Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Amazing Race - Norway

Hornboy screams like a girly girl! I don't like heights either and would have screamed too but then..
I AM a girlie girl!
Last night was some night on the Amazing Race. From The Jersey Girls not knowing how to drive a stick to Jonathan making Jersey girl Merideth cry.
And wasn't Jonathan an ASS when they got to the Viking Village all yelling " I SO proud of me!" Fucking Idiot Bastard Jr. (Hats off to my Ex for still being FIB #1.)
If Hornboy doesn't watch it, he could earn himself a FIB title. WTF was all that drama about a pair of lost sunglasses? I am still amazed that some people treat others with so little respect. You would think she would think twice about a man who values his sunglasses over her. The formally dating couple needs to stay just that. Formally dating.
Bolo and Lori still scare me. Did you hear him last night? "I used to get in fights, beat people up before she came along" HA, now he is getting a dose of his own medicine!
I am still not sure who I want to win but I can sure tell you who I think deserves NOT to win.
But then, my opinion and a quarter wouldn't buy you a cup of joe anymore...

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