Monday, November 08, 2004

Chilis the new salvation spot??

Over the weekend the hub and I went to Chili's to partake of a semi light late lunch early dinner. It was a busy place as it often seems to be, especially since it is near the mall. We asked for first available and therefore had a rather short wait. First seating to become available was in the bar area. We sat in a booth right at the end of the bar and next to where all the servers go in and out. At the bar was a middle aged dark haired man, having a beer and smoking a cig. As a server would go in or out of the kitchen, he would make a comment to them. Some of the comments where rather lame and I wanted to stand up and go, "here's your sign" but as I listened, I began to feel sorry for the man. They all knew him way to well so that showed me he was there way to often. He obviously had nowhere else to go on a Saturday afternoon and it was apparent that he was single.
Craving interaction with others.
If he would have talked to me and the hub, I would have tried to carry on a conversation with him if nothing else but to appease his need for human contact of the verbal kind.
Chili's is not quite a bar, not quite a "family restaurant". I guess this place was safe ground for him.
So next time someone says something to you that you don't know, don't retreat, speak back. You may be their salvation for the day.

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