Friday, July 16, 2004

Change and Effect

"How stupid could I be?" she thought to herself angrily. Her forehead pressed to the cold window pane of Macy's Christmas window, her arm above her head as if she was using her hand to shade the glare on the glass. The display was of about a dozen kids caroling in the snow at the home of some fortunate family. Mouths open wide, smiles in their eyes. She never really saw the display.  She lifted her eyes and gazed at her reflection. Her breath fogged on the freezing glass. She could see a small tear was forming in her eyes.  "No way am I doing that!" she scolded herself. She stood up, straightened her coat and scarf, pulled the bright yellow tobogan down over her ears. She gave herself a once over in the windows reflection and glanced around to see if she had been noticed. "Of course not, not in New York City." she muttered.  She walked away staring at something in the distance so she didn't have to make eye contact with any of her fellow New Yorkers.
A homeless man that had been watching her and he rushed across the street. He wanted to catch any presence of her that was left. He reached out to the window where a small bit of vapor was left from her breath.  He touched the glass, his hands in moth eaten gloves and felt what was left of her breath. "Oh what could be upsetting a beautiful woman like that?" he said to himself while shaking his head. "To know someone as lovely as that would surely bring joy to my life!" He held his hand to his face and looked down the sidewalk, hoping  for one last glimpse of her. Maybe she would look back and see him he could hope you know. As his eyes strained, searching for her, he saw the yellow tobogan turn left at the next block. You could see the disappointment in his face. He looked around to see if any of his friends where looking. They weren't.  He crossed back over to the other side of the street to stand with his buddies, catching brief drafts of warmth  as people went in and out of the store.

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