Monday, November 01, 2004

August 8, 1901

Periodically I want to post some excerpts out of a journal I found in an old abandon house about 20 years ago. When I post these I will not change the spelling or verbiage. The time period of the Journal is 1884 to 1907, Coalgate Indian Territory. The journal was originally a financial ledger for the Enterprise Lodge of Coalgate.
Today's excerpt, a trip, a "bargin" and a crop:

Aug 8 1901 . Me and the old Ladie took a trip to Bridgeport and there we started back hom George came with us and on 13 Ellis came up here and made a bargin to run the place for half the crop but it is to be cultivatedwright or not at all. he agread to do it all an work the crop wright and put the crop in on time.

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