Monday, January 17, 2005

Sunday was a day for.....

I like change. I have different moods and different tastes. But one I like to always follow the Army, To "Be the best that you can be", and that is my hair.
I had a REALLY bad hair cut. Really, really bad.
When I moved here I wanted to grow my hair long. It used to be quite lengthy and seeing as my hair is curly, therefore grows in continuous spirals, a feat in itself. Then 4 years ago I was asked to move to Florida for the company I work for. Always looking for a new adventure I said "Sure!". Now let's just say that Florida + Humidity + curly hair = not a pretty sight... So to better control it, and the trendy shorter looks where in, I cut it off.
Four years have gone by and thanks to the genes of my mom, my hair is almost grey. Grey + color + humidity + curly hair = Uhh... CRAP!
So when the opportunity to move near the homeplace of Mayberry RFD came up one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was "AH HA! I will grow my hair out and become a goddess!"
Quit laughing..
So I found a really good hair dude, we will call him T, and he was guiding me, nursing me and my hair to new lengths.
Well again, add in I have more than 50% grey hair now, and remember that old saying "You can't go back in time" well it is true.
Did I say another thing I am is impatient? When I want a change in 'do, I want it now! Sometimes much to my chagrin.
I couldn't get into T for over a week.. Not good. So I go to the mall with the Hub and go to a chain(no names mentioned - Regis). I got in quickly and a really cool, up to date looking small lass was offered up my way..
"I want it to look like Sharon Osborne, you know, sorta short and spiky"
"YES! I know who you are talking about and I know the look!"
"Right-E-O" I say.
I am watching and thinking, OK, she sorta gets it... But when she cut the hair on each side of my face about 1 inch.. I had to say..
"OK You can stop now"
WTF Opie!
Long story short I have been using many means to hide the catastrophe until Sunday. Another day I had had it up to here.(see my hand at my chin).
So I cut it myself..
It actually looks great! I got a bunch of complements on it today..
Go figure, never cut hair a day in my life..AND it looks like Sharon Osbornes!

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