Friday, January 16, 2004

Today I get to go to lunch with my new boss. He has been down for the week, and might be back next week. I am a little scared, he seems nice, hope it isn't a facade, or wear off! But I am going to think positive!!
I am not to happy right now though. This is my first check since I started with the new office. Well I guess I should say this should be my first check. The bank begs to differ. So right now I am not a happy a camper. I will however try to avoid that conversation at lunch. He is new also and this isn't his fault.
well I guess I should go back to work. not really in the mood though for some reason....hmmmm
Think I will look at my slides I got last night instead!
listening to... my group play what if....
1) you where stranded on an island
2) you won the lotto

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