Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Thinking Mans Reality Show

So last night I had quite the dilemma on deciding what to watch on the Tele. I have seen the previews to House MD and have always been a fan of the Amazing Race. No way could I dial switch these two and if you ever have seen the amazing race you would know why. So Amazing Race it was.
First I just want to ask why every year someone puts regular gas in a diesel vehicle? You KNOW they watch the show or they wouldn't want to be on it. Maybe it's those horns on hornboy that is blocking the flow of brain energy...
Second, Jonathan makes me want to DRINK ADULT BEVERAGES! He is part of the married entrepreneur couple. He belittled, bitched, nagged Victoria at every freaking turn. He better not ever come my way. Then in the same hand Victoria pisses me off cause she is married to him. I shouldn't say much as I was married to "The Bastard" for way to many years. I shall dub Jonathan, The Bastard Jr.".
Now, WTF is up with the wresting couple? That is one bitchy woman, Even after Mr Dew-rag took the blame and apologized she STILL wouldn't shut up. Geez she gives women a bad name. Then they try to cover it up by saying that is their way of communicating... yeah whatever...I have always heard that taking "preformance drugs" effects your personality, makes you an angry person and effects your sex drive. Pent up sexual energy perhaps? hummm...
Normally I like the father daughter teams. Is it me or does Gus just not seem really into the game?
Don and Mary Jean, I say YOU GO GUYS! I don't think they will go far, but you just gotta root for them especially after they both climbed the ice wall..I don't want to sound "cliche'" when I say this but that was GREAT for their age.. Hell I don't think I coulda done that.
Last nights first place couple were refreshing. They flew, drove, mapped, waterfalled, slept on the iceberg, climbed the ice wall and found the Blue Lagoon and actually got along! WOW, go figure! So they may be to nice to win this but right now my money is with them!
Oh and the "Thinking Mans Reality Show" came from a review in the newspaper of upcoming shows. I take that as a complement thank you!

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