonna spend the night with one of my friends from there. She has a great house. Good food, a little wine...great conversation! Can't wait.
Not looking forward to the drive back on Monday evening. At least till I get out of Miami. Miami trafiic is the PITS! But hey once out of town it is a breeze. Just boring. Ever drove across alligator alley? Lot's of birds and gators to see, but that is it and Monday it will be dark or getting dark as I head back.
Listening to VH1 top 20 countdown. and the rain......

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