Tuesday, November 23, 2004

C and E Part deaux

(Title is linked to part 1)

"Uh..Excuse you!" A female voice uttered.
Frank looked to his left and saw the lady, inches from his face, trying to make her way out of the shop.
"Why the hell can't you bums find somewhere else to hang out?" She said with disgust.
"We could go home an hang with you lady!" George said grabbing is crotch, his face scrunched up tightly and he stuck his tongue out, wagging it around.
"Oh - My - God." The lady said disgustingly. She clutched her bags tightly and spun on her heals hurrying away from them.
George cracked up and spat out “Upper crust bitch!”
The others chuckled.
Frank wished they would all shut up as they were interrupting his thoughts of the beautiful woman he had been watching. He looked down the street again, hoping she would come back, but it didn't look as though luck was shining on him today. Hell, Lady Luck hadn’t graced him with her presence in what seemed like years. Ever since…well ever since his downhill slide started about 3 years ago, but he wouldn’t allow himself to think about that now.
"FRRRR--AAANNKK!" George yelled out. "What the hell is your head? Are you having grand delusions again?"
Frank laughed half-heartedly, "I wasn't thinking about anything George. Pick on someone else, damn!" he said while shaking his head. George was basically good at heart but most everyone found him annoying as hell.
"Anyway, Karl here was telling us all about his business had before he wound up here on the streets. Did you know Karl was an antri-pit-newer?"
"That's entrepreneur George, no wonder you live out here." Karl bellowed with a sarcastic laugh.
“I’d watch that if I where you buster,” George retorted, “You’re standing right here in the street beside me.”
Frank gave George a look to calm down, stuffed his hands deeper in his pockets, searching for any warmth.
The snow started to fall in a light, featherlike dance; a light dusting was starting to show on the street.
“Let’s head over to St. Michaels and grab a bed for the night before they are all gone.” Karl said. “If we are lucky Sister Joan will have made her special chicken soup and my bones could use a warm bed tonight.”
They all mumbled in agreement and Frank’s stomach started to rumble at the thought of a good hot meal.
Frank looked down the street, then up at the snow, it’s pristine white perfect freshness all wrapped in a tight frozen cocoon.
It was at this moment he decided his life would change. It had to change.
The three of them took off up the street heading to the church. Each of them joking and cutting up with the other trying to help keep their spirits up.

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