Monday, November 22, 2004

Getting ready for Turkey Day!

Tonight I started getting things done for the big day.
Turkey Day..
Day of eating to much and the triptophan (sp?) making you sleepy. Ahh yes, Thanksgiving.
As I bake cornbread to dry out for the dressing, good smells abound in my home. Reminds me of my grandmothers house, the matriarch of my family, and whom we all went eat at any holiday. My grandmother was my mother of sorts as she raised me most of my life. I remember her teaching me how to make her dressing among other things. She would hold her hand out pour salt in her palm and say "Use this much salt." or "About this much liquid." Showing me how soupy the dressing should be so it doesn't dry out. She never measured and always got it right. No one made a better pie, chicken, dressing, cake than my granny.
Don't got there, you won't win.
So anyway, that is how I cook most things now, with out measuring. For some reason it isn't as good as Nannies. Go figure..

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