Monday, November 15, 2004

So I am watching the AMA's

Did you watch last night?

First I want to say, thanks to some artists previous stunts, this show has gotten way to boring. Our musical artists are supposed to have 'tude man! I expect to watch this show and come away thinking OMG I can't believe (he/she/they) did that!

My thoughts last night as I watched in ramdom order:

OMG what the HELL is Anna nicole on? Trim spa my ass, she's a crack ho!
(and was it just me but did millions of women everywhere that has ever had a weight issue smile when she held her hands above her head, really high I might add, to clap and her upper arms flapped?) My husband said, "She is always like that." I was like no way, this is far past the dumb blonde catagory.

Alicia, NOOOOOOOO! Girl, what where you thinking wearing those pants? Did you find some of Anna's weight or does your stylist need to be fired? DAMN baby got back!

Does Uncle Kracker EVER wash his hair? Did Kenny run to the bathroom and wash his hands after they "High-fived"? He just looked dirty.

And Lenny cut his hair!! I like it better long or fro'd, but he is still a little cutie though...

I wonder if he/she/they are lip sinking...

Is Gwen Steffani ever going to age?

I think Jessica was really close to giving everyone in the front row a free show. But when she belted out that high note that isn't on the record, you knew it was "Live not Memorex".

John Meyer can make some faces now! WOW! He looks like he is hurting when he sings. I am gonna turn the volume done and watch...

Snoop Dog having a bake sale. The first thing I thought was "What is REALLY in those brownies" The second was "OH! That's where Anna got her drugs!"

Kelly Osborne... get a grip on your hair! Man I know you want your own identity but damn!

I flipped back and forth between the AMA's and the "Catagory 6" disaster movie.

I want my Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal back!

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