Thursday, November 25, 2004

C and E part tres

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Leigh arrived back at her apartment and threw her hat and coat on the couch. The bright yellow toboggan was a stark contrast to the dull tan of the fabric. She shook the light dusting of snow out of her long red hair and decided to also shake her problems away, at least for today. The holidays where coming up and she needed to ditch this mood.
"I know," she said to herself, "I’ll drag all the decorations out of the closet. Nothing better to spike a good mood than decorating for Christmas.”
She chuckled, “Listen to me, talking to myself! Oh well, as long as I don’t answer me.”
She headed for the closet, opened the door and found herself just standing there staring at the stacks of boxes.
“I have done what I said I would never do”, she thought to herself, “First I let him get to me and second I let it overshadow life.”
“That’s it!” she said out loud again, “I am going to go back, and start over!”
She threw her coat back on, covered her head with the toboggan and headed back outside. “I am going to go back to Macy’s to look at the Christmas windows again. This time, I will take in the beauty and wonder of the window decorations, the day, heck, the time of year by golly!”
As she stepped outside, the snow was falling slightly heavier than when she got home. She looked around at how fresh new and different everything looked in a coat of white.
She lifted up her head and stuck out her tongue to catch some flakes. She let them fall on her face and her tongue, cold bits of natures perfection, and remembered when she was little and used to make snow angels. She looked around to see how much snow had fallen and thought, “Not enough to do that yet!” and chuckled to herself. What a show that would be for everyone, a grown woman, lying on the sidewalk in New York, fanning her arms and legs about. She would have to laugh too while making that angel. She knew she would! Everyone who saw would surely thing she had gone and lost it! That thought made her chuckle a little harder.
She sighed a happy sigh and took off up the street. On her way as she passed her fellow city-ites, she looked any of them in the eye that noticed her, she smiled and said a cheery “Merry Christmas!” As the norm for this town, some acknowledged back and some looked away but she wasn’t going to let that bother her.
As she rounded the corner she heard a shrill, agitated voice talking way to loud. She looked over and saw a well-dressed lady complaining to a policeman about a group of men loitering outside some shop. Well maybe bitching was more like it. The Lady was clutching her bags with one arm as if they would shield her and pointing madly up the street with her free arm, “They made sexual advances to me and I want to know what you are going to do about it!”
“Lady, lady,” the officer replied waving his hands in a downward motion, “Calm down!” The officer rolled his eyes and when they turned her way, their eyes made contact. She gave him a slight grin with a knowing look. His eyes widened slightly,a bit ashamed she had seen him and then he turned his gaze back to the lady.
She looked away from the commotion and focused back on her plan to revise her day. It hadn’t been that long since she had been here and she never saw anyone loitering around.
Finally she got back to Macy’s, the Christmas lights where coming on as daylight was starting to fade. The snow was driving people in; into the shops, their homes, taxi’s to who knows where. There went a family, the mom bundling up her children as they walked. She saw a businessman who she could tell by the tense look on his face that he worked way to much. Down the street she saw three men walking away, cutting up with each other.
She looked back at the window, standing almost exactly where she had been such a short time ago and reached out her hand to the glass, her fingers touching it as if it was silk. She looked at all the intricate goings on in the Christmas display, the carolers, the family, the street scene and thought of all good things in life.
Her eyes twinkled with happiness and a smile graced her face.

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