Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Purple Pills and Office Politics

4 of us in the office decided to go in together and purchase a bottle of the newest "help you lose weight" pill. (No Ephedra). Last Friday we went to the local Wally World, (that should tell you something), and divided the contents four ways. Well of course it was the weekend so we decided to wait until Monday to start. Funny, we all agreed on that with out ever talking to each other, just that look we all gave each other as we doled the pretty purple pills out last friday at about 3;30.
So Monday got here, we all did that, "Did you take any?" "No, but I am starting today., how about you?", "Np, but I am gonna today too!", conversation.
I don't know if I am losing any weight thanks to my new friend Purple-ina, but I THINK my pants feel loser, probably just in my head though. So we where talking today and 3 of the 4 of us have more energy and actually feel better. Sounds like a poll doesn't it, 3 of 4 pill users recommend ex-lax...
Anyway, rambling here,
It is a good energy, not hyper, not shaky, not a "I feel like I am on speed" rush. Don't gasp, I am a child of the 70's, and the phrase "I never inhaled" never should have been uttered out of his mouth. It is just not to freaking wiped out when we got home. We also find it is a lot easer to tolerate the brown nosers and the office politic crap. it just slides by us as we fly down the halls with the greatest of ease. ha ha.
So I will finish out my fourth and see how it goes.

I like wanting to do things when I get home!!!

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