Thursday, November 18, 2004

Time Warp Aug 30 1901

Another excerpt from times past:

After waiting so long to hear from Agnes and the children we wrote another letter to them to day to see what is the matter with them that they don't write to us both the old ladie and me. If they would write to us and let is know how they are getting a long. if we knew that they where all well we would be contented then.

Sometimes I feel I am intruding on George Griffiths life reading his journal. Others I feel I was meant to have it. If I hadn't come across it, it would have surely been destroyed. I would love to find his family and give it to them. As I post more of his journal, you will see why I feel like I do. Some of it is very personal. Can you imagine the times back then? Your family, friends, loved ones move off, via wagon, and not being able to pick up that phone and check up on them.
Did they make it to their destination? Where they ambushed? Are the kids sick?

George lived in Indian Territory. Some days he posted day after day, some days not at all. All else I can attest to besides family and this journal that George had, was an old pump organ that was in the barn. The barn was resting on the old organ as if to play it's last song before hitting the ground. Yes I was nosey, I looked.

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