Monday, January 24, 2005

The Sign is Out...

our house is officially for sale and I have mixed feelings about it. The realtor came by tonight, we covered the contract, dotted the "i's" and signed our lives away.
This house is more than I could ever hope for in a home, in a great neighborhood, all the yards are big, everything is landscaped...
Toughest of all for me is we got married here. That's a big one.
We decided to sell the house and downsize, (which this house is HUGE for just 2 people, inside and out), and free up a lot of our resources..
our time
our money
I know a house doesn't make a home, but I can't help but have some stong feelings for this one as so much good that has happened for me lately comes from this house.
The house we like is a very nice house also and I know we will make it a home. The neighborhood is nice, smaller yards, closer together..and we may not get that one as we do have to sell this one first. So I can't get to excited about that.
But a small neighborhood might be nice, I would like to know my neighbors. We gave her a sarting bid on the new house with a "contengency" of course on selling ours, and got that process started.
I just wonder if I can add in the sale contract of our hosue now a clause, visiting rights if you will, every Labor day....
deep sigh....:-|

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